Thursday, 26 December 2019


To my blogger friends.

We celebrated Christmas morning at Hannah’s house
(Without poor dh who had been struck down with shocking flu :( )
We still went ahead with our Christmas photos

And introducing Paige’s significant other Angus who has fit into our family beautifully :)
Then it was the usual, up the farm for lunch with dh’s family and onto the drive down south with dinner with mine.
I hope you all have had a wonderful day!!


Sunday, 27 October 2019

Cat Lovers Hop Day 6 (part 2)

Just sneaking in a little extra post!!
2019 Cat Lovers Hop
Yesterday, I had the whole day to myself, and with my Flow Book for Paper Crafters found some wonderful little projects to play with.
Cosy Winter Lounge Room
(see the kitty on the window sill)
Cut out and arranged
This is supposed to be fit into a bottle (just don't have a right size handy)
Each piece is really really tiny!!
Close up :)
Little Sailing Boat...
Look for the kitty!
A little deck hand!

In deep thought in the deep blue sea with deck hand kitty!
Kitty Houses
This particular house didn't have enough kitties, so with washi tape,
I added them! (Even on in a window!)


Front doors guarded by cats!

Cat Lovers Hop is all done for another year!
Very big thanks to
for organising and hosting this event for the 5th year!
The amount of work and effort is amazing and appreciated!!


Cat Lovers Hop Day 6

The last day today of the hop... so sad because its been a lot of fun creating again!
I cant believe its nearly November!
Halloween is on our doorstep too!
And the kitty funny for today:
Cat Lovers Hop Game 6: Are your cats friendly with each other or are they territorial and have no friend except you?
Yassi is an only cat, but being a recent enough mum, I guess she was fairly socialised and also being at a shelter for a while?
 When Blackie (re-educated ex feral) arrived, we had a bicoloured Ragdoll called Cosmo who dominated.
Look... butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!  Blackie was always fearful of when Cosmo would jump out next!
Poor Blackie got swatted out of no where.. walking past a door or too near where Cosmo was apparently sleeping (with one eye slightly open). Blackie was twice the size and twice as ferious, but this Ragdoll had it mentally over him by recognising that Blackie was a fearful cat and played on it. It was more mischievous (no claws out) Blackie lived another 8yrs longer than Cosmo (who also passed away at 18yrs)and I dont think Blackie had any tears of sadness (unlike us who were distraught) when Cosmo wasn't with us anymore.
Some Kitty projects!
 Another page for my Project Life album! (love getting this done!)
Yassi goes to the vet!
 Yassi's first vet visit (to our vet) because she kept scratching at her ears and we had to do something about those over long claws.  The vet found she had a very awful yeast ear infection which the vet felt Yassi has had for a long time and cleaned them out and medication given to follow for the next week or so. Poor little thing!  Yassi also had her claws trimmed (what a relief!) she hated that more than having her ears cleaned out!
And my shock by the end of the visit - Yassi was found to have quite a loud heart murmur. 
The vet explained I should have been told as she was spayed by the shelter vet and that it would have been picked up then.  I'm not sure it would have swayed my decision to adopt her, because as my girls explained... animals in need always seem to find me.
So I have faith this will turn out alright and we will find a way if and what needs to be done.
Yassi was thoroughly sick and tired of the vet by the time we left!!!
I walked out a bit dazed and a little crushed at the time (sigh)
Anyway.. at home, Yassi found the fire and was so happy to be back in front of it.
I got Maggie (our cockatiel - also a rescue in a round about way) out for the first time with Yassi in the room for both of them to get used to each other - it was promising!
Yassie showed no interest!
 After chatting about Blackie,
(who always preferred to be at windows, but feared going outside)

Felt a need to complete a little card with thoughts of him....
with some black cat stamps from Hero Arts :)
Put a little washi tape on the inside.
Might get another post up yet
I did have a day of it yesterday playing with kitty projects...
so more to come!
 2019 Cat Lovers Hop
What fun!!
Find it HERE

Friday, 25 October 2019

Cat Lovers Hop Day 5

Can relate?


2019 Cat Lovers Hop

DAY 5 GAME: Do you have a favourite "celebrity" cat?
Yes,  I love following
 Just two ordinary kitties, with wonderful inspiring human parents!!!


And... a couple of projects this time...
First up is another 'Life of Yassi' page for my Project Life album
For her very first night... she stuck to my pillow on the couch and claimed it as her own, she had eaten what was left in her bowl through the night and used her kitty litter like a champ! 
Now.... to get my feather pillow off her!
I took the cover off and laid it on her new bed hoping that would 'trick' her.....
And it did!
So after a couple more nights..... I had made her a kitty quilt and at first she wasn't sure and ended up in my arms!  But hey..... I didn't mind!!! 
She didn't stop purring and she was happy!
Next, this was a little fun!  I get the Flow Paper Craft Books - they are full of fun crafty paper projects and this cut out craft and art room took my fancy....
Weeeell, I'm a painter - and look at the kitty!!
Absolute copy of Yassi!
I haven't played with this sort of thing since my girls were young..
but this one is for me!! 
Its my studio, me and Yassi! (weeeeeeell, I like to think so anyhows :) )
Its paper cut outs (for adults...kinda like colouring for adults!)  with the illustration of what to do!
So off I set turning paper into 3D objects like the grey drawers and shelving.
And... the final result....
(very big grin from my inner child!)
Close up
The whole 'studio'
I'll definitely have to set this up somewhere special!
And remember.. if you have a kitty, or even just love doing cards and have some kitty stamps, come join in! Lots of fun things to do... and prizes!
See you over at


Cat Lovers Hop- Day 4

I've finally caught up!
I hope to today I'll be able to get out and about to visit blogs!
Thanks to everyone who have already visited and left lovely comments!
DAY 4 GAME: Kitty Limericks, Haiku, Couplets, or Short Free-Form Poems
Here's my little go!  Yassi has come a long way from when we brought her home!
This little tuxedo of mine
Gets into her food all the time
We put it up high,
She aimed for the sky!
Then biscuits went on the fly!
Another day in the life of Yassi...
Once home, I had everything set up in the laundry so she felt safe and enclosed 
As we found, she is very motivated by food! And went straight to it.
Once finished, Yassi wanted to explore - she wandered through the house.  It was a cold day, and soon enough she found a spot next to me on the couch where I had my pillow (from my bed) earlier in the day - and she claimed it!  And from that moment on - she was home.
You can find all the fun, prizes, sponsors

Cat Lovers Hop Day 3

Isn't this the truth!!
Today was a roll call of kitties in alphabet order on
Janis' Her Peaceful Garden' blog in the comments and it moved quick swiftly - lots of fun!!
It stalled on 'Y' and I got an email prompt from Janis ... 'we need a 'Y'!!   And along came Yassi!  Problem solved! LOL!
Asleep in my lap..
Another day completed in my Project Life album and another moment
in Yassi's life towards her new home.
Below is me trying to pat her and see how she would be, but she was so tentative and sad.. and when the lady explained why to me.... it was clear she needed love.  I raced home and got Hannah (and the cat carrier). Hannah said, 'Mum, get her'.  So the lady put her into our the carrier and I'm SURE Yassi thought 'Where am I going now'  She just seemed to glaze over.  My heart was breaking for her.  I kept promising that she will be okay, even happy in time.
 Hannah carried her to the counter, all paid and paperwork done.
Then packed into the car and to her new home :)
Join in on the Cat Lovers hop
Meaghan's graduation!
It was a lovely ceremony
Smiles all round!!
Done and dusted!!
So proud! 

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Cat Lovers Hop Day 2

Had to look twice... it looks just like Yassi! 
Day 2 Game - What annoying habit does your cat have?
Yassi decides to jump on top of the covers to chase a foot moving on under the covers in the middle of the night! One night she wouldn't stop so put her outside the door where she cried to come back in.... couldn't win! She's settled down a little more now. Little monkey! 
The other one is this:

And then she climbs on the table in front of my face and wont move so I can see the keyboard! LOL


2019 Cat Lovers Hop

I'm trying also so hard to catch up on my Project Life album which is dreadfully behind!

A great place keeping me motivated is this wonderful hop!

Week 24
This is about what we know of Yassi's life....and our first glimpse of her.

She was taken into the RSPCA with her five kittens where she was spayed, microchipped and had her needles (the first few photos are from the RSPCA site).  Once the same was done to her kittens and they were old enough, they were adopted out which left just her. She was so sad.  But I found her! 
See the black on her nose?  I thought they might have been cancer spots, but no, her claws were so long (longest I've ever seen on a cat!!) that she would scratch herself cleaning her face!  Her claws caught on everything - once they were clipped she was much happier, and those marks went away.
You can find all the Cat Lovers Hop details over

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Cat Lovers Hop, Day 1

Be still my heart!
And of course remembered Blackie, but also to celebrate our new addition Yassi
It brings me to what happened yesterday...
I was working away at my computer and suddenly, behind me Yassi had jumped up (high) onto a window sill and sat next to the photo I have of Blackie...
so I thought this was a wonderful way to start the Day 1 off with this photo!
2019 Cat Lovers Hop
Ooops!  I'm running late with my days!
(its already Day 3 over at the hop... but I'll catch up :) )
I'm late starting as I've flown to Queensland
(quite a way from Tasmania!)
to be with my eldest daughter Meaghan for her graduation of her second Masters Degree.
Its pretty exciting! 
I'm behind on the making of a project - however....
To quickly catch up....
I had made Yassi a little kitty quilt to go on her bed....
Here it is :)
She's a lucky kitty!!
Now... if you have a kitty and you need to join in....
WAIT till you see all the fun and prize that Janis from Her Peaceful Garden had organised!
Might see you there!!