Sunday, 25 September 2011

WHAT a week!

My computer died - just went dark and that was that!
It wasnt the problem because I had faith that what I needed from it would be rescued and transferred to a new computer.  So off to my techie - who said 'No probs with the rescue, but new computer....'
What an ordeal! 
How much 'extra' does one have to buy??
AND to get the things installed was such a process in which I wasted a couple of days and back to my techie we went!   I wanted it to just 'work and be recognisable!'
In this day and age, you'd think we'd move on and things should be almost 'one touch' and hey presto!
HA!  I dont think it could be made any more difficult!!!!!(shocked face)
So after four days, I'm on the road to getting used to this very 'user unfriendly' thing!

ANd in the meantime have missed deadlines and got behind here on my blog.
Time to rectify that!
  I'd also like to thank Julie SOOOO much for keeping things running especially at 'Let's Get Shabby' when she was very busy herself! 
You are a GEM Julie!

Its a gorgeous colour inspiration picture with a couple of criteria
(So go check it out)
Here's my interpretation
(of little Paige)

We are also welcoming
amazingly talented
new Design Team Members!!

Go see who they are!



While my computer was down,
Challenge #2 was revealed

I love these little note card boxes by Prima. After using all the little cards from inside, these boxes seem just too good to throw away!
So I decided to 'dress' one up!
This one is from the gorgeous Moulin Rouge range.

It's become a 'keeper' for my pink yoyo's

Click here to see how it was altered

And check out the prize HERE (where you also submit your little box)
The prize is from
Market Street Stamps


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

123 CHALLENGE - Blog Hop Train HERE!!!!

If you have arrived here it’s because you have jumped on the

First of all, Charmane has asked us to answer a couple of questions to let you all know a bit MORE about us Creative Team Members. So here we go…

A bit about me:

I’m waving from gorgeous green (though very cold) Tasmania where I live in a big old house with a big veranda that looks out over the sea with my camera-shy dh and two of my three daughters (one has just moved to the UK with her dream job) who all feature a lot in my work along with our cat, birds and garden wildlife!  I have a busy work life that often gets in the way of my scrapping!

My style is mostly as shabby chic - but I'll do something different every now and then. Most of all I love TEXTURE - fabrics and laces - layering and distressing, inking and PAINT! I don’t always start out with a plan – just a creative process that somehow takes form somewhere in the middle and crossing fingers it finally arrives at an end result (big smile) And goodness knows why, but…… it works!

I'm on the Design Team for Scrap Therapy - a fabulous online Store!
I was there in 2008-2009  and now again since April this year.
We have so many great challenges there and a fabulous shop.
Scrap Therapy also hosts retreats and mini-retreats in Cairns.

I own 'Let's Get Shabby' Challenge blog which has a wonderful Shabby Challenge once a month!
We have an international team of very talented scrappers - its been running since June 2009

Of course (big grin) I'm on the Creative Team for 123 Challenge (since July 2008!!)) and its acutally the very first challenge I ever did online! I can remember the nerves as I was finding my way clicking the mouse on my computer hoping I'd followed the rules and that my LO was 'okay'!! LOL!

And back when talented Lou (who is also on the dt with123) had Scrap Jacked - I've been on the team there too - and still am even though its passed hands to the lovely Bec who owns it now! So overall, I've been on the dt since February 2010, but scrapping there for such a LONG time before that! After my positive experience with my very first LO go at playing 123 Challenge,  Scrapjacked was my very 2nd ever go entering a LO!  They were my two favourites!

With a love for Altered projects, I'm on the team for LESSology too.  It's new and fun!

Global Scrappers is a fairly new site of challenges with a group of us international friends who get together for some challenges and chatting. I come up with a Shabby Challenge once a month there. 

If you like apps for your iphone, ipod or ipad,  I've been on the creative team for 3 of the releases for Sketches2Scrapbook for Anam Stubbington.  That started when I was on her DT for her Twisted Sketches Challenge Blog.

Other than that pretty much what I do or have done is on my right hand bar.  There's tutorials too.

At the moment, I'm just trying to get some kits together to go away to scrappy camp in a couple of weeks!
Its here in Tasmania and there's no shop attached, just a group of scrappers that get together for some fun scrapping, much laughing and too much talking and eating!   
No matter how organised I think I am - I ALWAYS leave something at home! (rolling eyes)

So there’s a little about ME, now its time for the 123 Challenge details!

We have LOTS of prizes to giveaway – you will see as you check out everyone’s blogs what we have in store!

Here's my little giveway RAK

For your chance to win,
 leave a comment and collect the words from each blog.
 Once you have finished,
email the list of words to
 along with your name by midnight Wednesday 21st September.

And, here is the full list just in case you get lost...

Don't forget to write down your word, before you go –

 Lets Get Shabby

Because we have so many fabulous prizes, Charmane thought it would be a good idea to also visit the stores that are donating as well - so please go back to the

(and follow the instructions ;)

Yes, that's right there is MORE!!!

Remember you have til Wednesday 21st to get in your answers!!!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Last night away...

Going home tomorrow, so there will be the big pack up, and in the car to head home. 
Though while away, I've managed to scrap a couple of projects...

Here's a Step by Step using Candy Rock Crackle
(transparent and glossy) with some Pearl Mists to finish off with sparkle!

First I searched and found some lovely Butterfly templates on the net and printed them out on some 'Simple Stories Elementary Flash Card Paper' (using the yellow reverse side)

Using Tim Holtz Turquoise Peal Mist (this is a pretty blue) and Interference Red Pearl Mist (more like a ballet pink!), I sprayed here and there over the paper

Start cutting them out

Now for the crackle. Remember to paint VERY thick - the thicker, the wider the cracks :wink:


Let them dry - either naturally or you can help it with heat :wink:
Here's a close up of the cracking.

I've stacked my butterflies (sometimes with the light, its hard to see the pearl mist colours... so I'm a bit hit and miss with my photography with this.
The mists are faint on light paper and much more vibrant the darker the paper) And inked the edges with Ranger 'Old Paper' Distress Ink

I've caught the mist a tiny bit better here (but in real life - its fabulous!) And I've added a MME Lost &Found Sunshine Memories Button on each butterfly

Here's the butterflies added to a LO :biggrin: (The little photos in the LO are from our ballet 'Snugglepot and Cuddlepie with 'Ragged Blossom' dancing - if you are familiar with the story)

I've played with the lighting a bit more and you can see the Mists on the black background (its irridescent and fabulous!) and the sparkle and the gloss of the crackle on the wings :biggrin:





My Shabby Challenge is up over at

and its about layering



Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Finally school holidays here in Tasmania!
The girls and I are away visiting family for this next week (dh couldnt come as he had to work so is at home looking after cat and birds)

And after having the past week in Melbourne working and getting home, had only time to unpack my suitcase, wash and dry clothes, and then repack to trip off again, but at least this time its to relax.

Anyway, while being away, so many of my scrappy projects that I had prepared a few weeks ago (did mammoth effort to make deadlines!!!) have been revealed - so here they are:
(LOL - this could be long!!)


Here's a litte tutorial on how to use Tim Holtz Distressed Ink, Tim's Blending Tool and some Crackle Paint!

Before we start though.. I have a tip about what to I use underneath my project when using paints/inks/crackle etc...
Prima packaging - the big packets that hold canvas sheets, some iron-ons or canvas projects etc...they are great for jobs like this. I keep the plastic on. And when they get too mucky - throw away!

(ignore the coffee stained colour of the tag - I stained this ages ago and will ink over it anyhows :wink: )
Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Movers and Shapers Tags and Bookplates
Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Reinforcers

Fold over the end of the tag to form a pocket and get your crackle paint ready...
Be sure to stick both sides of the folded part down to make the pocket
I've used 'Antique Linen' here which isnt in the shop...but this one is. Its great too :P Ranger - Distress Crackle Paint - Clear Rock Candy

Paint on the crackle very thick... the thicker - the wider the cracks - and a thin coat will leave very fine cracks. I've used both...painting a heavy thick coat in the middle and fading out around the edges. You need a good 1/2hr to dry OR use some heat on it for much quicker!
Here's how it looks cracked -

Using Ranger Tim Holtz Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool
Drip a couple of drops of 'Distressed Ink' onto the foam pad
Then start rubbing it in a circular motion over the tag. You could also just rub the Blending Tool onto a Distressed Ink Pad and do the same job.
Ranger Tim Holtz Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool
Ranger Tim Holtz Inkssentials Ink Blending Foam
Tim Holtz Distress Stain Vintage Photo
Evenually covering the whole tag with ink

Then with a wet rag, just wipe over just the crackle paint and the colour will show through again.... but it will leave dark colour in the cracks......a fabulous worn look!

Ink up a little embellishment.

And glue it to the tag pocket

Pop in a couple of little tiny tags into the pocket, and tie some string around the tag like you would a parcel. And if you have some lovely hardware like these Prima Vintage Trinket Birds or the like...try one and see how it looks.

There's three SCRAP STUDIES to choose from for September!


Hannah (10) and her art with her art teacher looking on


Hannah bored minding the luggage while we fetched the car


Paige at the studio

Catching up on Scrap Therapy's August Projects where
'Prima' was the 'Man of the Month'

ABC's Album
This is a great little challenge where twice a month a random letter of the alphabet is picked for a page on everyday life (or anything you like really)
I'm doing mine in 12x6" form
These two are for August... (easy enough to catch up if you want to join in!) Next on is due on our Friday night reveals  (10th sept)

where I love to be every Wednesday morning

Our gate that closes off the veranda a the top of the stairs

If you like to follow some directions to get some LO's done...try


Have you ever tried Prima's Flocked Iron-On's?
I love them!! They arent that hard to use - with a little bit of patience with waiting :lol:

I found that it was easiest to put 'iron ons' in the 'Search Products' box up on the right hand side - and it brought up all the iron-ons in the shop! (very handy that box!! :P )

Here I've used the BUTTERFLIES on some canvas - works a treat! You can also find all kinds of canvas products by typing in 'canvas' in that search box too! :wink:

Paige in Kindergarten - Little Miss Mary Poppins!
These butterflies add such a wonderful colourful effect!

So here's how I do it

Step One
Mist a path under the butterflies... and placed them where I wanted them to go.

Step Two
Using one of dh's old hankies pressed with a hot iron over the top for a good minute -it defintiely needs more than what they recommend... (of course relieving it every now and then..dont want to burn a hole in it!!! :lol: ) You can iron straight onto the plastic :shock: .. but I just dont have it in me to do it! Dont need to use steam either. :wink:

THen comes the patience part! :|

Step Three
The trick with these are to let them completely COOL down before peeling. Lifting the LO off the hot ironing board and putting it on a cool surface helps speed the time up (or wave it about!!) :wink: Peel very slowly and re-iron any part that hasnt taken :wink:

Step Four
Here's how they all look ironed on :biggrin:

A bit of Sewing
I sewed some big stitches in between the butterflies and added bows - kinda felt like the song in Mary Poppins 'Lets Go Fly a Kite'


What about paper do you ask? Do these iron-ons work on paper???...
they sure do!

Here's one:

I've used Flocked Plants
Annalee Poetry

It does crinkle the paper slightly.

Here's the peeling process in this one:

You can place one iron-on over the other as it takes really well.
The flocked iron-ions feel really velvety.

Here's one I did last year.. these flocked pink flowers arent in the shop now,(though the foam stamp is) but just to give you another idea how you can us them on another LO... I cut around on side of the flock and was able to tuck underneath them...

:biggrin: :biggrin:

The LO  for August's
(I hold on the 4th Wedneday of each month. You can find the details of September's HERE)


August Challenges for
(have to register to get in)

Me in my Dad's Army hat

Me again at 10yrs - in my hot pink 'hot pants'
My mum made one each for my two sisters and I...
all the same with an embroidered butterfly on the front!


Check out all the DT girl's fabulous LO's and see which one/s you'd like to jack!
Paige and Hannah (4 & 6yrs) outside Luna Park in Melbourne

Colour: White
Word: On
Technique: White space

I took these photos of the bird, flowers, butterfly at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens in April , then cut them down to create a scene.

Also checkout
as the very first challenge has gone up!

Go visit
to check out the DT call
and Challenge #27

Phew.... if you've managed to get to the bottom and not clicked off - wow!
Thanks heaps!