Tuesday, 31 May 2016

White With 1 and Our Beautiful World

I cant believe I've actually completed a LO!
I haven't played with WW1 for soooo long!
Great inspiration and a chance to get another page for my travel album done!
This month White with One's colour is Tangerine...
Oh boy... I kept feeling I was reverting to red all the time...
tangerine is tricky to keep more 'orange'!
Then to get the photography colour right in cloudy ole Tasmania...
Anyways... here it is.....
Cut the photo out and made more of a 'book-like' feel for the LO.  The tangerine paint underneath keep 'bleeding through the gesso... but I think its still 'white' enough :)
Yay!!  so nice to play again!
This weeks theme...

This happens.... as soon as everyone my dh and Hannah leave the house to go to work
of a morning. There always seems to be a flurry to get out the door and then
silence.............. aaaaaaah.......
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AND we were away visiting family this past weekend,
It was my Dad's 80th birthday...

 made a surprise visit home even though she had only
started a new job in Bundaberg, Queensland the week before!!

 Only dh, Hannah and I knew...
so here are a few very surprised faces!

First up ......Paige....

the tears....start...
 then my sister.....

My mum...

My Dad....


Aaaah, happy families!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sketches in Thyme PL Style and Our Beautiful World

Loved this sketch immediately!
Flipped it sideways to fit into the orientation for my page

And this got a feature too!
from last week... cool!
This weeks theme...
'My Happy'
My scrap desk and shelves...
(though packed away at the moment with the renovations - sigh...)
This helps me reach whatever I need and is always in view...
its what I don't see that
gets forgotten about.
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sketches in Thyme PL style and Our Beautiful World....

 Thought its about time to do a challenge...
So with Project Life about the only thing I really scrap these days...
Sketches in Thyme fits in easily.

Here's the first sketch #25

I've flipped this on its side :)

Sometimes I really love to do a full page LO for my PL album,
yet still was able to do the little sketch on a smaller 6x6 diecut piece,
then place it on the LO to complete the bigger picture.

 Sketch # 26

Not quite the picture sentiment... but found a puffy sticker,
and cut out a pic of this little cartoon cat - believe me,
this is the exact physique of Blackie!

Poor Blackie, forever in a state of anxiety!
Trying to get the floor ready for new tiles - the boards underneath were in shocking
condition so needed to be replaced.  Blackie was beside himself with the disappearing floor!

Sketch # 27

 Don't you just love the 'crazy cat' stamps!
Suits Blackie to a tee!

He really does like to 'look' outside, but its very short-lived everytime!

This weeks theme...
The lovely white powdery sand of our local beach at dusk
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Our Beautiful World

This weeks theme...
What a coincidence is this photo of Paige in her orange top...
and the ceramic orange canisters on the shelf...
It looks positively...... retro!
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Our Beautiful World....

This weeks theme...
'From a low angle'....
We've been renovating- part of the reason why I've been so scarce in the scrapping world
most of my supplies are packed away out of reach .....
Our house is old and has the most wonderful character... but what ISNT so wonderful is when something gets pulled up like old floor covering.... what is found underneath is a shock!
Yep... right down to the dirt!
This looks out towards the back door...
Even these joists had to be pulled out and removed, replaced and boards re-layed.
Sigh... the worst is done now! And its put back together :)

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