Thursday, 19 February 2009


Life has been a bit busy at the moment. So in the next couple of days to a week, I'll only be able to post a little (instead of my 20min journalling pages) which will still have holes punched in them and writing directly on photos or the reverse side. I dont mind doing this for my journal folder from time to time because it gives a bit of an eclectic 'look' - a gathering of all kinds of bits in there. I'll get back to my pages as soon as I can. I'm scrapping what I'm able in between times as well. Life is just in the way at the moment! So to my photos: 17TH FEB

Yep - a rotten headache kept me opening this packet of Panadol to keep the pain at a minimum to get me through teaching! The best solution was when I finally arrived home from work at 8.30pm was to go to bed! I did feel better in the morning. 18TH FEB Dont you hate it when the light blows......and its got to be replaced and there arent any extras globes around! This hangs over me while I'm on my computer. Isnt it a gorgeous Leadlight! They are gum leaves and gumnuts......reminds me of 'Sam' the koala! I replaced the globe today!


New Basic Grey at Scrap Therapy Lee-Anne has just loaded the new Basic Grey Marrakesch and Porcelain ranges and as it is the MAN of the Month, all Basic Grey goodies have 20% off!! New CHA papers are $1.24 and the rub-on books are $11.96 - so much cheaper than anyone else. Scrap Therapy's prices are the cheapest I've found and it has the service to match so if you haven't shopped there before, head on over - you will not be disappointed


Kathie said...

Oh Mandy I do like that Lightshade!! Glad to hear that your headache went.....nothing worse!
Chat soon

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Beautiful lamp! Great idea to mix in photo pages when life gets busy - so cool!

Peggy said...

Hi Mandy, well, you know I understand all about life being too busy and getting in the way of scrapping time, but I'll miss your daily posts ... I hope you'll get back on track real soon!
Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words on my blog, you made my day! Thanks for your support, I'm the kind of girl who needs this from time to time...
xxx Peggy

Wendy said...

I can understand too life being to busy to do anything of scrapping. I'm glad to read that your headache is over now and I like your light!

Gladie said...

Mandy, that lamp is so cool! I've finally changed my staircase spotlights today - they've been out for two weeks ;)
Hope life comes into place again for you soon - but I love you eclectic solution :)

Tanya said...

no need to explain about being Hang in there and we'll see you when you are back on top of it all matey :D

What a beautiful lampshade!!