Friday, 30 July 2010


I've yet again got busy with work and trying to sneak some scrapping in to get some things done by the end of the month!!!  Balancing life with work and scrapping proves a dilemma at time.  But we must have time out!!  The past week or so has had Hannah in utter despair going through her midyear exams at school and on top of this she was soooo unwell with the worst cold, sore through and aching head.  Still she pressed on and the last few days have proved  the effort put into her study with some wonderful scores with straight A's coming home. 
Still - in my quiet time late at night when everyone is in bed....I scrap up a storm!

What a wonderful poem!  I am truly happy with this result.
This is a rescued owl - and it was perfect to use for this Challenge...
(as was the paper MME meadow lark from Scrap Therapy)

Just love slapping that paint down on paper!!
Look at Cosmo screaming to come in.  He can be such a pain....
sometimes its 'in, out, in, out'  grr.
He is soooo loud - could be something to do with his aging deafness!
Here's the challenge

Here's my scraplift of Lizzie's LO
You can find the challenge here

This is the very last DT sample I do for Twisted Sketches.  A new team has just been announced.
I didnt re-apply, it was a great experience for the term, now its time to move on.
Here's my two little ballerinas!


Hannah playing with water in Cairns!  She ended up a little wet!
These Prima flowers are one of two of my most faves!
again from Scrap Therapy  These LO's are for various challenges over at Challenge Masters Manufacture challenge

I played with my Martha Stewart punch and had a lot of fun!
How cute was Hannah when she was three bathing her baby!
Got the punch and my other Prima Flower fave from Scrap Therapy too!
Stash Challenge

Its Winter here and Cosmo waits until I turn off the iron and he will hop up on the warm spot!!
He's so cunning and seems to know when I've flipped the switch and walk away to hang the clothes. When I come back..........there he is!   Let me tell you that grey crochet is just the BEST!  I got it from 'ClaraBows TeaParty' and I want more! (Might have to put in an order!) It will go fabulously with black and white photos too I think! I love their crochet doilies!!! and wonderful bits. Everyday Grind.

Paige and her beautiful hair!  Had loads of fun with the elements of this.
Truly cant get enough of crocheting at the moment!  I'm doing a bit of hand crochet myself!

The little blue crocheted flower here is handmade by Pixie from PixiePetals

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Challenge #14 is all about

Butterflies, birds, angels and the like.
We would like you to create a project that includes wings and to include a part or whole of this quote:

"Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly"

I've picked out the words 'Friend', 'Angel' and 'Fly'

for my cards  (sorry bout the pics - middle of winter here!)
Here are some close-ups

Click here to take you to 
Let's Get Shabby's Challenge #14

And you should see the fabulous prize sponsored by
(who has just released the most wonderful 'Let's Get Shabby Kit' and of course I had to have one!!)


Friday, 23 July 2010


LOL! For some reason, I kept reaching for my blue box!!
It's not very often I scrap dh as he is really camera/blog-shy, but who couldnt resist scrapping this!
It's just one of those incredible moments captured just as Hannah reached out to him.
Hannah was a little flower girl

1.Make use of those negatives (used alpha chip negatives)
2. Before and after photos (Hannah and Paige before and after going for a swim)
3. Use diecut paper (I used anothe diecut 12x12 as a stencil for this)

It's all about altering!  I altered this rack - it was no use for anything so
it now has a new purpose.  At the time I didnt have enough little pegs when I photographed this...but I've bought more and it fits a heap of product on it!  Very useful!

Hannah and Paige in the sand.  Its winter now and I long for Summer!!

Dont forget Purple Onions Birthday Sale!!
I had a lovely spend-up there today!
I'll pop a pic up when I receive my stamps
I cant wait!!

has announced the winner and Honorable Mentions
Go and find out who they are here

Friday, 16 July 2010


Go check it our here

This is my second last sketch before my term ends with Twisted Sisters..
It's been fun, but now its time to move on - life is so busy so I didnt put my hand up for another 6 months.
Certainly Anam's sketches made me think outside that box at times and thats a GOOD thing!!

Ooooh ooooh oooh look what I won!!!
Soooooo beautiful and generous!!
Thanks so much!!!

And look what I've been doing.....
Oooooh so much fun - just like falling off a bike.....its been years but it took no time to fall into the goove!
Ive got all kinds of plans!!!

And I got a fave mention over at USA Scrapjacked here with my 'Hand's On Hips' LO!

Just as things couldnt get better........
I've had two more full pages(weeell- kinda three) of LO's published in SCRAPBOOK m.m. Magazine in Sweden!!!
Isn't that the coolest heading! (Sneaky peeky at the front cover)
Cant share yet..... but how awesome!!!  This is the third issue in a row!!!
Unfortunately its not on the web - and difficult if not impossible to get here in Australia, but for those who can (in Europe)'s just the best Magazine - and not loaded with advertisments but full of how to's, techniques and scrapping with arty focus, sometimes bright and shabby tinges!! 

Soooo excited! 

NOW -dont forget.......
Birthday Challenge #13
sponsored by
If you have ever had the privilege to use their stamps.....
you know why I love them sooooo much!!

Friday, 9 July 2010


As part of the
 Birthday Celebrations at
 We decided to host a Birthday Bash Blog Hop!

Would you like to win this here???

Over the next few days on ‘Let’s Get Shabby’, the Shabby DT Girl’s blogs and those of our Guest and Sponsor for this month, you will find a question along with a photo of a rak you could be in the running to win on  NINE blogs with TEN raks in all up for grabs!! So what do you need to do? Post a comment on the Birthday Bash Blog Hop posts on each blog and you will go into a draw to win the rak posted on that blog. You will then need to find the answer to the questions posted on each blog (don't post the answer there!!) because you will need to gather all the NINE answers and email them to Julie in one email by midnight TUES 13 July (Aust time-so check the clock at the top of our LGS blog if you are not sure) The questions are all based on or around the Shabby blog and the Shabby Girls. The two raks posted on the Shabby Blog will be won by a random commentor and someone who has emailed in all correct answers.!

Here's my  question for you!
Who shared a Christmas themed shabby tutorial or tip?
Just leave a random comment here...
to be in the running for this:
(Remember do not leave the answer here in a comment - email that to Julie when you've gathered them all)

For the birthday card above :

Now check back on 'Let's Get Shabby' to see the links for the other girls you've gotta visit!!

Monday, 5 July 2010


I just love love love fabric, texure and embroidery and at Aussie Scrap Jacked...
you'll find something that gets you motivated whatever your whim!
This is how the jacks there inspired me...

Just got out the needle the thread and I was off and running!!
All those highschool embroidery classes came flooding back LOL!
This is little Paige...she was such an imp!

This is my other jack I did too...
I played with Maya Resist... boy I love the technique...but can growl about the bottle and nozzle!
And the painted numbers are from Purple Onion!

I wasnt able to show you these two layoust that were published until now.
Here's Hannah.  Using Misting and Yo Yo flowers.

And again, Hannah. This was a sketch Layout published.

Lots of dance pics lately.........probably because its my background!!

I got some lovely goodies from PixiePetals
(the colour is more vibrant than this...we are in winter here so photographing
 is not great! the colours are much better on her etsy!!)
Love what I've got!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


What a lovely week this has been.... no rush, not tearing from one place to the next
And scrapping ...and starting to blog hop again.   And even getting some housework done.
Just settling into ordinary day after day stuff.  I've found some fave photos that have gotten themselves scrapped!!  And used some of my loverley ClaraBowsTeaParty dyed doilies! I'm in love with them! They turn up quite a bit in my work!  The gorgeous Kris gave both Julie and I a little gift of them when we were in Cairns at the end of May.   How incredibly lucky we were!  Still - if I run out - OR see a colour I like in her etsy...I cant resist and top-up!!

This is a wonderful memory captured!
Grandpa and Hannah - 'Learning to Fish'
Hannah was fascinated!!  She loved every minute of it!
Seeee again I've used my Purple Onion Designs 'Broken15 Alphabet' in the word 'Notice'
Love it!!!

I've had this paper forever.  It was from a scrapping site that laser cut 12x12 papers!!
Its sadly gone....  wish I could find a place that did that again!  I know I know there are Punches etc now..but not as precise as this and getting that cornering just right!!
Paige walking the beach in far north Queensland

Check out the sketch here.
My term there is nearly up. I wont be continuing, life is too busy for me at the moment
  There is a design team call at the moment
Check it out quick, I think the closing is 3rd July.

The criteria is:  RED, GRUNGE, PASSION
Check it out here
I couldnt see a LO at all with this OTP was the way to go. It's always fun altering items..
Love it!
I used some grungy rubons, and filled this container with a heap of fabulous red embellishments!
Loved how it turned out!

Oooooh and to the LOVELY AMY
This is what Amy sent me after submitting to MY FAVE THINGS birthday Celebrations.
Its a beautiful vintage music score!  Look at this mind whirls when I think of what I can do with this!  I've been sooo lucky to be on the receiving end of Amy's RAKs before...
Thanks so much Missy!

Talking of birthday celebrations....
dont forget to call into
for our
sponsored by
(love love love them!!)

Oooh and I saw a little give-away on their blog!!!

Have fun