Sunday, 1 February 2009


It was very hot and by evening my gorgeous old ex-feral cat couldnt stand it any longer and 'actually' ventured outside (he is terrified of being shut outside-he has 'issues'!) and lolloped on the cooling cement in the breeze. I dont often get good photos of him because he is so black and sometimes its only the eyes that stand out - but against the grey-white cement, I was in luck!


Kathie said...

Hi Mandy!! Baqck home, will catch up on your blog in the coming week. I have missed you all so much while I have been away!!

Jenneke said...

Hi Mandy,
It's 03.00 in the night and I can't sleep ;-) so I got out of bed, put on the computer and here I am, on your site! Reading that it's hot over there! And here it is cold, so send over a little bith of the warmth, please :-)
Love the picture of your cat, I once had a black one too, but he ran away from home and never came back again.. So sad.
On my way to Sistv!
Wishing you goodnight.

Theresa said...

awesome lo. love those pretty...and i like what you did with the paint on the background..=)