Friday, 6 September 2013

Project Life Weeks 20 and 21

Just a couple of Project Life pages...
I'm trying to catchup.... LOL only 16 more pages to get up to date!!
I'll do it!
I've found when going through my photos to get a weekly page together that the focus seems to be on Paige more than Hannah or the rest of the family.
She seems to be the happiest to be photographed,  Hannah not so much, but looking at this, I think a little encouragement for a photograph from Hannah more often would be a good thing. 
Do you ever find that suddenly you have more photos of one child more than the others?  Especially when that one child is much more outgoing and therefore is proned to be before a camera with a flash of a smile!  Hmmmmn.....

Now that there are quite a few more pages in my album, its already wonderful to look through to remember the year by.   Loving my Project Life... something I thought I'd never be interested in!
Just gotta get into my Travel album now!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks fabulous! LOVING the photos!!!!

sandi said...

Fabulous pages! Both look great! So eye-catching!

Julie said...

great pages missy