Thursday, 2 October 2014

Amiche di Scraps LO # 12 and Counterfeit Kit - October

is about using paint (watercolour/acrylics etc)
So I got out my much neglected watercolour pencils...
and gave myself the excuse to create the other side of my Project Life LO (re the previous post)
Week 24 in 12x12 format...
Meaghan moving to New Zealand from the UK and purchasing her new car,
and Hannah battling with her old computer so much it was time for a new touch screen one.
Using a dark brown watercolour pencil, outlined all the edges on the LO including the big lettering 'Week 24' which was drawn freehand and cut out
then used a brush with water

You can find the challenge here

Next is getting my October kit together with
ANd I've had a bit of fun...
First off.... here's the kit to counterfeit:
Weeeeeell, I cant go past colour when I shop my stash!
Its the be all and end all in my thought process...
So... this time I put this photo to
Its FABULOUS and will spit out colour swatches! And if you haven't used it before/or known about it... have a go!!! ......
this is what happened:
(there were three extra colours - browns and a mauve so with photoshop, I rubbed them out - didn't want them, too much to consider)
Aaaaaand from these colour swatches...
I came up with this:
'Scrappy Camp'
(because I'm off on a 3 nighter next weekend full of scrapping!!!
This will be great to take away with me, hence the size!)

Dark Blues/Blacks


You can find the Counterfeiting HERE
So exciting - roll on Scrappy Camp!!!
And to top it off...
While getting the washing in this afternoon, glancing across to the greengage tree area, I noticed blossoms breaking out of buds...
There is something about 'first blossoms' of Spring...
something that melts the heart......

(sigh :)
These came out so was like - one minute.... nothing... and next minute....voila!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Creative Scrappers #278 and Unscripted Sketches

Just getting this sketch in with no time left before the time expires!
Nevertheless its a fabulous multi-photo sketch that I can use in my Project Life album as a 12x12 LO... and its great to add that size in for a point of difference now and then....
This is a lost starling that came down my chimney in the dining room... tore at my curtains, knocked over ornaments (none broken thank goodness) and pooped everywhere - I'm sure more in fright than anything! Anyway, I managed to exhaust it and catch it in tea towel and it was very happy to be let go off into the blue horizon....


Phew.... done (uploaded with only minutes to go!)


Unscripted Sketches

PL Card Sketch #4

Flipped a couple of elements sideways

Sketch 4


Having lazy holidays with the girls at the moment!

Today, I'm going to get some jobs done that have long been ignored... Hannah is reading from her bookshelf which she misses when she is away studying, and Paige has gone off to a group
get-together for Dungeons and Dragons  .......

Yep, lazy days....


Friday, 26 September 2014

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #59

Love this!!!
Challenge #59  is to.......

  Create a ‘Shelf’
 Interpret it any way you like!
 You could create an off-the page shelf, draw one, create one with embellishments or you could paint/spray a shelf for instance.... whatever you choose.. have fun with it!
I've created with another little quote for Hannah's German little antique book..
and this time I sketched a little shelf nook ....
It was great there was a space between paragraphs already there,
that became my space for a shelf..., so the sketching begins....

and it begins to grow, who knows where it will end???

Got rid of the pencil and grabbed a brown fine-liner

and add in a few embellishments and lettering...

We hope you will play along!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Paper Dvizhnik Colour Challenge and Unscripted Sketches......

Here's a couple of PL sized cards....
(with limited time, these sizes where perfect!)
And Unscripted Sketches....
Sketch 3
Hope you can join along with the fun of making a PL card of any size. It's kinda like creating a mini LO - with less space!   Total fun!
Its a great excuse to end up with a fab collection of your own styled and handmade PL cards ready for the picking when you want to place them into your PL pockets!
And it uses up scraps too.... got to love that!
Check it out HERE
School holidays are nearly here.... hanging out for Friday this week!
This past weekend Friday - Sunday I spent on an audition panel for 'Beauty
and the Beast' for the stage musical season set for Feb/Mar 2015... it feels weird writing 2015!!!
How fast is that happening!!
Anyway, at the same time I had casting done and first rehearsal beginning at my studio for Nutcracker... which Paige and the senior girls handled very well.
Things always happen at once!  Cant WAIT to have two weeks off!!!
Bring on the holidays...
I'll be hoping to catch up with everything here in blogland...too.. my apologies for my hit and miss

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Project Life - Week 21 and Map Necklace...

Today I took a little time to scrap.... really - REALLY wanted to settle in for the day!!!
But cant, though, still managed to do this....
Paige's midyear dinner....
And just before 'Maelle' (our French exchange student) went home, I made her this necklace. 
Luckily among my travel scrappy stash was a tiny little map in French!
She loved it, and wore it immediately... made me smile!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Life Less Busy..... and Unscripted Project Life Sketch #2

Yep, ballet exams are over after three long days and we are all exhausted!!
Nothing left energy-wise and I'm having a week off!

Paige and her exam partner at our studio in her very last exam ever...

Done and dusted!

For the rest of us though... its only over for another year, now attention is turning to the end of year production.... 'Nutcracker'.


Using the weekly 'Unscripted Sketch'
to create specific Project Life style cards for your Project Life albums.
Hope you can join along with the fun of making a PL card of any size. It's kinda like creating a mini LO - with less space!   Total fun!
Its a great excuse to end up with a fab collection of your own styled and handmade PL cards ready for the picking when you want to place them into your PL pockets!
And it uses up scraps too.... got to love that!
Check it out HERE


Friday, 12 September 2014

OLW Word Up #86 - LOST

 OLW over at Ronda Palazzari's blog.........
Did this a couple of days ago and trying to squeeze in a late night post...
(we are full on ballet exam mode here - one day down, two to go!)
The word is 'LOST"
and got another page done for Hannah's little quote book...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Project Life Week 21, Unscripted Sketches #1......... and Happy Fathers Day

Played with my Counterfeit Kit to get another PL page done and am making a concerted effort with small amount of time to get somewhat caught up.
If ONLY I wasn't such a SLOW scrapper!!! (rolling eyes)
Anyway,  here it is, and how appropriate.... Scrappy Camp.  Oooh I LOVE these weekends.
We have 2 or 3 a year and its a 3 nighter each time.....  its the best and all we do is EAT! (and scrap)  All catered with the best group of scrappy friends. 
 Cant wait because I have another next month!!  Maybe I should dedicate it for just doing PL and that will help get my album a little fatter!

These are my two lovely SILs and neiceIL 
 Using the weekly 'Unscripted Sketch'
to create specific Project Life style cards for your Project Life albums.
LOVING this I must say...
Here's the sketch....
And here's my DT sample....
and had a little fun with this and cant wait to use it in my album!!!
 Hope you can join along with the fun of making a PL card of any size. It's kinda like creating a mini LO - with less space!   Total fun!
Its a great excuse to end up with a fab collection of your own styled and handmade PL cards ready for the picking when you want to place them into your PL pockets!
Check it out HERE
And lastly, because its soooo important....
My dh is rather shy when it comes to the camera, being scrapped
 and even celebrating days for him....he's a worker.
Here he is showing the girls the workings of under the hood of the car (learning to drive)
Here's how our morning went...
Dh gets up about 8am...
Me:  Where are you going?
dh:  To the farm....
me: Why? Its Father's Day!
dh:  The cows need drenching today, I've organised ddad and db
me: But its Father's Day!!!
dh:  (sighing with a smile) Weeeell, you know its not a big deal, and the cows need bringing in
me: (exasperated) Listen here... today is not about you! (did I just say that!!! )
dh:  (laughed head off and skipped out the door)
Paige: (at 10am) Where's Dad?
me:  Gone to the farm
Paige: It's Fathers Day!
me:  I know
Paige:  I organised for Meaghan to Skype from New Zealand at 11am for him
Me:  well, cant now...
Meaghan (on Skype early)  Ugh....
Hannah (on phone)  Double Ugh....
sigh.... when will he learn Father's Day is not about him!
Consequently if you cant beat them, join them... so off to the farm we went this afternoon complete with computer for skyping sessions. 
We all had a lovely afternoon with dh and his mum and dad, sister and bil, and niece...
And Meaghan and Hannah on Skype!
AND his surprise when he got home....
A 'Cold Rock' ice-cream cake!
Now he wanted it all about him!!!
(very big smile)

Friday, 5 September 2014

September Counterfeit Kit and Challenge #1

Really really wanted to get this kit together and being only one week from our ballet schools examinations... weeeeell, time is very very scarce..
Classes are coming out of my ears, and while I'm pretty happy with how the students are shaping up, its this big final race to the finish line.
Pretty soon though (and I'm counting down!) are our school holidays...oh sheer joy!!!
Two weeks!  Cant come soon enough!!!
Anyway,  last months kit kept me soooo organised in busy time, so I needed to get this month's kit together to do the same.
Its strange how it comes about:
I know I'm so right brained!
Each month I hop to the dt members blogs (haven't done this month's yet though) to see how they put their kits together and am intrigued by such varied thought-processes
I cant seem to move past colour!
You can find the main kit HERE
Though, more than anything, I was captured by one piece of paper:
 from Basic Grey's 'Grand Bazaar' range
Yes its busy - huh! 
But the colour combination is fabulous!
So I picked out the colours (or close to) and matched up a heap of old embellishments from a box I'd long forgotten about and added only a couple of newish ones.
Glad to use them again.....and here's my kit
Challenge One was to make up challenge criteria...
Weeeeeell, mine is:
Scrap your new season!
here in Australia...
gosh, I haven't scrapped flowers in sooooo long!
But they are in my box and I'm going to use them up!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

PL Week 19

Yes, yes, I'm behind... ..
and do have to make a conscious effort to catch up somehow.
It'll happen, just not sure when - I got this done today after being 'home-alone' this past weekend.

This is for the vellum challenge at Counterfeit Kits Challenges...
(oh gawd!  I spelt 'medicine' wrong!!! don't ya hate that when it's been fixed on my page...thanks Lizzy H!)

Had little vellum butterflies and a see-through pocket with some enamel dots...

oh and got named one of
August's Fabulous Five there too!!

The reason I was home alone was because dh took Paige and Hannah to Hobart (Hannah back to her studies) and Paige to visit 'Open Day' at the University she hopes to get acceptance there next year.
 I had to work, and had a meeting and dinner commitments so got left behind.

And funny enough... on the University site - was one photo of the open day... and low and behold of all the hundreds and hundreds of people there today..........dh with Paige and Hannah behind him... were captured in the left hand bottom corner!  Paige said it was the only time they sat down in a precinct and it was for about 5 minutes!

 AND.... talking of coincidence....
(forgot to post this.....)
A couple of weeks ago when Paige flew to Melbourne with a small school group...

'Gotye'  was on their flight!  
(absolutely love his arty video of 'Someone I used to know')
He was quite happy to have a photo taken with Paige and friend Chloe!
To say they were thrilled was an understatement...
 I promply got the  frantic phonecall...

MUM!!!! You'll never guess what just happened.............'


YAY to the first DAY OF SPRING tomorrow!!

Goodbye WINTER!