Wednesday, 25 November 2009


First of all, I havent been able to blog for a couple of weeks!! This non-scrapping/blogging time is killing me!! Sad sad sad, but life gets in the way especially with my work. I've been on planes, making deadlines, and working some dreadfully long long hours sometimes into the wee small hours of the morning. This is going to be the way until the 5th of December is over and then its HAPPY HOLIDAY time for me!! I cant wait! I'll be able to scrap freely(I'm missing entering my fav challenges!), blog and bloghop (I miss you all!!!) and sort my house out for Christmas!!
In the meantime 'LET'S GET SHABBY' has just revealed Challenge Six!!!
Its all about creating an inspiring project....
Here's my DT sample - A Wall Hanging What a lot of fun!!! Oooh who doesnt love 3-D!!!!
Last Christmas Shimano sent me a lovely Xmas Rak (just because -bless her) of a little cardboard kit to build a Xmas village where the buildings stand alone. But instead of building a village, I've drawn inspiration from it and created this wall-hanging and added my papers and embellishments. The green bead-trim, trim on the roof-line (which I've inked red) and the two little centre pine-trees came from the kit too. Though it doesnt look anything like what it was originally intended - I love how this has turned out and the process was sooooo much fun!!!
Now pop on over here to check out 'Let's Get Shabby' Challenge Six, the DT creations, Sponsor and Prize!
I promise I'll get out and about after the 5th December.......I'm just a bit overwhelmed atm.
PS:Ooooh and thanks Michelle for your lovely comment - I miss you too!!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Here's the latest sketch from Creative Scrappers. I love the elements in this sketch. I've used some gorgeous bits and pieces from Ruby Street and created the 'circle' shape with masking chipboard and spraying Glimmermist. The pics are Hannah enjoying a day out on a lake boat. It was magic. She just 'becomes' nature when we are amongst it. Its a joy to watch her.
Check out the inspiration.
I loved the pic they've used!! The colours are amazing. The patterns are ancient. There had to be masking involved as well. This is Meaghan amongs some decorative ruins in Turkey.

In costume - Paige as 'Alice' in Alice in Wonderland. This is the first official photo. So with that in mind I was sooooo pleased when these (below) turned up today...........

11TH NOV PHOTO Ooooooh oooooh oooooh!! A scrappers dream for the photos that are going to come!!! Arent they just PERFECT! I was just soooo thrilled when I stumbled upon ------

Pinkcherrymama's blog and her fabulous etsy
And I won a rak from her blog!! Double YAY!!!

Monday, 9 November 2009




Would you like to win one of these two raks?? Go see the here!!

Dont you just love Christmas!! I cant believe that its speeding up sooo fast! I have a wonderful memory of the smell of pine! The days of real Christmas trees. It takes me right back to childhood days. I smell pine and I see tinsel in my mindseye with presents packed around the base of the tree. I miss that..............sigh. (mine are the ones with the black reigndeer) We still have a couple of cards on their way to us to add to these. . . .

Check out the song this week! Lots of scrappable lyrics!! I love this pic of Hannah that Paige took - check out the reflection she caught in the photo! This was taken bushwalking at one of our most fav places Cradle Mountain. . . .
9th NOV 09 A day spent at the studio - with my fav friend artist - she is incredible, to get such large perspective right - its a little more than LO size of 12x12!!! These are the beginnings of the backdrops for Alice in Wonderland. . .

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Check out the challenge here! There are two fab LO's to lift! I chose Ann-Marie's, it was probably because I knew it would challenge me.....and YES it certainly did!! I STRUGGLED! I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with it, but I am happy with the journey of having to find the elements in her LO that I needed to meet! Thats the 'growing' part for me!
I try to see every movement/section within a layout and interpret it creatively iykwim? . . GOT MOJO It's all about what therapy is best to suit you to relax and de-stress.....and PAINT!! Oh how I love paint!! I was whipping paint onto those stamps of mine and bang down on the page it went!! Its higglety-pigglety - just how I like it!! No clean cut lines here! Put me on the beach anytime - and I'll can feel every muscle in my body go calm. There's something in the warmth of a sea breeze and the smell of the ocean. Check the challenge out here . . METHOD PLAYGROUND This is the first time I've played along - and I really loved the challenge of finding a page from a magazine and using the design to form a LO. This was a bit different for me and it took AGES to find just the right subject to use!! . . 6TH NOV PHOTO Nothing much happing for outside today mores the pity, I have too much preparation for rehearsals to do for tomorrow (sigh). Look at our beautiful weather!! This was just a little keyhole out to sea with a honey-suckle/cottage rose frame.
7TH NOV PHOTO Last night I had a mess everywhere!! Look at this entanglement!!
Time to tidy up!!


8TH NOV PHOTO These big monster Humpback Whales have been gracing our waters lately. I get to play with my binoculars from my veranda, sit and marvel for ages at these creatures breach and splashdown! I swear its a competition to see which one can do the biggest belly/back/side flop to cause the biggest splash!! Arent their tummies so texturised that it makes you want to reach and and touch it!! It's so lucky here also that all the boats leave them alone, and let them play. I feel so blessed to see such creatures.



Friday, 6 November 2009


I stumbled across a fab sketch on Gladie's blog - only to find out that she created it for Creative Scrappers - first time I've seen this Challenge site. So went and had a look-see and wow talk about fab!!! I was definitely inspired!!! Check out the GDt too!! So this above was the result!! I really love how the LO turned out of gorgeous Hannah! .
. 5TH NOV PHOTO Thanks so much to Brigette for this lovely lovely card!!!
Isnt it beautiful!! .
Here are my one worded answers heehee....

1. Where is your phone? Handbag 2. Your hair? Brown 3. Your mother? Creative 4. Your father? Lovable 5. Your fav food? Italian 6. Your dream last night? Bizarre 7. Your fav drink? Tea 8. Your dream/goal? Retire 9. What room are you in? Study 10. Your hobby? Scrapbooking 11. Your fears? Loss 12. Where you want to be in 6 years? Holidaying 13. Where you were last night? Rehearsals 14. Something that you aren't? Mathematical 15. Muffins? Blueberry 16. Wish list item? Kitchen 17. Where did you grow up? Vic,Qld,Nsw, Tas (how do you put that in one word???) 18. Last thing you did? Washing 19. What you are wearing? trackies

20. Your TV? Constantly 21. Your pets? cats 22. Friends? Fabulous 23. Your life? BUSY 24. Your mood? Overwhelmed 25. Missing somebody? Always 26. Vehicle? Lancer 27. Something your not wearing? make-up 28. Your fav store? Ruby St! 29. Your fav colour? green 30. Last time you laughed? yesterday 31. Last time you cried? ???? 32. Your best friend? always 33. One place you want to go over and over? garden 34. One person who emails regularly? Julie 35. Fav place to eat? Home



And if you want to know how Julie made this lovely, then head on over to 'LET'S GET SHABBY' and see how!!

Totally fabulous!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


It's all about favourite vacations over at
One of our favourite times for us three girls is riding along the beach when on holidays.
Its just great to get some 'us' time together in our very busy life.
Its a favourite time.
I'd love you to join me because this is about my favourite book childhood book 'The Secret Garden' I'd just LOVE to see what you can do with this challenge!!! Let me see your names turn up!! LOL (no pressure!!!) hee hee!! You can find the challenge criteria here (big smile) . . . RUBY STREET A little bit of Halloween at Ruby Street!! I had such a privilege to work with one of the 'Those Doris Days' lovelies! And a little birdy tells me that there's some updating going on this weekend!! Blacky served as a wonderful subject for this little booklet FULL of perfect go-togethers!!
'I see a bird'!! LOL - that's as far as the drama goes for our 17yr old!
Then he'll sit back down! It's written all over his face 'nah, cant be bothered'
He's gone really really deaf lately. .
Paige highlighting her times for when she has to be at 'Oliver' rehearsals.
We are just tooo busy!! Bring on Christmas!! ------------------------------
Ooooh yes.........and I was a 'grinner' at AUSSIE SCRAPJACKED
with this LO of Jonathon!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


The challenge this week is a TV theme song 'Happy Days'!! Very scrappable!
This is a fun LO of a pic catching of my mother (in her 70's!!) skipping into the water!! Having a laugh and a joke. What you dont see is that another group of her friends are standing a little off to the right laughing as well! (couldnt put their faces in though) but what a priceless photo! The whole lot of them (dolly ladies as they are referred to - create reproduction porcelain dolls) paddled around with trousers rolled up and skirts hitched! Oh and I used a couple of the pieces Petra and Chris sent me (for my prize in TAAFOMFT) just as finishing touches!!! Cant wait to use more of these goodies!!!
ADTHIS Check out the challenge here. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one. I just cut out some elements, and substituted some of the shapes and lines from the ad and moved them around until the LO just fell into place. That was an interesting process! .

2 NOV PHOTO Jobs needing doing!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Wow....two posts in one day!! Life is busy!!
Head on over to 'What Is Old Is New' to check out the new November sketch!!
I really love this one! There are some fabulous prizes to be won!!!
And while you are there.....check out the new kits !!!


And I just have to show you this photo of my two girls sing duet today in concert!Soooooo proud and just beautiful tones!!!

A sneaky photo grab!! So couldnt help the quality!!

LOL Julie T-W !!! They were singing 'My Favourite Things' here!!!


Charmane from 123 Challenge had a brainwave - since she is on the Creative Team at Stuck?! Sketches she thought she could combine 'Stuck? Sketch' with the 123 Challenge'
SOOOO..... the criteria is:
1. Use a November Stuck?! Sketch {there are two- 1 uploaded on the 1st, and 2nd one on the 15th} 2. Use a baby/pregnancy photo {seeing as Sara (from Stuck?) and Charmane just have had bubs!} 3. Use a diecut on your layout Email your layout to : and make sure you join and upload your layout to 'Stuck?Sketches' too!
This way you can with double the prizes!!
Here's my CT example
Baptism day May 1997
Loook at those stunningly gorgeous smorgeous vingtage doilies from Ruby Street!!
I just cant get enough of them!!! Look how precious they've made this LO!! Here's a direct link to the doilies!
Happy birthday for Mum too for the 31st Yes on Halloween!

31st OCT PHOTOPaige posing with the 'Mad Hatter'!!