Monday, 29 September 2008

The BIG catch-up!!!

SULKER I've been absoloutely flatout since going to Melbourne, and this past weekend I spent time at Scrappy Camp with a wonderful inspiring group of women. These LO's were created at Camp and the photos are when we visted Victoria for our holidays. Sulker was a fun LO of a big gorilla at the zoo - what an 'imposing presence' he has!! CHECKMATE This is my Aussie ScrapJack entry for September which is of Hannah at the Maze in Daylesford on a giant Chess board. I just LOVED the colours in the photo so scrap! And while on the subject - WHOOHOO - I won last month's ScrapJack and only found out today!! Its here: I scrapped Hannah's legs and feet walking along a boardwalk in Summertime. It was completely different to how I usually scrap - but then - thats what its all about!!. HEY HOBERMAN I know I've scrapped Paige performing in 'Annie' before, but there are quite a few photos to get through. I love these ones. I so enjoy using AC Thickers - especially Jewellry Box! GOLFER I struggled alot with scrapping that Sass Lass Bingo paper!! Its called 'Take a Chance' and can be found in Scrap Therapy's Sassafras Lass products. But when matched to Mini-Golf or even Golf - its just the perfect paper! This also was at the Maze at Daylesford. This was for PT's monthly Challenge where there was quite a few criteria to be met!!

SEPTEMBER CALENDAR And here is my interpretation of the Sept Calendar at Scrap Therapy. It was Paige and Hannah at the zoo and again, the fab Sass Lass gave a great nature feel to the LO.

Now at the end of the LO's..........the OTHER NEWS: Firstly, as I mentioned I went away this past weekend to Scrapbooking Camp, and while I was away Hannah auditioned for 'Pirates of Penzance' in which we knew she was one year younger than the cut of and large she still managed to get that audition on the Saturday, was told she had a call back on the Sunday but was accepted by Saturday night. So Sunday became her first dance workshop!! She was so thrilled and gave her a HUGE boost to her confidence. Hannah is the youngest as one of the 'Bobbies' (policemen) who are absolutely hilarious! I cant wait to see her grow with this. We are just so proud of her. My work is so busy = and this week is just one of those extraordinarily important times on the went well. Wouldnt it be nice to just stay home and scrap!! (sigh)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #54 (Little Miss Sunshine)

This is such a true description of Paige! She's always chirpy and happy. With an Australian desert garden landscape in the background, it fabulous to scrap!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Just couldnt resist scrapping 'Scrappy'. She was so happy chirping away this morning (sun). Paige did notice that her 'ankle'(?) joint was a little swollen compared to her other one, that I'm a bit concerned. I'll try chase that up and see what we can do. It would be a shame after all she has gone too that it turns nasty and the unthinkable happens. But she does seem happy enough -we think. Scrappy has even been given 'MASCOT' status honouring this month's theme of 'All Creatures Great and Small' at SCRAP THERAPY - just view ST's blog!!! (big smile!- thanks Julie-creative blog updaterer)

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Hannah at the zoo. Her fave was so see the lions! This LO was created for Julie's Inspirational Challenge at Scrap Therapy.

Saving 'Scrappy'

Friday night: Spending time at my friend's house so our girls could get together and we get to scrap, something hit the window and the cat had it in its mouth - well, being an animal saviour of all creatures, my feet didn't touch the ground until I had that little zebra finch in my hands.......I tried to put it on a flower pot for it to fly off but it just 'cheaped' at me and hopped back to my feet - total DISBELIEF! You would think this bird would have scooted off soooo fast or died of shock! NUP - I scooped it up in my hands, and it nestled into them!! Soooooo we put some paper towel in an icecream container and gently placed it in. THEN put in some grain bread and it nearly tore it to pieces trying to get it down his little throat - it was starving! No shock happening here! WHATSmore all these human eyes were staring in at it with two cameras flashing!! - it still devoured the bread! Nevertheless it has come home with us in the ice cream container - next door has an avery with finches in it - so will check that out. But this cute little thing is soooooo tame therefore someone's pet. I've covered it up and it has its little head turned back under its wing to sleep the night away - way way way too cute!! I'm in love with it! Sat morning: Checking this morning, its still alive and splashing its water everywhere. We've still to decide what to do and check with next door. Its a hideously horrible rainy, cold and blowing day. Dont feel like putting that little bird out in that weather!! I know, I know - hopeless!! Check this little 20 second video we took of Scrappy below - it even stops for a little moment, looks at the camera, cocks its little head on the side and then continues eating! LOL video Saturday afternoon: No Aviary next door, its been turned into a greenhouse, so dh managed to find an birdcage up the farm, we went and shopped at our local pet store, and Scrappy is very very happy in her new home! She has the cutest little coconut nest filled with white fluffy feathers (couldnt resist those) !!! What an adventure she's been having! Rags to Riches (probably) LOL!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

BEAUTY (123 Cybercrop Challenge)

I only got one of four challenges done for 123's CC. I guess this was the easiest criteria than the others and with a lack of time, was the easiest to put together. As it was I got it in 10mins before the deadline!! I really really loved the criteria - use fabric, circles and swirls, bling. Hannah was photographed at Souvereign Hill near the creek. On another note: SCRAP THERAPY now have over 100 different types of AC Thickers in evey available font you will fall in love with! Just check it out here:

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Here's Paige delightfully immersing herself in Hotel's swimming pool in Mornington (Vic). Loads of movement and laughter! This is for ST's Man of the Month which is Sassafrass Lass.

Sunday, 14 September 2008


If you want to join us click on this link!! Hope to see you there!

SEPTEMBER 123 Challenge Sample Page

Heres my sample page for the Creative Team at 123. The criteria is to use teal, scallops and dots! Easy-peasy!!! Time to get your entries in. Just click on the side bar and check it out. You have till the end of the month! This was Hannah at the zoo on Friday.


PHEW!! Just got this one in on time!!! This is the girlfriends (2 sets of sisters) jumping on the bed at Cradle Mountain! Way way toooooo much fun!!
On a much sadder note, Aleida who is one of the design team members for Scrapping with the Music (USA) has passed away in a car accident on Friday. Ricanlaw, as she is known online, has left wonderfully encouraging comments here for some of my work. Its ironic that 7 years ago she (6 mths pregnant with her son) was spared in 9/11 when the planes hit the towers getting out in time. Sometimes it just doesnt seem fair.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Our Trip to Victoria!!

We had a wonderful time at Sovereign Hill. Paige totally believed she could find gold! Boy she worked that pan! So many things to do - Hannah had her photo taken in costume - as a Victorian young lady. We all enjoyed a horse drawn coach ride. Bowling was a big hit as was the train ride after the mine tour. So much fun especially the lolly shop! We stayed the night in Ballarat and travelled to Daylesford the next morning to the Maze. We got lost, we found all the clues and finally conquered the maze. Here's Hannah disappearing round one of the hundreds of turns! The girls enjoyed Mini golf with their dad while I watched eating devonshire tea! It was a wonderful afternoon, playing giant noughts and crosses as well. We drove all the way to Mornington and stayed in a beautiful hotel. The next day we drove to Portsea, stopped at Rye jetty on the way back as well as a scrapbooking shop in Mornington - clearly the biggest shop I've ever walked into! That was my treat! Then it was off to the zoo!! The girls had a ball! It was a beautiful day - 23C !! Then onto the Regent Theatre in Melbourne that night to see the Musical 'Wicked'. It is clearly the best production I've ever seen. (And I've seen quite a few in my lifetime!!!) Both Hannah and Paige sat rivoted to their seat with mouths gaping through most of it! Then we flew home today. I must admit - its great to be home. (big smile)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Update....After landing in Melbourne last night - no transfer to our hotel- not that we could find anyhow. So we get a taxi who had NO idea where our hotel was (two minutes away!) Our booking print out had no address or phone number! (what hotel does not do this???) Finally we pulled up at the hotel - just as the transfer bus does (not happy Jan!) and yes I said a couple of 'common sense' things once inside! We managed to get some tea in the bistro - was okay, and we all had an early night. (I spyed the 'pay as you go' internet bay as we walked past our room) SO here I sit this morning with dh and the girls still sleeping in their beds! As soon as I get off here, we are dipping in the hotels warm indoor pool - so with bye for now

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bye for now - we're off on holidays!!

Luckily we have family housesitting for us to look after my furbabies! Its school hols here and we are flying to Melbourne for a fab little trip! see you soon!!


DETAILS: This month we are introducing a new Challenge.... the Scrap Therapy Challenge Champion! Each month the person who has completed the most Scrap Therapy Challenges will be awarded the title "Challenge Champion" and will receive a money-cant-buy prize..... a Layout scrapped for them by the Design Team member of their choice! The challenge Champion will be the person who completes the most Therapy Challenges over the month. They dont have to be the winner of the challenges, and they dont have to have completed the challenges by the upload date (eg Monday night for the CC Challenges) but they must be completed within the month. Each month will have a new Challenge Champion thread that will list all of the challenges that can be completed, and will include links to the Cybercrop challenges, monthly challenges, inspiration challenges, write-stuff challenges, blind scraps, surprise challenges, classes, photography challenges etc. Each member is responsible for keeping their own tally list in the month's thread, and this will be verified on the Sunday of Cybercrop Weekend (Super Sunday). If there are several members on equal scores, the DT will each cast a vote for the winner. No member can win consecutive months. So what are you waiting for. Till next time happy scrapping and see you all in Therapy P.S. The new Man(manufacturer) of the month is: SASSAFRASS LASS only released in America last week! Want to see some? Well pop on over to the shop You'll be seeing quite a bit of it turning up here!

Monday, 8 September 2008


This LO is the latest Blind Scrap at ST! Here's Paige with her ballet classmates hanging up there costumes after a fitting

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Here are the LO's I've completed for this months Cybercrop Challenges. The theme is "All creatures Great and Small'.

'Caught' was my sample page for my challenge of 'Animal Antics' to depict an animal showing 'personality'!


This is my August edition. I try to pick out a significant event in a month that Hannah and Paige have been up to. This is the end of term concert for their Performing Arts Centre. Each month has been done on black cardstock which will all be bound together at the end of the year, so it should showcase significant things - and their growth! (big smile)

Thursday, 4 September 2008


This is my entry for Scrapping the Music No52. Pulled from the lyrics chosen this week are the words 'Silent Prayer' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCRAP THERAPY CYBERCROP STARTS FRIDAY 5TH SEPT September "All Creatures Great and Small" Cybercrop! Here is an overview of the weekend so you can plan your time! Weekend Schedule:- Friday- 6.30-8.30pm- Challenges posted 8.30pm- Julies' Guessing Game Saturday 7.00pm- Bingo 8.00pm- Blind Scrapping with Scrappinallie Sunday 9.00pm- Super Sunday! Our new MAN of the Month will be revealed, as well as all our September monthly competitions.... and a brand new monthly award! The challenges for the weekend are:- Junior challenge- for our young scrappers Challenge One- Theme Challenge Challenge Two- Inspiration Challenge Challenge Three- Sketch Challenge Challenge Four- Card Challenge Upload Cutoff:- All challenges must be uploaded by midnight on Monday 8th September Prizes:- Challenge One- $15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher Challenge Two- $15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher Challenge Three- $15.00 Scrap Therapy Gift Voucher Challenge Four- Prize in the Post Junior Challenge- Prize in the Post Julie's Guessing Game- RAK in the Post Relsi's Bingo Game- Prize in the Post VOTING All members have the opportunity to vote for the cybercrop winners. Voting is done in a 3,2,1 manner by email. The voting will open on Tuesday morning, and close Thursday night- with the winners announced on Friday night. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEPTEMBER 123 CHALLENGE 1 Use scallops on the LO 2 Use the colour TEAL! 3 Spots! Any way any how :) Looking forward to seeing LOTS of your layouts ladies!!! What a great and EASY Criteria this month!!! NO EXCUSES!!! email your entries to: You can click on the side bar to the right to enter the 123Challenge site.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Labyrinthitis - thats the diagnosis after being taken to hospital on Monday. One minute I was sitting at my desk and the next minute the whole room swam. It was so debilitating. I was left totally uncoordinated, nauseous, the world was swimming around me, the ground was 'breathing' and when my eyes were shut, felt like I was sinking. Servere vertigo is one of its symptoms, along with partial deafness and loud buzzing in the ears. 'Marshmellow' feet was another symptom. I knew walking to the car with dh's help, my gait was not good, and I did experience this bouncing 'marshmellow walking'. Anyway, once I had a couple of doses of medication to stop the spinning attacks and vomiting, life looked much better. It was frightening. At least if there is a next time - I'll know whats going on. It certainly put a spoke in the wheel for my scrapbooking this week! I've got to get me some scrapping time - a good remedy for anything!