Monday, 3 February 2014

Creative Jumpstart 2014 - Mixed Media 'Tea-House'

This is another project that started out not knowing where it would end up.
I love the bright paint of reds, yellows and white against the dark background
This is definitely my most FAVOURITE project I've done for CJS14!
There's no way I would have done this without the inspiration there! 

 At first it was just using left-over paint from the previous  mono-print LO I'd done with the garbage bag, so that's how this Beijing LO began....
And used the reel of a sticky-tape roll and corrugated cardboard to print with... from Ronda Palazzari's  tutorial of using household objects.
 The colours remind me of China - , hmmn.. .. could be a glimpse of fireworks.... or dragons... or city lights found the perfect photo - a little tea-house we visited.  Our time there was fabulous and we leant so much in that little building..
The one thing I didn't like about the photo is the way the fence and boom-gate were cut off...

So fixed that by extending it past the photo
Just needed a little green to balance the LO out.. and have had this Chinese paper for years so worked a treat!


As there are a heap of  wonderful sponsors, we can enter under any of them if we are inspired by a tutorial using a household good/s of one of the fabulous tutors.  Many thanks to Ronda Palazzari
I'm going to pop this under
I didn't have any of  Luminarte products, but I'm sure going to source them out after learning so much about them

all a part of


Lizzy Hill said...

STUNNING...perfect colours & sort of textures for the Tea House in CHina...gotta love your title too!! Looks like JumpStart is certainly inspiring you:):)

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, wow! This is amazing, Mandy! What fun techniques you used here! Love the stamping using household objects and really LOVE how you extend and incorporate your photos right into the surroundings! This is awesome!

sandi said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE what you've done here!

nanou navarro said...

I love how you create your page and how you incorpored your image
good luck for the giveaway

Nathalie Kalbach said...

wonderful. love it. great entry for the Luminarte giveway and thanks for being part of CJS2014!

S said...

Oh I like this. I can't point to any particular design reason why - it just pleases my eye. Well done.

Darlene K Campbell said...

What is your substrate? Is that cardboard. I love this one too. I think Nathalie should've given you a prize for the most completed projects.