Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Let's Get Shabby #52/ The Rescue Baby Bird / Our Beautiful World #35

Oh gosh, I'm sure you all think I've run away!  
Its been the longest I think ever not posting here on my blog.
But, its been incredibly busy with the end of Summer, starting back to work, getting kids to school, making sure Hannah is settled in her new home where she studies etc etc... and choreographing for 'Oklahoma' musical which has turned out much bigger than expected - time-wise.
And the return for the year of
and its a fabulous one - don't you just LOVE this beautiful vintage Audrey Hepburn poster to be interpreted any way you would like....
Weeeeeell, it just had to be another 'dress form' for me!! hee hee....
I used the poster as a sketch,   re-created the pose and skirt.   Loved the 'leaf' motif on the wall in the poster, and imposed leaves in multiple places in my layout
Gluing in white petals and a few leaves for the skirt....
Hope you can join in HERE
Hope to see you there!
A Rescue...
We have an enormous Palm tree in our front garden... and a week and a half ago, my dh found a little sparrow chick down the bottom of the trunk... it had fallen out of its nest.  There was no way of getting it back up there - or which of the many nests to put it back into...
Soooooooo I couldn't leave it there for the feral cats to eat - just couldn't...
I'm toooo soft!
So in it came...
I fathomed it was about 9-10 days old... and does have a sore leg/foot probably from the fall
(funny little creature- nothing cute about it!)
17th February

So fed it every hour and kept it warm
and three days later looked like this.....
One would hope it grows into it's beak and feet!
(the sore leg is getting better)
20th February

24th February....
It likes its little cane nest.. and does little flutter to get to its perch now, though the leg is not fully healed which doesn't help with landing.

Look how many feathers it has grown over the last five days since the 20th!
Looking much cuter!


Its seems a happy little soul. And tries its hardest to get up on my shoulder.
 What do you think it is?
Boy or Girl?
I'm thinking 'probably a boy?
Time will tell when the colouring appears stronger- that's if its going to at all.
We've called it 'Chirp'
 (its quite vocal!)

I won it!  I was so pleased!!
With this
So happy!!!
Here's my prize.....
How exciting!  Love these stamps!
The word is
I couldn't go past using this one of
Look at those soft fluffy feathery-features....


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Last Creative Jumpstart 14 Project... The Cover Page for My 2014 Project Life Album

I've got to the end of creating within the realms of Creative Jumpstart 2014 and completed each one of the challenges/ideas/giveaways, although what I've been challenged to do, will stay with me  for sure....
This started out as a dumping page for the excess ink I had left in my colander from my last project.

Did spray the inside of the colander with water to make it a bit more 'drippy'
Still didn't know what I'd do with this yet

Had some extra paper with some more dumped excess paint from various things.. so punched out some shapes which became interesting!

Aaaah the use of a household product...
Nathalie Kalbach (who runs Creative Jumpstart) gave the idea of different patterns with wrapping rubber bands around cardboard and using them like a stamp - cool idea!
This is just one rubber band...

loaded with paint...

gives a large zigzag effect - kinda representative of sewing!

The circles became 'round-about' like.. and I knew then it would be the cover page for my Project Life Journal!
As there are a heap of  wonderful sponsors, we can enter under any of them if we are inspired by a tutorial using a household good/s of one of the fabulous tutors.  Many thanks to Nathalie's idea
I'm going to pop this under
 It worked well and while I haven't had a kit from the fabulous Cocoa Daisy.. the Project Life products in the kit sure does resonate with my cover page!

all a part of

Creative Jumpstart 2014 - Two Black Cats/ Paige's Last First Day of School - Yr 12...

Absolutely loved the very thought of beginning this LO.
And again, it was a process of starting without a thought about how it was going to finish
Birgit Koopsen introduced us at Creative Jumpstart 2014 to spraying through the plastic top of a juicer (one you do by hand when squeezing oranges etc)... I didn't have one, so went with a plastic colander instead and it gave a wonderful look (lol, plus left a black dye cast in it - oh well... probably  will now live in my scrap stash - and will buy a new one for the kitchen! 

Leaves a cool impression doesn't it!

The paint down the left side is left over from where I've squeezed out paint to press alpha stamps into etc then pressed the left over paint on the black plastic into a spare piece of cardstock for  use 'later'. 
So what to need more definition.. so started to draw little white squares...

 And little black squares too.....

Next some sort of 'framing' or definition for the LO needed to be experimented....
So the red became the picture....

Yep, time to look for a subject????
I often get quizzical looks at the thought of picking the photos last... but... when you think of the trillions of photos we all have now... there has got to be something....right??!!
LOL - and there was...
My big re-educated ex-feral Blacky, meets... tiny feral that visits our back yard...
these were only taken yesterday.... Blacky leaves the backdoor looking in a completely different direction to the little feral... Blacky barely ever leaves the security of the house (I think he thinks he might be thrust back into his former feral life forever if he does)
Had to do the fussy cutting (these pics are tiny in real life!)

Blacky did notice, but chose to ignore, but the little feral started after him...

Feeling closed in on... Blacky turned suddenly and spat and hissed (he is three times larger than the little feral).  The little feral didn't back away and the last thing I wanted was a scratch or bite mark on Blacky to become infected (he is in his mid-teens according to vet) so I clapped my hands...and the little feral went over a fence, and Blacky ran inside - probably never to go out again - he is such a scaredy-cat - typical of the 'flight or fight'.

The red feels like the anger - the fight...
The result of the masking and little squares  represents the sink hole into the feral world..

As there are a heap of  wonderful sponsors, we can enter under any of them if we are inspired by a tutorial using a household good/s of one of the fabulous tutors.  Many thanks to Birgit Koopsen's idea
I'm going to pop this under
I surprisingly didn't have any of  darkroom door products when looking through my stash.. don't know why as they are fabulous!!!

all a part of
Paige's LAST first day at school 
 Yr 12...

Boy are there some changes in our house..
Meagahan leaves to go back to UK today,
Hannah leaves tomorrow to live where she will study
and Paige enters her last year at college..
The nest is emptying...
(sniff, sniff)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Creative Jumpstart 2014 - Mixed Media 'Tea-House'

This is another project that started out not knowing where it would end up.
I love the bright paint of reds, yellows and white against the dark background
This is definitely my most FAVOURITE project I've done for CJS14!
There's no way I would have done this without the inspiration there! 

 At first it was just using left-over paint from the previous  mono-print LO I'd done with the garbage bag, so that's how this Beijing LO began....
And used the reel of a sticky-tape roll and corrugated cardboard to print with... from Ronda Palazzari's  tutorial of using household objects.
 The colours remind me of China - , hmmn.. .. could be a glimpse of fireworks.... or dragons... or city lights found the perfect photo - a little tea-house we visited.  Our time there was fabulous and we leant so much in that little building..
The one thing I didn't like about the photo is the way the fence and boom-gate were cut off...

So fixed that by extending it past the photo
Just needed a little green to balance the LO out.. and have had this Chinese paper for years so worked a treat!


As there are a heap of  wonderful sponsors, we can enter under any of them if we are inspired by a tutorial using a household good/s of one of the fabulous tutors.  Many thanks to Ronda Palazzari
I'm going to pop this under
I didn't have any of  Luminarte products, but I'm sure going to source them out after learning so much about them

all a part of