Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Hannah bought a House!

Yes, that's right!
So much has happened this week!
First Meaghan finally completed her MBA and she's done with study for a looooong time
(so she says! LOL!  )
And Hannah got the keys to her new house today!
She's so excited, she has done it all by herself!
Walking up the steps with the keys in her hand and opening the door for the first time! 
Its an older very solid lovely home not needing any work other than her own  personal taste. 
It has the most beautiful cottage garden, with loads of vegetable garden and fruit trees out the back.
Tomorrow, the painting starts, new carpet to arrive soon after, but those beautiful blackwood floor boards will still shine in quite a few rooms and hallway.
Paige has arrived from Hobart, and Meaghan arrives from Queensland on Friday so all the girls will rally together and get Hannah's house organised.
Best thing... the house is only a street away from mine :)
And Hannah can walk to her work at the State Library.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Guess What! I have a Kitty!

I have a new kitty! 
It's been one long year since Blackie passed away and I really haven't been wanting to get another cat until lately.  A couple of weeks ago, I just got this really big urge to start looking for a cat that would suit me and of course Maggie our Cockatiel.
(And one that would not make it her/his life's goal of wanting to murder Maggie!) 
I nearly drove my dh mad!
 So for sure my kitty going to be a rescue cat and not a kitten because adult cats are the hardest to find their forever homes. 

Off Hannah and I went to our local Shelter
 (where they desex, microchip, worm, give them their needles and de-flea etc etc).
Sure enough, there she was - a little tuxedo mummy kitty who had just seen the last of her five kittens go.  She looked so sad, shy and tiny. 
(Tiny to me after my very big framed black cat!)  

There was something about her that said she didn't really care about birds.  They said she didn't have any interest in playing with the long stick and string with the feathers on the end of it which every other cat loved to play with. This was a really good clue that Maggie might just well be safe!

  Anyway, she just nuzzled into me and that was that!

She's about 2yrs old, and her name is Yassi.
She is gaining confidence and settling in really well. 

And Maggie? 
She throws a threatening 'stink-eye'

But Yassi......She couldn't care less!