Sunday, 7 November 2010

A PROJECT A DAY (and sometimes more!)

In my last post I showed you this fabulous PLANNER I've been working on!
I've finished the covers which I used Prima Cardboard and shabbied it up a little.
I've got a little bag to slip it into as well!  I'm thrilled with it and will definitely be making more as gifts.
I dont know about you - but I have paper and cardstock that I dont use piled up...and I'm really pleased to be able to (lol) cut it all up!!

 I've put a tag in as well for easy page finding!

 All closed up peeping into the top of the bag!
If you click here - you will see the printed pages inside this planner!
(scroll down)

I just love it!!!


Also I've been playing challenges over at Bon's Scraps.  Really really cool!
This is the Room of the Month - isnt it gorgeous!
Here's my interpretation

This was a Oct CC sketch
Hannah being followed around by a baby alpaca!  It was fascinated with her!
 And the CC Scraplift
Paige in pink!

Oooh and I got this lovely little parcel from Carol's Etsy!
Carol is 'Let's Get Shabby's' Sponsor this month
Make sure you join the 'Raid Your Sewing Box' Challenge over there!
 And I got these lovelies!  Those colourful ones in the back are earmarked for Christmas!

Sketches to Scrapbook show this other little sneaky-peeky here.
Still waiting for a release date for your phone apps!

And here's my AUSSIE SCRAP-JACKED layout..
Some fabulous designers to can find them here
 I found this lovely little pic of Meaghan when she was little!

Some more scrapping fun!
Paige on her exam day - taking the lyrics from the song
'She's Not Just a Pretty Face'

This is a favourite photo of mine. It's of Grandad Ted who my girls absolutely adore.
It was a day on the farm.

Phew!!!  Weeeeeell, if you are still with me by end of all've done well!
I've emptied my coffers!!!  So whats a girl to do???

Go scrap some more!!

But wait....I've just had a big surprise!!!
My dd Meaghan has just arrived home from London!!! And she didnt tell me!!
I couldnt believe my eyes... so when she wakes from her jet-lagged sleep
There wont be any scrapping done!
(So I'll scrape in some now!!)


Julie said...

wowser missy these are all just divine. I love bon's room chal page. enjoy having megan home.

Ceci said...

How exciting, that's lovely for you to see your DD, have fun together. :) Enjoyed reading this post, your layouts are all so gorgeous Mandy. xx P.S. where did you get those flowers pretty please?

Melissa said...

Yippeee to Meaghan coming home for a surprise visit.I bet your jaw hit the floor Mandy!!!!
Your planner is divine and turned out so beautifully, I didn't know Prima had brought out a type of cardboard, must've missed that .
Adore all your LO's as usual, all so very unique.
Have a lovely time with your DD and family

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! These are all amazing Mandy!! You are sooooooooooooooo talented! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jolanda said...

amazing work and how much!!!i love the beautiful!!!
I love your style!!
Have a nice day!!

Lizzyc said...

yes i did read all the post.. and some more.. kept going for a while just enjoying your later posts too! lovely work.. love all the colored doileys.. enjoy your daughter being home.. i am sure she has had a wonderful time... x

Peggy said...

Of course I read the entire post!!! A project a day or even more ... how do you do it??? I keep asking myself that question? And they all, without exception, turn out stunning!! I keep looking forward to your posts, each and every time!
Enjoy your surprise time with Meaghan!
Love xxx Peggy

Jocelyn said...

I love reading your posts!!!! You always amaze me with all that you get completed....and the LO's and projects are all stunning!!!

You are an inspiration to all of us...not just for your awesome talent...but the wonderful, caring person that you are!!! We all love you!!!

Unknown said...

Wauw lovely pages you made again so many to.

Lea said...

Wow, you always seem to get so much done! Beautiful layouts. Especially love the planner. What a great gift!!!

BecM said...

Oh how wonderful Meaghan surprised you! And what a surprise I bet it was!!

Loooooove your parasols layout. Just gorgeous!

I saw the class for the planner. I thought about it, but thought against it as I don't think I will have time. Although I have finished my DD album already. Can't wait to see what you do this year with your DD album.

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous work again Mandy! I LOVE your planner and that bag to fit in! Love your layouts, so colorfull and artsy. Beautiful goodies in the mail and what a surprise from Meaghan..enjoy!!

Rhayne said...

hehe, just like when they're young! scrap while they're asleep!

Love all the additions. Really love the strips of torn paper on your Hey You layout :o) You always see people tearing away paper to see behind, but not often adding them to the top... love it!

Jane Smith said...

Gee do you manage to do it Mandy. I have sooo missed checking out what you have been up to and what a post to share....lovely are a clever girl!!

Pastila said...

Oh my god! This is wonderful works!

jacque4u2c said...

These are so stunning Mandy!!! Just so colorful and vibrant - just like you!

Bekka said...

Wow -- you've been busy! I'm just amazed by all these beautiful layouts and projects. And I'm drooling over those flowers! :)

~EssenseVibez~ said...

your planner is so beautiful---i'm new to your blog and i'm going to recommend it to my friends--PLUS, i'm going to make me a planner!--oh yeah, i shut my blog down for 2 weeks for a much needed break--so you can email me if you'd like: blessed!