Friday, 1 November 2013

Get Creative, Our Beautiful World, aaaand Let's December Daily!!!

There is a lot going on in the post today...
getting creative is a wonderful escape .
First of all, thank-you for your lovely comments on the sad passing of my dh's sister.
We appreciated each and every one of them.

I hope I remember all my bits I want to add in here today.
First up are my cards....
I've played along with
Get Creative's Month of Cards...
Yes, I know I've said it before.....'I'm no Cardie'  (weeell I have a go)
and at the end of the day, its been fabulous to get some cards in my stash again...
So thank-you Get Creative for the push!
I've completed all of the card challenges and even have created some bits I normally wouldn't have thought about by using the criteria given.
Rania's Challenge - Paper Piecing
(weeeeeeeell, this is basic... cos I've not had a lot of experience doing that before! Nevertheless, was a bit of fun)

Marie's Challenge - using heart/s
Here is some sequins under velum... and a 19 (for Hannah's birthday in a couple of months time)
Really love a bit of a blackboard look... but thinking maybe its looks a bit tooooo 'handmade'.  Nah, nevermind, she will love it anyways...
Puccarina's Challenge - to draw or handwrite
Loved to do this... and drew a simple feather with a little bit of colour

Eudokia's Challenge - a Christmas Card...
This is starting early!  A felt deer, some sparkly bits..and a red nose!
All cards finished!
Oooh and received my parcel too from England.... with my prize from
Its fabulous and so much more than I thought it would be, and couldn't believe how much were in each packet!
I'm thinking this might be perfect for my Winter Snow Cradle Mountain Pics (maybe??)
It might have been a great Dec Daily - but I've got that sorted (will share later!)
Whatever it turns out to be - just the products alone are motivating.
BoBunny Misc Me - Zip-A-Dee-Doodle
Thanks so much!
We don't tend to celebrate Halloween here, however, Paige was in Europe at Disneyland... and lookie here at this great shot!!
LOL - really scrappable too!
Check it out here
Now to our BIG news.....
Today 'Let's December Daily' Blog opens...
Its been something we've lined up for a while now (we??? - you need to pop over there to see who the others are! (big smile)
and weeeeeeeeeell, we just plain love December Daily-ing!
We hope our new blog which will be seasonal will be interactive and a sharing of ideas and inspiration...
Here's a little sneaky-peeky at some to the products I might be using in
this years December Daily
Become a follower too!!!


Lizzyc said...

Lots to see on this post.. love your cards.. they all look great.. love the photo of your DD.. and have fun with the december daily.. I hope to see what you get up to!

Ros Crawford said...

I love your cards!! Each one is a beauty ... and what a fabulous shot for the prompt! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your cards!! They are all gorgeous!! And loving that CUTE Halloween photo!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, what a great post, Mandy! So much going on! I'm really excited to see your adventure with this new December Daily blog, and I love that Halloween photo you shared. And your cards are just amazing! Love your paper pieced trees and love that stitched vellum heart. Absolutely adore your hand-drawn feather, too! Wow, totally amazing!

Unknown said...

Oh wow amazing picture what a great shot over at Disney!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at our beautiful world!

Shahrul Niza said...

That's a fun photo of Halloween-scene :). I LOVE your cards too, what dya mean basic?. It's sweet!. Thank you for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!:).

Rania K. said...

I don;t know about your paper piecing experience....but your card is absolutely amazing! Thanks for palying with us at Get Creative this month! Hugs from Greece!

Lizzy Hill said...

You HAVE been your cards - such fun...the feather one is my favest....& great pic, too...& what a YUMMY'll have fun with that:):):)

dawn said...

Hello Mandy!! I just love when you share fun into one post. I did miss on hearing about your husband's sister. I'm so sorry to hear she passed. Sending you all a big hug and prayers.

WOW, your cards are amazing again, you are a natural. The first one is my favorite because of my love for trees. They all look great for the prompts they had.

WOW, what a great Halloween picture this is. I love little perfect picture taking places like this. I bet she enjoyed it! I've wanted to be in Disney for Halloween too.

Oh my now I will have to go see about this DD blog you have created. I'm choosing not to do one this year, the stress and time got to me last year and it's still sitting here unfinished. Will still take a peek though and look forward to seeing yours.

Thank you for the visit on my blog. Glad to share another mandala with you. Hope to have one again on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Beautiful cards Mandy! And love your shot for OBW with the Jacks. Thank you for sharing with us at OBW!
Congrats on winning that prize by the way, you're one lucky girl there :) And wishing you a lot of fun with the December Daily too.
Hugs, Wendy

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the passing of your sisters husband and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. For someone who isnt a cardie ( you really should stop saying that ) these are amazing each one so unique I love the handmade feel of the heart card and how you used the vellum INSPIRATIONAL ! Thanks so much for joining us at Get Creative and taking part in all of the challenges. Wishing you every success with your new venture.


eudokia said...

i love all your cards!!especially the Christmas card is gorgeous!i love all the details!!
off to visit december daily blog!
thank you so much for joining us at gc!!

yyam said...

Ooooh...these are awesome cards Mandy! You're a natural!

Your prize package looks yummy.

puccarina said...

I loved all your cards! They are all so beautiful and the feather to the card of my challenge is a piece of art! Thank you so much for playing along with me :) and get creative!