Thursday, 26 February 2009

AUSSIE SCRAPJACK (and 24&25 Feb Journal Pages)

AUSSIE SCRAPJACK (and it made a FAV!!!!!!)
This is my interpretation of Kate Mason's LO at Aussie Scrap Jack.
Paige at Wineglass Bay where the beach just fell away deep within a couple of metres. Just a beautiful beautiful beach!! Hmm, thats twisted piece of fabric is gold and sparkly, though it doesnt show up here. Not sure why. I loved all the little elements on Kates LO so I kept adding to mine!! Loved the blue in hers as just means sky and sea to me!

24th FEB JOURNAL PAGE This makes me soooo totally sad. I've got a tiny little orchard out the back of my yard...and amongst the trees is a lovely apricot tree which had finished fruiting. I went to check on the apple trees and the apricot tree had been vandalised. All the branches on one side of the tree had been cracked at the joints to the trunk and lying horizontal to the ground. We have had no storms to blame this on, or overbearing of fruit because it had already been picked. So dh has to trim it back to nothing and hopefully it will recover without disease getting into the wounds.

25TH FEB JOURNAL PAGEThis is my fabulous prize I won with my 'Retro Girl' page of Hannah with Creative Type This is a kit from Sweet Twee I could not believe just how much was in this kit and the most fantastic little bits and peices - little bags of delightful things!!! Totally love it!!! Thanks sooo much to Sweet Twee!!! PS: I even did an order with Sweet Twee's etsy when I got home from work tonight......I know what I've got coming I could do HEAPS with!!! Just different different different!!!


Julie said...

Great pages Missy Mandy. Thanks for joining in on the challenge at ASJ.

That is a shame about the appricot tree and I love the pile of goodies.

Gladie said...

Congrats with the prize :) Your beach page is so beautiful, I love the teal variations :) So sad for your apricot tree- why on Earth would anyone do something so meaningless. Hope it recovers!

jacque4u2c said...

People can be so cruel - what did that apricot tree ever do to them! Sheesh! I love the pages - just breathtakingly STUNNING!

Jenneke said...

What a wonderful prize you won!! I love it when the postman rings and he brings a package! It happened to me today too, I got my surprise from Julie! Will post a picture on my blog this evening.

Your layouts are GREAT, as always!! Love the one for ASJ, that blue is so beautiful!!!

And I will never understand why someone wants to destroy something that belongs to somebody else. It's so sad..

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Wowser Mandy, I haven't look at your blog for a week and it is stunning.
Love your prize.
My layout arrived today - simply fantastic thanks so much for the extra's.
LOL - about the car (I scratched dh's car and never took pic of it - it just got fixed last week so now he has no evidence of it when he tries to tease me about putting a ding in it -- double LOL)

Anne P said...

LOVE your scrapjack, it is beautiful.

Jane Smith said...

You are do you get that paper so textured..I love it!! ...That's a bugger about the tree..think karma. Your journeal page is so clever..You are a creative type. Love award over my way for you!! Love your blog.

Julie said...

Got some love for you on my blog.

tammytempleton said...

Awesome jack Mandy!
Thanks for playing with us at ASJ :)

Louise said...

Typically FAB Mandy!!!! :)

Lou x