Saturday, 14 January 2017

Very very late getting this post up for
the theme this week is..
This time last year we were away
on holiday and my three girls took a sister bonding trip together to an iconic lighthouse
(we are partial to lighthouses as they are part of our family's heritage)
At the moment my dh and I are on our very first holiday away without the kids!
Oh my it sure is different. 
I'm certainly not taking the photos I'm used to!!!
  And the weather is very hot!!!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Let's December Daily Days 25 & 26 and Our Beautiful World

Last few days now over at
 and it's great to get the album finished!
Here are some of the peeks
Hope on over.....
the theme this week is..
looking up... a display of translucent jelly fish all lit to look very pretty!
Share your 'SPARKLE' photography stories 
 and see what the rest of the  design team have photographed