Sunday, 28 February 2016

Our beautiful World, Sketches in Thyme PL Style

The theme this week is
With our trip last month to the Gold Coast and to see the dolphins,
nothing was more colourful then these little cottages in the background
of the dolphin show!
It was such a delight to watch how intelligent these dolphins are!
We'd love to see your 'COLOUR' photography stories

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Such great little sketches!
Still getting through some of my 'missing' weeks of previous PL albums..
Slowly but surely!

 Hmmn, my camera is not taking clear pics.... do you think that maybe once a
memory card gets 'old' that it doesn't take good photos anymore.
I've just done a little internet search and some say yes, others say no!
Ugh, I don't know (shrug)
Again I've been scarce in blogland,  doing renovations at the moment -
plumbers and electricians - moving my scrappy stuff to out of reach places while
that's going on hasn't helped.  Running accounts and getting back to work
has been time consuming too.   Each week I think.... maybe next week it
will be less??    Soooooo... maybe next week will be less!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Our Beautiful World, Sketches in Thyme Project Life

The theme this week is
We'd love to see your 'SWEET' photography stories
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February 8-14, Sketch #14
A little bit of fun....

Love doing these sketch cards... it gives me a boost in getting my
PL pages completed!
Paige's yr 12 graduation - a hug for mum, and a precious father/daughter waltz
A totally wonderful night!  Yes, the parents get to go to this school's ball.
Mostly though the parents mix with the other parents and the young adults dance the night away.
Lovely memories!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Our Beautiful World, PL Sketches in Thyme, Scrapki Wyzwaniowo .....

Oh boy, I feel like I've been on a bit of a blog sabbatical! Minimum posts! Its true. 
We've had quite a bit on, and returning also to work this week takes quite a
bit of preparation and time.... 
So, back to routine!
First up...
The theme is
This is my husband... harnessed up in the top middle of the photo, he's very sure footed
(a tree faller) so has no problems being up high!   He's on what is the '3rd story' but wasn't
allowed to go up further because they closed the '4th' because of strong wind....
something he is used to!  Paige did climb too (not pictured), and because of the wind
 didn't feel safe getting past the '1st story'.
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It's been awhile since I've joined in,
and have started my 2016 PL album...
Here's the great little sketch
And here's my card :)
I've started to look at how I'm going to house my Gold Coast (Queensland) holiday photos...
so I thought - yep... stick to gold!
I found this terrific Theresa Collins almost transparency album with gold stripes...
My cover page is just plain all gold... and there's a reason for that:
So when you look through the stripy cover... its not confused by a lot of patterns or colour

And that's as far as I've got LOL!
Weeeeell, its a start!
I've also created a cover page for my 2016 PL album...
with scrapki wyzwaniowo in mind....
it had to have a 'masculine' feel to it...
The photos in the LO is of a vintage book,  blue hard cloth cover,  with the title of
'Plays and Players'
'Theatre Essays'
has a 'gentleman's tone, maybe from an old fashioned library where once
 the gentry retired with port....
There's a small train with carriages that says 'take a ride' with a 'boy-ish' play on words.
 The book is my altered 2016 diary.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Our Beautiful World

The theme is
A lino cut I created from a little sketch I did

Hope you'll share your 'Markings' photography stories

Monday, 1 February 2016

Our Beautiful World....

The theme this week is
ooh one of my favourites!
Here is a little Gold Finch taking off into flight caught by my camera just as it
 stretched out its legs fully to let go of the little branch of the thistle,
tucking it's wings to launch forward and up....
Share your 'Bird' photography stories HERE
 and see what the wonderful DT have done...