Sunday, 16 April 2017


How did Easter in 2017 come around so soon?
It was only Christmas a moment ago!
This is how the beginning of this year has been.
Between going away on holiday, coming home to work and business has just boomed!
At a time when I thought it would be good to go the other way - the opposite happened...
and with that - UGH - Bookwork!
If you only knew how much I LOATHE bookwork/emails/phonecalls! Soooo much of it!
Anyway... scrapping, crafting, arting - has been a little light on, but its still there -
 in the background and will post some soon :)
First though... the EASTER TABLE....
Weeeeeeell,  Paige now studies away and its her very first Easter without us (very sad face)
I did mention to Hannah... maybe I wont do the Easter breakfast table this year....
and she was HORRIFIED!  and went on to say its a must!  No discussion!
Soooooo..... must is was.... and here it is....
 Bit of blue and pink and white
Then it was off to the farm with all the extended family for lunch :)
Hope you've all had wonderful hip-hoppety fun!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

2017 Recycled Diary and Farewell to Our Beautiful World

 I feel like I'm pedalling to catch up!
I did take photos of my diary project earlier last month, just not the time to upload and chat about them :) 
I love to use tossed aside little antique books for my yearly diaries, colouring gesso and painting each page.  Tedious you might think... maybe, but I leave everything out and when walking past, dab another double page, leave it to dry and re-wrap the brush in cling wrap to keep it moist. And repeat, repeat, repeat LOL!
Before too long, its done and I start stamping the dates in - fun part...along with finding great calendar pics for each month :)
Here's how this one went...
I love how these little books feel in my hands!  (6"x4")
Not sure if you can see... but its gold guilt edged - bonus!

It says 'Sketch Book' but its not sketches as in drawings but in words, plays etc.

Coloured the gesso slightly to an very slight cream/yellow sepia colour
About to add the colour here!

Blotted out bits and stamped over bits :)
Weeeeell, it did have a couple of drawings in it ..

Yes, its a cat theme this year!!

 And added in bits

Some type I don't cover - book information or dates or where it was published etc


And now its being used and loved and written in.
Sadly this is the last week
I've enjoyed every minute of being part of Kirsty's team and what a lovely team!
OBW has keep my blog ticking along when nothing else has.  Between a loss of mojo, overwhelmed with a huge workload (never to be repeated!) and generally just couldn't face my scrap desk. I was grateful for it and it kept me committed. 
Sigh....  but this aside...
lets join in with the last one with a smile... because.....
 what a wonderful word to use..
Who loves his 'spot'  and I love to see him so cosy and restful
This truly has been a post about love (even my cat diary!)
Join in one last time with your LOVE photography stories 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Our Beautiful World

Hello!!  I'm back!
The end of the school holidays has arrived and already we are looking back at our holiday away with fond memories (and wishing we could go back!!)
So what has gone on... weeeeell, we celebrated Hannah's 22nd birthday and our anniversary (same day- just different year!)  It was the very first time in Hannah's life we did not spend it with her.
And of course its always been about Hannah's birthday and by the time we get to the end of the day its like... 'oh yeah, by the way..... happy anniversary' 
We knew one day we would celebrate our anniversary properly.
Sooooo, while we were away (without the kids for the first time in 20 years)
and while the family gathered around Hannah to surprise her with a fabulous birthday back home...
We actually got to go out to dinner and have an anniversary all day!
What else... yes I turned another year older a week or so after that....  and now am preparing to get back to work with a fairly solid workload fronting up, that's all good!

Oh.... boy do I ever have a lot of Project Life pages to catch up on!
That's the next thing on the list!!!

And, while I was away,  I did happen to miss a couple of topics for
Our Beautiful World due to travelling and very intermittent internet....
However you can link up your
photos   HERE
Oooh this is a fave of yummy for me!!  LOVE for morning or afternoon tea!
And here's a couple of photos topics I missed while away,
but are now closed...
A tropical hibiscus flower
Hannah enjoying the quiet and as usual, reading.
This was a theme park ride... converted bicycles - so clever and creative!
Still - there is time to join in on

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Very very late getting this post up for
the theme this week is..
This time last year we were away
on holiday and my three girls took a sister bonding trip together to an iconic lighthouse
(we are partial to lighthouses as they are part of our family's heritage)
At the moment my dh and I are on our very first holiday away without the kids!
Oh my it sure is different. 
I'm certainly not taking the photos I'm used to!!!
  And the weather is very hot!!!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Let's December Daily Days 25 & 26 and Our Beautiful World

Last few days now over at
 and it's great to get the album finished!
Here are some of the peeks
Hope on over.....
the theme this week is..
looking up... a display of translucent jelly fish all lit to look very pretty!
Share your 'SPARKLE' photography stories 
 and see what the rest of the  design team have photographed

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Let's December Daily Days 21-24

There's another post over at
Getting closer now!
Here's some sneaks....
Hop on over and see the rest!!!
You can even share along with us!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Scrap Therapy's December Album

I've actually finished this little album
(2007)  Yay!!!
And so pleased to add it to my collections of December Dailys.
We've been away for Christmas so have missed putting up a couple of links to posts of the pages completed...
so here they are....
And a peek at a page (Guess who that is about!)
The girls in our family
How much we have all changed since then!!!
Love a bit of pompom!
You can find the whole album

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Day!
We've had a ball...
here's just a candid shot...
a happy snap


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Scrap Therapy's December Album....

I have another update on my December Album (completing Dec 07)
Here's a snippet of some pages....
Yes, a fave......transparency!!
Slowly getting through it!!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

12 Tags of Christmas and Let's December Daily

I've caught up!
Got all 12 done now!
Oooh what it's like to be on holidays!
I've put the whole day away today to work on tags and what I love about challenges like this
is that it makes you do things you normally:
1. wouldnt
2. do a technique forgotten about
3. do a technique never done before
4. have products never used
5. have products tucked away forgotten completely about!
So its a win all round!
I love the colour of this one, and used some Viva Gold Cabalt smeared with a spatula over a white tag, then painted with a brush the boarder.  I've got out dies I've forgotten to use, along with glitter paper - what fun!  Loved the layering!  Framed the deer with some gauze underneath.
I really enjoyed creating this one!  Some hand drawing in black (even the sentiment) and some definition on the tag and ivy leaves.  I didn't have a black lamp post which would have been good, but thought to mount both the little Victorian house and the tag itself (always love a black base!). Do you see the little red cardinal?  And a little trim on the bottom to really finish off this Victorian scene.

A little bag.  I've got most of my sprays packed away at the moment because of renovations (and soon to be Christmas guests) but I did have some Silks paint - a tap of that into a little spray bottle with water ...and it worked a treat - such a lovely shimmer (which the photo doesn't pick up). A little paper bag with a doodle border, stamped little red bells tied with a gold bow and pine needles - all ready for a little gift.

Put some 'Jingle Bells' lyrics on the top and bottom of this tag and focused it more on stars.
Snowflakes are lovely and I do use them... but lol - it is Summer here.  Though, I still associate snowflakes with Christmas. Did a wrap-around with some hessian and pleated sheet music, and one little spot of red :)

Black Christmas trees really look lovely, like a silhouette in a scene. They contrast well against the vintage paper doily. The red main part of the tag is mounted onto a music sheet background.

This is a little different to anything I've done before.  Other than the little tag pocket, all the Nutcraker characters are stamped on transparency so they do stand alone. 
I've just put 'Clara' and the 'Rat King' in the pocket with the pine needle diecuts for the moment. 
These characters can be played with singularly or together.. 

(Please excuse very inky fingers!)

I truly loved playing with this one!

There... done and dusted!
So pleased to have completed the 12 tags!
There's another post over at
And its bumping along fabulously!!
 Here's a peek at one of my pages on my latest post...
Hop on over and see the rest!!!
You can even share along with us!
And who doesn't love a bit of Christmas scrapping!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Scrap Therapy December Album

A little bit more has been added to my 2007 December Album
You can find it HERE at the Scrap Therapy Blog....

Funkie Junkie's 12 Tags of Christmas

While they are up to Week 12 (the last one) over there...
I've had a little catch up... and have managed to do 3 more tags!
I realised I hadn't managed to buy a poinsettia die in all the Christmas dies I have!
It's now on the list!   So in place of not having a one, I've cut out some from paper, and had a couple of poinsettia flowers turn up in my search so all was good.  Everything has been edged in Inka Gold - Gold.  A little sizzix journaling block for my stamped sentiment, and a diecut candle with foliage.
The design has some patterned red colour at the top with some gold glitter trim. Put some sparkly glitter paper behind the candles too.
Is about using both the positive and negative of a diecut.  Mine is in the cooler colour of Winter,
The tag was painted in the Making Memories paint 'Shopping Bag' with a bit of gesso in it to whiten it a little.  A little silver ribbon is tied up with a clasp pin and some tiny red bells and some script writing has been stamped sparingly. I cant believe how this challenge is really making me use 'stuff' especially stamps and dies!

I think this is my favourite so far. 
A neutral background with white holly leaves and a hit of red too. 
Over the grey diecut background is a transparency with white writing.
It has the little button tied up with twine and a ricrac trim behind.
Stamped the word 'joy'on a sizzix diecut journal block. And some diecut Christmas foliage down the bottom corner. 
I'm hoping to get some more done.  Halfway there!