Monday, 30 September 2013

Our Beautiful World #14 and Studio Challenges - Grids


Challenge is ...
I jumped at this one because just as Paige was leaving for France, I took this wonderful photo of Hannah and Paige together.  Paige was so excited about her journey and Hannah was excited for her.
They are so close - we are very lucky.
You can see the height difference between them and Paige is stooping down a bit for the hug!
Hannah is two years older.  Yet, Meaghan (the eldest) is the tallest, Paige hopes to be her height one day.  I'm the shortest!  Hannah pips me by 1/2 inch!
You can find the challenge
Got out the chalkboard stuff and had fun with the sewing machine zigzagging my grid pattern and laying the photos in frames to give a grid effect.
This was totally enjoyable challenge and a great idea !
I cant believe that tomorrow is October!!  How did that happen!
I still had heaps of September things to do!
 Oh yeah, and I've used the products from my bonus counterfeit kit

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Our Beautiful World, Piasknownica Mapka

I'm just sneaking this in with probably an hour to go!
Weeeeeeeeeeeell, that's a bit hard to do here as it's Spring, so had to side step it a teeny bit, but at the same time make it relevant..... so here's how this happened...
'Fall' - a nest to the ground.......   a discarded nest.
It even has little dried up leaves in it, found in the Art garden and taken inside to the studio to study and draw....
I have such a love for nests... how clever little birds are....
It motivates sketching.....the colours....pastel pencils (LOVE them!)

My perspective of the nest where I sit to sketch is different to the camera angle of the photograph and now I see the photograph upon uploading... hmmmm... think I like that angle better...
this is not finished... its just started....  see the little autumn leaves though...
I managed to create 'Fall' after all!
It was such a lovely surprise to see that my little beetle photo got chosen last week as the favourite
thanks so much!!
To take part in the next challenge
There's so much inspiration there....

  Scrapową Mapką.

Not very often I scrap me (rolling eyes)  this was a few Christmases ago, yet to write in which year cos I cant remember.  I remember though at the time, thinking - ugh, I take such yuck pics... but the older me now looks back and I don't see that at all!  I've never been one for make-up - nope... it's  reserved for going out on those dressed-up occasions... even then... I don't own lipstick, or mascara. And hair.... weeeeell, if it takes more then 3 minutes to do - its too long!  I guess, I'm no fuss.  Interestingly though.... none of my three daughters have a habit of wearing make-up either.  It's funny how a quiet influence takes place without words....... 
Now we are on school holidays for the next two weeks....

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Paige Flies Off to France and ......Project Life Weeks 26-29

One very excited Paige packed her bags and headed off on her French Trip last Friday...
She was jumping out of her skin with excitement by the time we got to the airport and there her girlfriends were no better LOL!
What a happy bunch of friends they are.

They arrived safely after an over night stay in Dubai.   So off they set.... and have ridden around Paris on push bikes and been to a heap of flea markets....
Eifel tower etc....
then off to the south of France to Toulon to go to school.  Paige will be staying with Alma, our French Exchange Student from last year and with whom we stayed with her family when we were there in April.... such lovely people and its so reassuring knowing where she will be.
What an adventure
Back here at home......
Still plodding along with my Project Life album...  (yippee!! Getting towards the end of July now!!)
Week 26
Paige's Dance Class in our studio....

Week 27
The week that Julie and Asher came to stay with us!
I was really busy with Dance 'stuff' for a few days but Julie still got out and about with Asher and Hannah. Hannah had a lovely time having them to herself.
Week 28
 THEN.... we set off on our SNOW adventure to Cradle Mountain!  What fun we had!!!!  The mountain turned on a big snow dump for Julie and Asher... it could not have been better!  The lake had iced completely over and even the little Tasmanian wildlife creatures came out to play.  Sure was a huge contrast to the warmer climate of Western Australia!

Week 29
At long last the dance competitions start and we just kept reeling in the 1st's!  What a successful time, due to a lot of hard work and preparation.  The students deserved the awards.  This page is snippets of the dances that Paige was involved in.
Weeeell, busy still.... tonight we have casting calls for the ballet 'Coppelia'
then afterwards we are off to the theatre to see the Russian Ballet performing a Triple Bill of their favourites....
THen tomorrow night we are also off to the Art Dinner at the Gallery which displays works from our states best artists to vie for a major prize of $10,000.  Its always a great night and one of my close friends has a painting up for a chance.  I haven't seen it yet, so that's exciting.   Its a chance to dress up...and its the first time Hannah has attended too . 
Hope to get some pics!!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #50

Its' all about
Here is a little button accordion - its tiny, but so fun to make!
The paper I have had for eternity.. it has little gold hand drawn people on it.
Every single little person is a member of my family.....

Start with two large buttons the same
and tie a string bow in one of the holes and loop the other....
Punch out some little circles that will fit the buttons
I cut fourteen all up.

Twelve needed to be glued back-to-back with a thin piece of string running through them and the last two single ones stuck to the buttons either end.

Glue the end to the button
Should look like this....


Then fold it over like an accordion...

 I wrote all the names of my family from my parents and sisters with their husbands and our children.....  they all fit perfectly....
the other side is blank....
they are for the ones not born yet - the next generation!
All tied up in a couple of little buttons.....
Hope you can join the challenge

Friday, 20 September 2013

Kraft It Up

Loved the sketch at Kraft It Up this month, it caught my eye straight away!
So scrapped this little pic of Hannah (with a tiny little Paige way in the background
Here's the sketch
Fun one isnt it!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenges #3

Game Element Challenge:  
Use a game element (spinner, letter tiles, playing cards, ect.) on your project.  
I've used red game letter tiles....
and products from my CKC 'chalkboard kit'
When I bought this paper, I did wonder what I'd do with all the 'frames' in it, but luckily, the photo worked the page, and adding a pop of red pulled it altogether.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Counterfeit Kits Challenge #2

Counterfeit Kit Challenges
 Chalkboard Challenge:  Get inspired by the chalkboard trend on your project!
Had a little bit of chalkboard in my kit... so found some inspiration with a banner-look


Monday, 16 September 2013

OBW #12, FFF#95 and Project Life Weeks 24 & 25

The subject this week for
So I got busy and how lucky was this.....
A little beetle in the bottom of a freesia flower!
As the camera got in closer - the yellow of the inside of the bloom became more apparent as with the mustard yellow of the beetle's outer-casing....
If you look closely.....
its the COOLEST beetle!!
Check out its little:
Isnt he COOL and isn't nature just incredible!!!!!  (looks like a boy LOL)
Check out the prompt here
Off he goes.... enters the outside of the bloom and into the bigger world, spread his wings and disappeared.... what a wonderful moment.
This photo below is for FLORAL FRIDAY FOTOS fff95
More pages for my Project Life:
Week 24

Week 25

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lino Cuts- My Favourite Tools at the Moment.....

One of the things I love doing in the Art Room is lino cuts...
I think these are my favourite tools at the moment, mainly because of cutting a  out 'stamps'...
Each Christmas, my cards are created from the prints of lino cuts, and lately, I've got quite the collection of images cut that I've sketched out first and crafted...
(I've turned over a big piece of Lino Cut to place the little cut image and scraps))
The tools I use are very old and still very sharp.
If you ever decide  trying lino cutting - make sure you always angle the knife away from you and your hands.

The printing of these shapes will turn up in projects soon....
It sure does beat searching for stamps and its more your own work (wink)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Art Piasknownica - fotoGRA - Na Płasko


Just love this!!
Its not very often I put my drawings/sketches etc online... weeeell rarely- probably have done it only once or twice!
However.... when this challenge came up - here's one ...cos its one of those prompts that actually spirits action.....
For the first challenge - 'Flat photo'. Isn't it interesting?
It may be a sketch on the wall, on the floor, on a board or a simple page. Play with chalk, paint, fabric, pencils, flowers. Everything, what comes to your mind.
To make it clear: we want you to do a photo of people, animals, things or toys with a 'sketched' history.

So here is my result...
The nest of course is the sketch... and the branch (from the garden) is photographed sitting on top.

Aren't nests extraordinary !
Just look at the bird's little hand-picked (beak-picked) materials to weave into something that will be trusted to hold their babies.  Look at the feathers, pink and blue twine, even plastic bits and parts of chux super wipes!

 Art Room's nature inspiration....

A tightly woven nest.  I took my sketch from this....

Yet loved the thought of the pink and blue twine from the other nest.

Ooops, that's me  in Art Room (big smile.... with big stick in hand found in garden)

Could have spent more time with more detail... but sometimes its just nice to sketch something up, stick in a bit of colour... and not ponder too long, yet feel happy in the end.

Need to do more things like this