Monday, 29 October 2012

Five Nasty Stitches

Typing with one hand is awkward after trying to catch a falling glass which broke on its descent before hitting the floor
As quick as I tried to move my hand out of the way (in that small moment when time freezes and you know its not going to be good) the glass hit the corner of the benchtop, shattered, and the very reflexes that tried to save it, were not quick enough to get out of the way and double back.
Luckily I had a friend coming for morning tea, and turned up on cue with me greeting her at the door with my hand wrapped in a bloody tea-towel.
So in her car we hopped
Here's the pic of the bandaged hand
and a warning to CLICK OFF now if you are squeamish so you dont see the second photo which is the stitches  (dont want to urk anyone out)
I had 4 needles to deaden it, the second needle was excruciating and was relieved when it started to work.

A nasty mess at the base of my thumb
How on earth am I going to scrapbook!!
And its my right hand too!!
Oh boy... funny how a day starts out  and can completely change somewhere in the middle
And my lovely friend who is also my art teacher - morning tea turned into lunch after the ordeal was over and we got back to my house, with her making our lunches and washing and drying up before she went home.
So glad she was there.
**** Edited in****
One week later

Nine days later - stitches out


Deb said...


Lizzyc said...

Oh no.... I hope it mends quickly for you... and if you cant scrap, then how about just blog hopping and getting some ideas for when the hand is good to go again!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OUCH!!!!! feel better soon!!!!

Julie said...

Ouch Mandy. Glad that is you not me. Hope that it heals up ok.

sandi said...

Hope that heal quickly! Glad to hear you had a nice lunch!

Melissa said...

Oh darlin, that looks so very sore and tender.Thank goodness you had your friend coming over, so she could be some support for you at such a shock.I wish you a very speedy healing process so you can be scrapping to your hearts content really soon.xx Mel

CorinneD. said...

I hope you fell better soon...
Hugs from france!

Julia said...

oh Mandy! Thanks looks very painful {{hugs}} I am so glad your friend/
art teacher arrived and was able to help you out!

Daniella said...

Looks Nasty Mandy :(
Hope it heals quick so you can back to scrapping!!! xxxooo

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh Mandy!!..that looks painful!
Wishing you a speedy healing recovery!! x x

Maya Oren-Dahan said...

Oh, you poor thing! My husband has very similar injury. I wish you a quick recovery! Take it easy!

S said...

Oowwch!! I hope that it heals quickly and you can get back to scrappy and everything else handy soon!

Monique said...

Ouch Mandy, that looks nasty. Hope it is healing well xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Yurrrukkkkkkk.....was VERY good your friend was on the doorstep. Looks like it's healed really, really well. All that good fresh tassy air!!!!