Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another Colour Blocking Idea with PanPastels

Here's a quick easy way to build up some layers and texture to your page :P
Using a large piece of light coloured scrap paper (we all have those :lol: )
swipe the pastel across (or down) the page fading it into the next depth of colour etc...

Cut the paper into strips
Then into little square/rectangle shapes
THen by taking random colours, tuck around the photo. You could even line them up and place across the page for a mount for a photo too - plenty of options to experiment trying all sorts of ways to use the little pieces of paper :wink:

Products used and available at Scrap Therapy:
Grey woodgrain paper
Blue tiny chevron paper (reverse side in shop)
Thickers - Darling 'Chestnut'
Grey bauble trim
Orange Blue and Cream Trim
Circle Garland

Monday, 25 June 2012

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #36

 is up...

So to celebrate we have decided that you can choose ANY previous 
'Let's Get Shabby' Challenge!

So, I've chosen one of my favourites:
  Sewing Box Challenge (Oct 10)
Using items from your sewing box
Must see at least 3 sewing box treasures in your creation and one of them must be pins
I've used (a piece from an old antique worn out handmade quilt, buttons, cotton thread, lace (to edge the quilt) and pins

Our sponsor is the fabulous
And I LOVE my Purple Onion stamps and have quite a collection.
The alpha used in my project can be found HERE
(its actually the smaller of the two sizes -but I have the bigger size too!)
Hope to see you at 'Let's Get Shabby's'

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Masking with PanPastel

Masking is easy - just got to get a little creative and find something flat to place on your page to rub over with PanPastels!

Here I've used little flat butterflies.... you might have some diecuts butterflies, or punch some out, or check out some of the fabulous butterfly paper in the shop to cut out - I dont have THIS one but it's going to be on my list! (If you pop in the word 'butterfly' in the search box at Scrap Therapy, all sorts of papers/embellies/stamps come up) oh yes... and you could stamp a butterfly and cut it out too! :P
PanPastel works fabulously on Kraft paper (You can buy Kraft in a pack too - I do!)

First place your butterflies on your page....I did put a tiny little bit of adhesive underneath to hold them in place. Osmer is my fave to use :P

Then rub the PanPastel colour over the top. I've used 'Permanent Green' (640.5)

Take off the butterflies and you can see the masking images....

Here's the LO put together now by adding the photo and some WRMK's Good Day Sunshine Margaret paper as a mount to the photo. Outline the masked butterflies with a marker, and you can use your craftknife to lift up some edges of the wings to place just a little way over the edges of the photo in places. Replace the original butterflies back onto the page and arrange them around their masked counterparts... Add some Thickers-Delight Watermelon


Friday, 15 June 2012

PanPastel at Scrap THerapy

Here's another LO with the use of PanPastel :P
( Paige in a mid-air turn)
Use a sponge to lay a large amount of colour on a page which can be helpful to either diffuse the pattern or to highlight colour of the background paper. Here I've used Raw Umber (780.5)
Hint - if you arent into paint or mists...
PanPastel is handy to use for blocking colour as there is no drying time and it can be controlled where its applied.

After colour-blocking with the brown, swipe a strip of Chrom. Oxide Green (660.5) vertically downwards to create a shadow for the photo
And you know how much I love this little Prima Brick Stamp, so keeping the plastic on the back of it and press it into Phthalo Blue (560.5) pan and stamp on the page.....
One of the things I love to do is create a little more depth - so with the bricks, using a white pen, scribble little rectangles inside each brick :wink:
With the very background paper- blue...(WRMKs Anthologie Medley) is used as a frame for the yellow music page on top (WRMKs Anthologie Defined)... I usually cut out the middle as its not seen and it does take some weight out of the LO. With the middle, it often become useful - and on the reverse side are little leaves that are cut out and put to the Prima Flowers to give an nice finish. (ooh and distress the papers too with Tim Holtz Distresser)
Also used are:
Yellow Trim
Terracotta coloured Trim
Red Alpha
Flowers are Prima 'Camille' but the colour is sold out at Scrap Therapy
here are other 'Camille Flowers' that are similar En Francais, Sun Kiss

Hope to see you over at SCRAP THERAPY


Monday, 11 June 2012

Skissedilla #166

Skissedilla's Sketch caught my eye tonight enough to actually set about creating with it.
I truly didnt think I'd be doing any scrapping other then committments with being so busy, but this called for 'time-out'. 
Its the first time I've played along, and because Lou is the guest designer - even more appropriate!
Here's the sketch
Reading the rules, we can use the sketch quite freely...
Isnt it gorgeous!

(Here's the replacement photo/s from the one I had taken after midnight last night though I'll leave in (below) the other pic just in case it mucks up Mr Linky??)

I loved the grunge and the circles in the sketch.. even the horse figure is circular to me and it looked like it was emerging from the grunge.
There's heaps of layers.... a diecut 12x12 which was cricut cut, as with the white lacey diecut glued on top.... texture paste, fibre, loads of paint for colour, and Hannah emerging from a tunnel-like shape.
Finished with a feminine bow. This was fun (big smile)

(before deadline photo- what a difference daylight makes!)
Please excuse the terrible photo, but with it being after midnight here with only a couple of hours to the deadline, I think I'll replace the photo tomorrow morning once in daylight!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pan Pastels for Scrap Therapy.....

I've done a heap of research online especially the PanPastel site and just by help understand more about this fabulous medium!
I love playing with them and have had a fabulous time putting this together from what I've learned.....
About PanPastels!
PanPastels are made up of pigment…. the same kind of pigment used to make paint. What sticks pastels together is gum, though with the PanPastels… the gum has been reduced to such a small amount that it becomes like a pressed pigment powder and in turn provides vibrant colour.

The big plus side:
There is very little dust.
The pressed pan format helps mix colours more easily and you can mix right in the pans, then wipe off.
The pans are stackable – screw into each other to stack.
You can block in large amounts of colour quite quickly
Wipe off colour on paper towel..
Little contamination when mixing colours.
Fully erasable.
Low dust enhances greater adhesion to the paper.

There are 80 colours.
This might help you understand them a little better too
20 Mass tone colours with pure pigment. ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.5’
20 tints colours (they are made by adding white to the mass tones) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.8’
20 shades colours(made by adding black to the mass tones) ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.3’
20 dark colours (made be adding additional black to the mass tones) ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.1’

Left in the shop at SCRAP Therapy are four different sets – all with tools so you can begin straight away.
Click HERE

HERE'S A LO created with using PanPastel and a stencil
Scrap Therapy have quite a big range in stencils…. just type the word ‘STENCIL’ in the ‘SEARCH BOX’ on your upper right hand side when you visit and all kinds of stencils will list for you. The Prima one I’ve used is now out of stock.

HERE'S how its been created...
Place your chosen stencil on your paper: I've used WRMK's Anthology Phraseology paper

I've used texture paste here to wipe over with my spatula. I didnt take the paste right to the edges of the stencil as I didnt want it to look 'blocky' iykwim :P You could use gesso but it wont quite be as thick - but would be still okay :wink:

Lifting off the stencil - it leaves a great 3-d effect :wink:

After drying - use one of the little tools in the PanPastel Set - its like a little eye-shadow apply-er (dont know why I didnt photograph it as I was doing it!!! :roll: ) smudge 'Raw Umber' pastel colour (dark brown) in the cracks of the bricks

Now to add a little more bright colour - 'Permanent Red' and 'Red Iron Oxide'- smudge a little on each of the 'bricks'

Place the stencil on the page again, and this time just use your finger to fill in some of the stencil....its just gives a lingering effect taking the image of the stencil out further then the original texture paste... kinda shadowing with the 'Raw Umber' again



Other products used:
Prima Millicent Vine En Francais
Prima Green Trim
Prima resin butterfly heart



Friday, 1 June 2012

Want to Win a $25 Voucher - Scrap Therapy's June ROOM Challenge

the June Room Challenge has been revealed

This month's inspiration is the BATHROOM!

Your challenge is to be inspired by each inspiration picture and scrap it! You can be inspired by anything in or about the picture
THe STAR winner and STANDOUT/S will be chosen on their scrapping interpretation, creativy and relevance to each picture.
Please make sure when uploading to the gallery that you put which ROOM (ie: 1,2 or 3) your LO is created from (its hard to tell sometimes!) and pop in an explanation what inspired you because its not always obvious ... so hints are great!

You can enter more than one room, or all three for more chances!
However - no combining!! Each will be a separate LO for a separate room - be inspired by the colour and/or design; use specific elements or shapes if it takes your fancy, or even use it as a sketch for example!

Here are the 'rooms' with my interpretations under each of them (and some tips on how they were created if you are looking for ideas or new techniques to try )

This month I'm playing with PanPastels, so I'll give some tips on how to use them, but next Friday night will go into full explanation and details on them.
(You can use whatever products you like for your rooms :wink: )
The PanPastel Colour pack I'm using is HERE. There's twenty pans of colour in the pack. The tiny amount used each time is so minimal, they will last for a very very long time. Well worth the money spent. I reach for these to colour just about everything especially if you want a more controlled amount in a specific area. It can be sprayed with a fixative... I dont tend to - but it's recommended :wink:


The horizontal boards in the pic were the motivation to use MME White Wood paper, the white bath and chair in the pic are the inspiration for the doily diecuts and the beachy feel.

Here's a pic of the main products used:

This is the Turquoise colour and the sponge (along with other sizes) comes with the box of panpastels along with tools!)

Colour the top of each 'weatherboard' with a thick stripe of the Turquoise, and then using a tool, colour a thinner stripe of a darker blue - Phthalo Blue to give more definition and shadow-like.

I've cut two doilies with my bigshot. My die isnt available in the shop, however check out Spellbinders Nestabilities and some of the Sizzix. Then once cut out, put them in an embossing folder and pop back through the big shot (or cuttlebug etc)

With the Turquoise and Phthalo Blue - smudge over one colour after the other in difference areas on the doily so its varigated.

Other products used:
Prima Alphabet
Prima Wheel and Birds
White Weave Cardstock
Tissue paper and open weave bandage


This one gets a little arty - with the drawings keeping fairly basic, and its all about practising on a spare piece of paper before putting it onto your LO. Time to get a little brave :P - have a practice: whats the worst that can happen? :wink:(skrew it up and throw it away :lol: :roll: )  lol- done it plenty of times!
The inspiration is the colour...., the poppies and and some of the placements of the elements in the pic

Using Yellow background paper (reverse side in shop) and 12x12 diecut

Cut out the diecut to use the border part (will use the centre part for something else later on :wink: )

Stick on the border and spread some gesso or white paint with a spatula (spatulas give a much different effect than paint brushes)  Sorry bout the photo - didnt realise it was burry until upload time!

Place the Resin shutters and windows each side of the photo, then brush 'Permanent Red' over the raised lovehearts of the shutters.

Now for the drawing and colouring part....Smudged some colour lightly across the gesso, now try a basic outline, and colour in using a tool

Scribble in large black stamen, outline with dark pen too.

And add string for stems and Thickers - Patchwork


Again I'm inspired by the colour, the frame on wall and the white bath and chair along the bottom of the pic - so there's line of white hearts on the LO. The papers are MME Down the Boardwalk (brown) and Prima's Flights of Fancy 'Tiptoe'

As its an A4 size, I've used a strip of the Prima paper and punched out a heap of hearts in a row, then used that as a template painting in some gesso

Did you know you can use the PanPastels on stamps....just like ink! (and my gesso was only half dry), only PanPastels dont dry out nor do they need re-inking! :P

Add some sentiments too:

And shading on one side of the hearts.....this adds a kinda 3-d look :P :wink:

If you need to calm a patterned paper down to add journaling..... smudge on some PanPastel :P

Other products used : white paper doily, MME Brown Crochet Trim, string, some bows and torn strip of striped fabric.

Hope you join in the fun.......
and look  forward to see your interpretations of these rooms if you dooooo!!