Friday, 29 August 2014

Off the Rails and White with 1......

Weeeell, what a mad week its been workwise!  I swear I'm going cross-eyed with analysing paperwork!
  Soooo today, I kinda had a day off - and managed some scrapping!
Weeeeell didn't really have the whole day......but.... I certainly made the most of the time I did have!
Our French exchange student with Hannah and Paige....Cradle Mountain.
Sketch and Mood Board..... loved playing with this!  Got the colour going... and LOOK! Another patterned paper background I've used!   Getting better with using busy stuff :)
Black and white with this one..... and another busy background, but somehow it works!
Maelle (from France) and Paige hamming it up in front of our lighthouse

Find the challenge HERE
Oh to have this much energy, I don't know where the girls get it from!!!!
That's me for now.... need a good nights sleep!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #58

This time, Let's Get Shabby's Challenge is about 'WOOD'
However you'd like to interpret it...
I thought it would be fun to attempt a 'shabby' Project Life page and love how it turned out.
The wood grain background paper was a perfect fit for the photos.....
(check out the pink 'aura' around Meaghan's head???)


Hope you can join the challenge no matter the genre.... its just got to be a bit shabby!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Amiche de Scrap... PL Guest DT... #8

Love this challenge blog of Amiche di Scrap as it does actually encourage me to get my PL pages done!   The challenge is to do a Project Life page with some sort of hidden journaling...
Check out the details
You can see the hidden tag poking out...

Revealed a little more of the photos by cutting out the border and slipping the photos in behind..


Busy weekend here...
We've taken our French Exchange student to  'Stanley' for the day - they have climbed the 'Nut' (a big volcanic plug)

Then off to Boat Harbour beach....
with its white powder sand (when its dry)
They are fun girls!
Hannah has now come home for a week and we are currently at Cradle Mountain staying the night.  We've done a small walk today... and hopefully if the rain stays away we will do a bigger walk 'Dove Lake' tomorrow.  First up though will be a hearty breakfast!
Weeeeell, better get off this computer and join the dh and the three girls for the remainder  of the evening....
Hope whatever you are doing... you are having fun!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

DT for Unscripted Sketches......

A little while ago I happened upon the Unscripted Sketches  blog and their call for a new design team for  Project Life card styled sketches...
Weeeell, it just appealed straight away....
so I did the sketch on a little card and that sense of playing with scraps and also doing something that was going to be apart of my PL album just struck a cord!
So I sent it in for consideration and got the nod that I'm on the team (very BIG smile!)
Its just plain fun... a little PL card doesn't take long (pretty good from me being a painfully slow scrapper!) and strangely has it has a sense of accomplishment the same as a LO or card does.
I know.... I did say it was strange.... but for me true.  I really really love doing this!
SO....... here's what happened....

 The sketch:

DT Sketch #1
And the little card I made and sent in.... using left overs!
We will be using the weekly Unscripted Sketch to create specific Project Life style cards for our Project Life albums.
But you can make what ever you like from the sketch :-
flip it, rotate it… create a project life card, a scrapbook page, a card or anything your imagination comes up with! There is no right or wrong way, as long as you are using the Unscripted Sketch as the inspiration and basis of your creation!
So come and play!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Been Productive!

I'm back from working away, and did manage to get quite a bit of scrapping in of a night so am really glad I put together some homemade kits from Counterfeit Kit Challenges!!  (hello to visitors from Counterfeit Kit blog!!! *waving*)
First up is....
Talk about getting out of the comfort zone! I'm not sure what happened here, but the sketch was very sparce, YET,  I managed to use a very busy patterned background paper - soooooo not me!! I usually run from pattern paper!! (and I mean fast!!!)  Maybe I felt a need to fill this sketch??? so it's inspiration worked a treat if so!  And I love the result....maybe this might get me to use the fifty million pattern papers I have stashed away???? 


I found really appropriate text in print to tear out and use for Paige who has worked hard for her
Yr 12 midyear exams and also doing 1st yr uni for French as well....

Here's what can be drawn from the criteria... 
Colour and/or sketches....
What I like is that it can be loosely based on any of these above..
I decided to do a card - and started with the colour... but only got as far as the blue, sand, very light orange and green... so thinking thats okay...  moved onto the sketch... loved the thought of the dandelion and don't have that unity stamp (unfortunately) but wanted to be inspired by it, so came up with my tissue ones .... and then stamped dots with  the sentiment...
the cardstock I used already had very faint swirls on it, so I drew over them and highlighted them a bit more to make it look like stems and somewhat leaves.  And a along the bottom a torn strip of blue vellum.....
 I wanted it to look delicate....

The Unity Stamps used are:
'Distressed Dots'
'Art and Possibility'
Then afterwards....
                                          an afterthought....
I had a thought that I'd use the front of this card to go into Hannah's little antique 'Quote book'...
so have edited in this photo... cos it works a treat here....
it's nothing fussy, but plain and simple....and fits a treat!
Counterfeit Challenge LO #1
I was soooooo pleased to have this months kits with me while away... and managed to get this one finished also.   However, what a challenge!!!  ONE layer scrapping... the only way I think I could manage this is by doing project life!!  But not having any PL pockets with me... just did a 12x12 in a PL kind of a way  for Week 16 (oh my gosh I'm sooo far behind with this!)  so a great excuse to get another page done!   Did struggle though... and wanted to add more... but that's okay for PL... I think I added a butterfly.. and my alpha's otherwise it was stamping!
Scrap a card with two colours.... black and white...
Ohh... just what I love!
Did some stamping of leaves, as well as cut out some too.
And last by certainly not by least is
Found this wonderful quote for 'Evoke' and perfect for another page in Hannah's Quote book...
and because I loved using the blue tissue so much before, I saw the orange and went with that too!
So, with some gesso, orange tissue paper, a couple of square brads, green washi and a mix of alpa's... this happened....
 oh.... need to pop this in too....
This prize came from 'Flourish with a Bling'
(plus I added a little to it) but how cool ....
The ladies there are just lovely people to deal with... so thanks soooo much!

 AND..... don't forget to join into the
 challenge at
Amiche di Scraps for you PL page/s!!
There's a prize!

Yay, you got to the bottom!!
I know, it was a lot!
Busy times today.... Paige is comes home from Melbourne (she's been away all weekend on a Christian leadership camp)  Revolving doors here, I come home, and she goes!
We get another French exchange student arriving tonight too. 
So no doubt will also show up in my scrapping shortly.
Better go get some bedrooms ready!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Amiche di Scraps LO #10 and August Counterfeit Kits

I've been trying to squeeze in some organisation here....
1.   I really wanted to do
 as I loved the criteria of 'hand-writing' 
Soooooo, here it is.....
Meaghan sent me this lovely photo of her taken this morning in New Zealand where she now lives.....  and had the urge to scrap it straight away - Amiche's criteria was perfect!!!
Got drippage going both ways... and flipped sideways these 'lines' inevitably became the lines to journal upon.

Anyway..... onto the other reasons for my 'getting organised'.....
Love this blog because the one thing it does is make me rummage through my stash and remind me what I've got and some of what I've got is OLD but incredibly useful!
I had a ball.... the kit and add-ons being counterfeited are from Studio Calico...
Check HERE for the full run-down and links
This is the card kit.... (there are others)but I really like this... and as usual,
I got stuck on the colours ......
coral, blues and yellows
So here's No 1, No 2 and No 3....
there's more....
and my reason.....
3.  I'm off to Melbourne and catch a plane out tomorrow for work... so these kits will give me something to do in my hotel room at night! 
And....  while looking at the add-ons...
 this caught my eye....
yeah.... black and white....  and its appealing!
so here's my black and white part of the kit....
Hmmn, it looks bigger set out here than what it does all squared away in a 12x12 plasic Ziploc bag!
I thought that having these basics would cover all basis with the coral, blue and yellows when it came to scrapping - especially away from home....
And for a little practice,
I completed the Amiche LO challenge (first picture above) just from my plastic bags!  (though I did cheat and grabbed some drippage stuff and used my bigshot for butterflies!
 LOL... no doing that while I'm away!
I'll be checking in from time to time and will be back on Thursday night...
In the meantime here at home, dh and Paige will hold down the fort, look after kitty and birds,
Paige has her Year 12 mid year exams  this week too...
lots going on!


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

White with 1 (Duck Egg) and Off the Rail's July Challenge...

Cutting this fine with deadlines, though left late I've really enjoyed creating with both these challenges and their respective criteria.
WW1's colour is 'Duck Egg'
Just LOVE this colour!
Sewing machine got quite a run with this too!

Managed to photograph it fairly true to colour in this horrible weather we are having.....

ww1 duck egg (2014_02_27 18_51_06 UTC)


Here's something completely different from me....
clean lines!!
(Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell as clean as you'll get from a shabby scrapper!!!)
I've got to say, Off the Rails certainly brought me out of my comfort zone
  with this mood palette:
By this afternoon, the weather had deteriorated so much that the light was totally awful to photograph with,  so did my best.....
Paige practicing for dance comps.....

I love the middle photo of her dress completely billowed (not great line of legs as they were going very fast with spinning trying to conquer the awkward foot positioning of the dance- something she was working on to get right before competing - and she did! Lets say she got very frustrated with herself at times)
She won!