Wednesday, 11 February 2009


The lastest update is:
181 perished (50 unidentified, many of which may never be identified) 80 known to be missing
440,000 hectares burned
78 injured with 32 critical
1,033 homes have been destroyed
33 fires still burning
As of this morning (11th Feb) this is the toll......It incredibly hard to fathom the height and speed these fires have been. The pain and suffering has rang through the world. America is in talks offering 35 fire fighting chiefs, aviation managers etc, New Zealand has sent 99 men, and Singapore has offered a fleet of super Pumer helicopters.
93 of our finest Tasmanian men left yesterday - they are used to fighting fires in very mountainous areas.
I just cant show photos of the pain of people - its just tooo terrible. But I will show you these - for I think they bring some comfort -
And working well into the night....night after night. These are wild animals that have never been touched by human hands - the trust is incredible.
And's the video clip and some news on 'Sam' the Koala who was given a drink by the Fireman
Its heart warming, as the story written beside it is too.


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I just want to hold those sweet babies - what wonderful people. Thanks for sharing.

Jenneke said...

Those pictures are so impressive...
I would like to put them on my blog if that's okay with you, Mandy! So that my dutch friends also can see these photo's, both sad and beautiful!
Hope these fires will soon end!!!

mandysea said...

By all means - they are for all to share. I'm such an animal heart breaks for those that cant be helped

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

This is just breaking my heart Mandy.......sad sad sad sad sad...........I see U responded to Jenneke...I was going to ask U also if I could share the photos on my blog....any specific photo credits I should post with them??? Either respond on my blog or email me at please....and thanks Mandy for the update...I appreciate it! :) Love to all that are affected! {{{HUGS}}}

mandysea said...

Hi Julie...
The photos are from the net, and some from emails. I cant help with credit unfortunately.

Its great to share to let the world know the disaster, misery, blessings and strength of humans and creatures.