Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Another quick update with Challenges.....

Whoa!! The jack this month I just fell instantly in love with!! I love collages!!! Check it out here
And the ad was another particularly fab time creating too! Check it out here
This is Paige just on her way 'up' to the surface - I was right behind her with the waterproof camera!!! Soooo fun!
I'm sooooo behind putting up my photos (but I HAVE taken them and will catch up) so here are a couple more!
The time has come to go home to Tassie - to the real world.
Back to reality and back at work Saturday morning! 20 SEPT PHOTO

The garden is bursting with blooms!! Here's one of many varieties of camelia


The tea tree flower. So pretty!

Saturday, 26 September 2009


So organising everything to get away and what I have to organise when I get home - ugh... anyway, while I'm here, I can 'breathe' and 'scrap' and 'chatter' and 'eat and eat and eat'!!! The food is just wonderful and tooo much!!! So here are some of my challenges I needed to get finished and posted!!
Gosh - check it out here - its a fab LO to jack this month!! Here's Hannah in her own world looking at a stream with waterful in Cairns. I love this photo- sometimes those random ones are the best! FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS It's all about favourite rooms this time. I 'could' have done my scrapping room, but my veranda is a special place. This is where breakfast is eaten on sunny days - and bbq's are held. I guess it's like an outdoor room!!
Here's a blog worthy of more attention. I love the theatre! This challenge is to scrap about a fav song from a musical. Here's Paige (far right) in Annie saying 'I love you Miss Hannigan' (note Miss Hannigan with a paddle in her hand!) Just after singing 'It's a Hard Knock Life'.
It's all about 'Horton Hears a Who' story. I loved the colours and Paige falling in love with her pony was worth the the quote from the book!
Check out the inspiration here. Very clever to look at the
'Tetley Tea' ad on video! I loved the GREEN - and all the vines and flowers growing looking larger than life.
This a really interesting blog! Its all based on art works - its resulted in the use of bright colours and a style I never do. Its great to try out different things!
Remember to check out
Challenge Four
is sponsoring
a two month subscription
full vintage kit!!

Friday, 25 September 2009

LET'S GET SHABBY Challenge 4

The Challenge is UP....so go have a look....
I've made this little booklet from a vintage embellishment kit made especially for
who is also sponsoring!!
Mid month on 'Let' Get Shabby' I'll do a little 'Step by Step'
on how to make it.
I'm missing my blog hopping.......
Promise Promise I'll visit soon

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Just updating with some more photos of our wonderful (sigh) holiday..
thats me by one of the pools ooooh its soooo loverly!
Lee-Anne and Danny from Scrap Therapy took us around some fab sights around Cairns!
And look at the bats hanging from trees....fascinating!
Lee-Anne took this one of us girls with swimming holes behind us!
Just beautiful scenery!!
16TH SEPT Hannah and I having our last dip
before packing up and saying good by to our apartment
so waiting patiently till time ticked around to be picked up by Lee-Anne and Danny who generously took us to the airport. The girls had a blast sitting side by side playing on the net!
17th SEPT 09 Back in Sydney! LOL and back in the water. Meaghans complex has a pool....wasnt long before we were in it! There was almost hardly any temperature change between Cairns and Sydney!! We left in 30C heat and ended up in 32C heat! JUST FABULOUS!!! One more day to go before we will be home - in 17C rainy weather.....sigh...

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Check out the September Embellishment Kits at WIOIN!! I've had a fab play with the September Vintage one!! It was adorable! In the kit is some sketches of little dresses- exactly the little dresses my mother used to make to send my two sisters and I to Sunday School in! She also made our bags and hats! Notice that one of my sisters has white shoes on- well I cant remember why she didnt wear them that morning - but I remember there was a drama! She always did loose things!! LOL! (Im sure if I asked her - she'd remember!)
This kit was full of fabulous bits!!! I used the fabric as cut out flowers and also for the fabric swatches on the dress sketches. I've only added the background paper and the alpha.
.SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#103 The song up this week is
'We are the World'
and you can check it out here
This is Meaghan and a little hereford calf. She was such an animal whisperer! This little calf used to follow her around and if given half a chance would suck on her hand - Meaghan would giggle! Again, they had their own language - it was soooo cute.


ADTHIS Fabulous Ad this week!! I had so much fun with my Basic Grey birdcage stamps! The colours in the ad are just wonderful. Check it out here - and have a go!!!! This challenge blog really helps develop new skills and kinda makes you think in all sorts of different ways that normally you wouldnt think about! Most of all its totally fun!
14TH SEPT PHOTOS We've moved back to Cairns for a couple of days R&R at our favourite resort. The girls couldnt wait to try the pools out! Alas its all coming to a close too quickly! (big sigh) Last night we met up with Kris from Ruby Street! It was wonderful to meet her in real life - we chatted and chatted and chatted!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Just some photos this time -no Scrapping - we've been busy with the cameras!! 12 SEPT PHOTOS
We took the heritage train ride up the side of a mountain! Just fabulous views! Then we took the cable car (gondulas) back down! Even more fabulous views!
We are just starting off here! Then lastly - off to the local Crocodile Farm! 13TH SEPT PHOTOS Us girls went out to the coral shelf off the Great Barrier Reef and our water adventures began!!

At the end of the day back in port - back to Cairns tomorrow for a couple of days!

Friday, 11 September 2009


Before there's more photo's on our fabulous holiday - I must confess a brought a little kit away with me just so I didnt get withdrawals (which is below)!!! And I will promise to catch up on blogs too when I get back!!! I miss blog hopping around!
The challenge is all about favourite foods!! I couldnt go past this photo of Hannah. We were at an Italian restaurant and its hard - hard because she as been gluten and dairy free since she was tiny. But at this restaurant we got lucky!! Out came a smily face planted on her meal!!! And she was sooooo happy - check out the face! (we usually get a frown at restaurants while they work out what she can eat) YAY for spag bol!!!
CAIRNS 8TH SEPT PHOTO As soon as we arrived in Cairns - my girls found the lagoon and instead of eating tea, they were in the water!! We got around to tea at 9pm! Its night time and the photo looks murky, but that water is clear as clear in the day.
The view from our balcony - just wonderful!
then we went on a day tour.....
and saw many places but this was our favourite.
Paronella! It was a paradise! 10TH SEPT
Our last walk along the boardwalk...the girls were just entering the playground part, and boy did they have some fun! So did my camera!!!! PORT DOUGLAS
Our spot on the beach! Thats me in the chair with Hannah standing beside me. The water was soooo warm!!!
The three of us had a good morning body surfing!
THEN off we went horse riding for the afternoon!!!
Paige is on 'Forrest'
Me on 'Rosie'
Hannah on 'Kerr-ai'
What a wonderful afternoon cantering the beach and then trekking through the Daintree Rainforest. Just breath-takingly beautiful. I dont think my girls will ever forget it.
I think I'll be a bit stiff in the morning! LOL!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I'm in SYDNEY- about to move onto CAIRNS!!

IT's soooo magic to be on holidays!! I've still managed to bring my cameras and computer! The girls have been sooo excited and our few days in Sydney with Meaghan have been fun! (we are flying to Cairns this afternoon) We've had to leave dh at home because he couldnt get away from work but we talk to him everyday on the phone!
There's some photos further down, but......firstly lets talk about.....
SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#102 Instead of our 1st song of the month being TV theme, it was timely that this song
'Wake Me Up When September Ends' is dedicated to the memory of the beautiful Aleida who was tragically killed a year ago and was a member of the STM Design Team. The song has many wonderful lyrics to scrap and I chose a favourite summer. ADTHIS
Here's the Ad for this week.....very scrapable!!

And here's my interpretation: I got stuck into the paint and felt and seam-binding!!!! 2ND SEPT PHOTO Who's a gorgeous boy and knows it!

3RD SEPT 09The wintery sky for our 3rd day of Spring!! Soooooo over it, and when I was taking this photo I held the thought of soooon we will be in warm weather!!! (At least it wasnt raining - for a moment!)


This is one of my photography course photos (which I might add I feel like such a BEGINNER compared to everyone else!!!) But this one is wonderful. I caught this little Sparrow leaping from the head of the statue just before it spread its tiny little wings! 5TH SEPT PHOTO Yay - waiting to board out plane in Launceston! Just a quick little snap of a photo! 6TH SEPT PHOTOS My three girls! Walking towards the markets!! Yep - we 'did' the market thing!!*Note the sunny day!!! This is SYDNEY!! Then Hannah had her hair cut and styled While the rest of us got spoiled with a manicure and pedicure!! Loads of girl bonding stuff!!!


We met Meaghan and a couple of her work mates for lunch, then we went SHOPPING!

Later we relaxed back at Meaghan's Apartment....check out this fabulous view!!!