Thursday, 5 February 2009


Goodness, time is getting away at the moment... today we did the eye testing, new school shoes, drink bottles etc etc.....
Oh I dont want the school holidays to end!!!
You will be sooo pleased to see that my desk is tidy - I kept my word!!!

Today Hannah, Paige and I visited the Optometrist - Hannah's vision is perfect, Paige has a slight lense just for school work....and me.....weeeeell my eyes have deteriorated! I guess one must expect this as one gets older LOL!

My first pair of glasses was 8 yrs ago - check out the 'Harry Potter' shape!! LOL. Then four years later, I finally went back - yeah yeah - slack I know! The shape sure has changed! Half frames that time.

So almost another four years have passed and having trouble with my eyes (no wonder!) had them assessed - and of course expect new stronger lenses and frames ready in a 10 days!

I'll make sure I do a journal page on them too!

Julie tagged me with the '4th folder, 4th photo' went to my forth folder, and got my 4th photo - which Paige took! And its of me- hmmn.. Anyway, this is me bushwalking last September in our favourite place to be in the cooler months - Cradle Mountain! We stay there once or twice every year! Oh look - I'm holding my most unfavourite camera too! lol!


jacque4u2c said...

Wow! that is a tidy desk. Love the layouts!

Wendy said...

Wow, love the pages you made! They look great!

Tara said...

paige! you are quite the little photographer :) amazing photo! most of the time im just lazy. but thats not my excuse this time my camera is broken and currently being fixed so i haven't been able to take any photos for my blog. youve inspired me now to snap away forever as soon as i get it back. love your work mandy as always :). hope you have a wonderfull start to the school year. im excited for it. Love tara XOX