Monday, 31 October 2016

Our Beautiful World ....

The theme this week is..
Could have gone with Halloween... but
I had this very cute photo.  Dance comps earlier in the year -
Chinese Umbrella Dance rehearsing, music had stopped and the
 girls were trying to  arrange and stop the umbrellas from   puncturing
  each other!! The paper  umbrellas had little  cane points   around  the  edges
... we did manage  it, and  when  performed  in the comp - 1st place!!!
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Saturday, 29 October 2016

WORLD Cat Day!

It's World Cat Day
29th October
So for the last day of the Cat Lovers Hop....
Or... maybe you will
 Cat Lovers Hop |

Cat Lovers Hop

 Cat Lover's Hop
Another couple of pages of Blackie's first year with us....
One of  'his' things was to get up high, to feel safe. Up on top of the fridge was one of those places.
In the end, I put a blanket up there for him.  It was interesting to read KarenLadd's comment saying her ex-feral had to be waist height or higher - this is so true!
It's so great seeing this little pages build up in Blackie's 4x4 album!
Its not as hard as what I thought it would be scrapping so small.
Day 4's question was about cat/colour preference..
here's mine answer:
(ugh, but forgot to link it!!! Nevermind)
I would dearly love a maine coon!! BLACK!
If not - a moggie from the shelter - black and panther like. I LOVE black cats! And I prefer getting adult cats - ones that don't have half the chance kittens do. :) But my luck has it (and its a good thing) my next cat will just 'turn up in the garden' like many before - knowing when to come.... bit Mary Poppins really

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Funkie Junkie and Cat Lover's Hop

I felt so inspired to get some festive projects done.
Here's my Week 2 tag 
My inspiration was of course the deer.
I love deers!!!   The bow and seambinding.
The sentiment on foam to 3d it, the red trim,  the little bit of stamping
And the abstract way the 'trees' are hinted at in the background
with the chevron points iykwim.
A simple little double page for Blackie's 4x4 album
Here Blackie is a few months after he arrived, been to the vet and had every needle, worming and antibiotic imaginable .. and with some weight on finally
Day 3 Challenge was to mention the first cat you ever remember owning.
Isnt if funny how you never think of these things.... but deep deep down,
 I had a memory, even a memory of the photos I'd seen with me as a little girl 3 or 4yrs
with Tuppence (Tuppy) in my arms.  She was a little grey tabby, the runt of the litter.
I cant remember whatever became of her in the end - only that my parents used to say 'gone to be very happy in cat heaven' sparing the details. 
This has had me searching for photos, so many on discs! back in 2004 on, evidence of owning my very first 'digital' camera!!!  Before that - the photos were very hit and miss!! 
Yes, I'll be using some of those in my album... not much to go on, but it will be something!
ps:  and thanks so much for the wonderful visits from the Cat Lover's Hop... will be commenting soon!   I totally love your stories!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

12 Tags of Christmas, Cat Lover's Hop, and Halloween Cards for Scrap Therapy

Oh my goodness...
There's a bit of everything today.
Christmas, Cats & Halloween!
I feel like my mojo that has been missing for the best part of the year is back from long service leave!
Afterall, it's been 15 yrs since I started scrapping!
I'm a little late coming into the game with
I felt so inspired to get some festive projects done.
Here's my Week 1 tag 
(the blog is up to week 5!!!)
Ah weeell, I'll catch up!
My inspiration was how the tree line overlapped on Linda's tag,
the music note clip in reference to the music note stamped background.
a yellow star to top the tree. If you look carefully you might see a drawn
star peeping out from behind a brad bauble......and a bow :)

What's the tree made of?  Well a used dryer sheet (fabric softener) coated
 with gesso and put through the printer. Then some black outliner  to give more definition
Let's see if I can catch up!!
The Day 2 Challenge was to name all your cats
I only have one...
Blackie, my re-educated ex-feral.
What a beautiful cat he has turned out to be with quite the story.
I've never had another cat like him before.
And here' my project for the day...
Got my heading page done for Blackie's little 4x4" album..
Nothing too complex so I can keep scrapping and get it done :)
It's been lovely hopping around the other participant's blogs and
learning their kitty stories. 
I do love a bit of a get together for Halloween.
There isn't any huge pre-planning and invites go out the week before...
and some can make it, some cant and that's okay - any excuse for a little gathering!!
Because my SIL and her grown daughter are scrappers - they love my cards soooo in their pocket pages the cards go along with photos of our night together - always a bit of fun!!
These cards only took three products - and quick to make...
Head on over to the Scrap Therapy Blog to see the details :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Cat Lover's Hop and Our Beautiful World.....

There's a fabulous scrappy week to join the fun if you want to get scrapping your cat!
I played along last year and thoroughly enjoyed it - and also made me scrap my dear old cat more.
So its back again:
Find it here
There are daily challenges (and great (cat) prizes!)
 and a place to upload your projects too!

So here's where I begin....
Take a photo of your cat stash
weeell, I do have a little bit - and love it!!!!
and if you didn't cat is black!!
Don't you just love the quote on the stand-up page...
I have to read this over and over!!!

 Project 1
And secondly, while at a scrappy camp a couple of weeks ago, my lovely SIL put together
a wonderful little 4x4 album of her cat... it was soooo cute... soooooo
And I loved it so much... I have made a start on putting mine together... 
with a little name plate and a pretty sticker on the front

Hard to get a pic with out the 'shine' bouncing off the colours!

(not a lot of work yet.. .but its a start!!!)
Cute little 4x4... eeek, it will be a challenge scrapping that small!!!!
The theme this week is..
Talk about comfort food!!! 
 Our hearts popped with happiness when we saw this coming towards us!
  Hannah's 21st, we all had spoons and got uncomfortably though by its end!!! LOL
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Texture Paste, Embossing Enamels and Our Beautiful World....

It's almost Halloween,
and yes kinda do a bit of Halloween at our house... for fun and an excuse to get together.
We aren't really into the coffins, skulls and gory stuff.. but definitely the colours, the pumpkins, the black cats and spooky bit! 
I made these little bats with Stampendous Fran-tage Embossing Enamels
and you can find out how here  at Scrap Therapy
It was also fun to play with some of Texture Paste and masks
My 'black cat'  - yes... 'Blackie'! (He's 17!)
He has the most amazing coloured eyes - perfect for the colours of Halloween
It's fabulous to do something really different... just because! 
Find the whole post HERE
Soon I will be back to normal...
its my last week as choreographer, last rehearsals
and very late nights at the theatre
 after a very long long haul for

Opening night - is Friday - and I'm done.
Whoohoo...  it will be nice to have this extra time back... to SCRAP some more!
The word is 'holiday'
And our recent holiday away - we enjoyed this....
Isnt he adorable!!!
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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Scrap Therapy News.... and Our Beautiful World

My mojo has been given a kick start... 
and am back on Scrap Therapy's Design Team...
for the 3rd time since 2008!
This really gives purpose back into my scrapping and have felt like I've been on an hiatus all year!
I've created a couple of projects with steps....
Embossing Metal Hearts and Viva Inka Gold..
in the shape of CAS cards which you can find HERE 
Prima Stencils with Gelatos
Lots of great mixed media... stencil, modelling paste, gelatos, inking...
you can find the steps...HERE
So great to get back into it!
The theme this week is..
Cineraria in my garden.. such a splash of vibrant beauty!
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Our Beautiful World.....

If it wasn't for Our Beautiful World to keep this blog going... I might have given up this year.
But it has me coming back each week, sometimes quite late but still ....
It's made sure I've stayed connected.  Things are looking up,
and I've been scrapping, so will share that soon with a bit of the ole mojo back....
That also came with a specific prompt along by some old tried-but-true.
But for now....
the theme is
(last Autumn as it's now Spring here!)
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