Friday, 20 February 2009

OLW, OTP STEP BY STEP (and 19th & 20th Feb photos)

The word for this week at OLW - is 'FUN'.

Over at Scraptherapy I've done an easy step-by step for this little project.
If you would like to see how its done - click here
I sooooo need reminders like this to get through jobs I dont normally do everyday! Nothing like a nice little hanging with a wad of sticky-notes attached!!
Here's my little red car that I got back today after being without it for FOUR days because it was in being fixed. I had tried hard to get past dh's ute in our drive and managed to put a long scratch (weeeell just a bit deeper than a scratch) along two panels!! I was horrified and upset! Its the first time on my 3 decades of driving that I've ever put a scratch in anything!!! Not a scratch on dh's ute! I didnt even take a photo of the scratch - didnt want to be reminded of it!
Look at this juicy peach! Last year this poor little tree blew over in the wind and I tied it up, clipped it right back to almost nothing to repair the broken damage. It always fruited little peaches...but this year, there was 3 of the biggest peaches left on it - the wind blew most of the young fruit off. I've eaten 2 and have 1 left!!!


Tanya said...

Awesome photos as always Mandy! Look at the juicy peach - yummo!! The reminder message board is a cool idea - I need one of those too ;)

Jenneke said...

Thank you Mandy, for making this reminder message board!! I can't live without reminder message's because I forget EVERYTHING!! It's really terrible! Do you thinks it's because of my age, lol??
I'm so feeling sorry for you because of the scratch on the car!!! Can imagine you felt horrible!!

Julie said...

love the pics Mandy and the page and project too. Great going Missy.

Lynn said...

Love the layout! So fun....Love your little note pad too! Great pics!

amuffoletto said...

The note board is very cute. I would love to share it with my Faith Scrap booking group. They all seem to be so busy and this might help get them back down to reality. Thanks for the inspiration.

Peggy said...

I love that idea of the reminder message board ... I could use something like that, although I would probably forget to look at it and walk right by LOL...
Beautiful LO, I love that splash of red. Great pics too, and I understand you not taking pics of the scratches, I would be horrified as well!!
xxx Peggy

Gladie said...

OMG - that peach looks delicious! Such a stark contrast to our grey, wet, snow-almost-gone winterly rain.... Love your pictures and the LO! :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Hi Mandy!
Thank you so much for your nice comment on my storyteller book! You made my day!

I am loving your projects! Your Total Fun layout makes me want to be there - gorgeous!