Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Creating Dresses.... a Look Back into Past Creations...

This is what I LOVE to do... create a scene... an idea....
I've looked back on some of the dresses and backgrounds I've created in the past and decided to pool them together in one post.
So here is some of my collection....

Using Tea-bags with their strings......

ended up getting rid of the yellow tags.


.... with little print from a vintage romance novel both using the print in the usual torn out fashion and gluing it into the background and peeling it away.
This photo was Hannah jumping off a rock at the beach... adding a skirt and wings... changed the whole idea...
 An Evening Out...
Dress is made from tissue paper....with a splash of silver paint and gemstones
I've used a vintage Music score cover for my background then set about fashioning a dress in mists and music paper.


Here's how to make of one of the dresses:
Cut out the skirt shape from music paper and crease

Do the same for the underskirt (I've used my handmade paper)

Glue skirts together and glue on the front of a waist band

Using a little rose petal as a bodice, glue to the inside of the band

Wrap around and glue the waistband to the back

Using this little feather..... make the shoulder straps

Loop the little feather to make some shoulder straps each side of the bodice
and adhere to the the back.

Add some trim around the waist just to finish it off!!
Here's a bit of a tutorial on how to make a paper dress onto a mannequin ...
I've had a bit of a play here with orange....Image

Find a mannequin either in your stash or on the net and cut it out - or be clever enough to draw one - cut out of cardboard though - it just stabilises it a bit more
Cut out the desired length of the skirt, spray with water first though (its easier to fold that way) and pleat :wink:

. Glue your pleated skirt to the mannequin

Now its time to add the bodice - easy enough to wrap a strip around the bust of the manequin (I sprayed the paper with water first so it would adjust around the shape better. Glue it on
I cut a flower shape from this paper, you could use anything from cutouts, to actual flowers, or just a strip of paper, fabric... be creative - there are SO many options limited only by your imagination!
Here  I've placed a crease in the flower cut-out, so it fits nicely on the waist

And bind some embroidery thread around it to give the waistline some definition

Finish the little dress off with a lovely big button -  and a little bow.
The background is the front cover of a music score.

The use of paper cut out dress forms draped with gauze

 I've  drawn and painted (watercolour pastels) the gumnut blossoms and leaves then cut out


Here's a Tutu covered in Prima flowers! 
Its hard to photograph without a body being in it filling it out so the stretched satin is skin tight!
Never mind..... a little pillow stuffed inside has to do!!



 It's great to group together a genre... from over time.. its been fun.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are sooooooooooooo amazing!! I love love love the flowers on the costumes!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Its funny, if someone had asked me what you mostly scrap, I would NOT have said dresses! I would have said windows, or doors....just shows how wrong you can be....loved this post. So lovely and girly:):):) TFS:)

Peg Hewitt said...

I've seen a few of these before but most are new to me, I am blown away by your talent, awesome collection of work Mandy!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, Mandy!! You are just so amazing!! I love this post! You have made so many fantastic dress forms...how fun to see them all together and to learn a few of your techniques. I just love how you build upon a photo to create a new scene. Love everything you do!

sandi said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of these are fantastic! Such a beautiful array of dresses! Really enjoyed looking at all of these together!

Gayle Price said...

How beautiful and how creative you are Mandy !!! I love all your dresses, but especially the first with the doilies. What an amazing collection, so good to see them all together. Happy 2014 to you too ! I'm looking forward to seeing more. xx

Lizzyc said...

Thanks for sharing again.. these dresses are all amazing, different styles and decorated so wonderfully.. love each one.. and your arty page is fabulous too..

Shirley Pando said...

I am visiting from CJS 2014. Your dresses are amazing! I love how tactile they are. You've done an amazing job. Love the doily dresses! :-)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

A pretty post with all those pretty dresses!

Julene Matthews said...

Oh Mandy these are all gorgeous.I love all those clever ideas and might have to scraplift the idea.

Julie said...

Wow Missy these are just gorgeous.

Leeann Pearce said...

OMG.... how totally awesome mandy... wow they are all amazing. so totally inspiring..thanks!

S said...

I add my "wow" to all the others. Love the dresses - the "irrestible" one is my favorite. You are a talent.