Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I've been soooo busy creating DT samples that I've only got my journal page to show today....but boy oh boy I'll have a LOT to show you after this weekend is over! 3rd FEBRUARY Journal Page
The photos show the left side of the desk, centre and right side I'm refusing to create another LO until this desk is tidy! I've been working away like the 'mad scrapper' getting through LO's for my dt samples and fallen into that same old trap of not putting away after each LO is finished.........who does that??? I just get sooo inspired one after another - that I dont want to lose that mojo cleaning up! Anyway - it's all come down to roost and its now impossible to work in.....its cramped and I cant find anything - its not even an organised mess anymore!!
123 Challenge Criteria is up
Shaped base to your layout - you could even try cutting it yourself (no square or round)
No love hearts
Already there are a couple of stunning LO's there!! LO's are due on the last day of the month


byclops said...

Cant wait to see what you have planned for us over at Therapy over the weekend :)

And you know what...your daily pages are SO inspiring me! I kept thinking i had no chance of doing it, but maybe i'll do it for just one month this year and see how I fare!!!

jacque4u2c said...

AWESOME! I can't wait to see more!

Julie said...

Just love your creative mess Missy mandy. I have something for you on my blog.

pruts said...

hihi, love it that you've made an lo about the mess on your scrappin table.
I'm also like you. everything stays on the table. when I clean up It's like I cleaned up my inspiration to.

Jane Smith said...

That's funny..SNAP!! Your table and my table look the same ..Great page.

Gladie said...

LOL - I love that creative mess. Go with the mojo untill the mess takes over - then do some "cleaning by using" and there you go again. Perhaps a few crazy art journal pages will really do the trick! ;)

Jenneke said...

Hahaha, great to see the 'mess' you made!! And I'm looking forward to see everything you created!!!
Make more mess, please ;-)