Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Paint Party Friday.... and OBW

It seems rare lately having time to sit and quietly paint.  But when I get the chance, little watercolours come out like this.......   nothing flash....just pure relaxation.....
Maybe, I might get some more done,  starting is the first step don't they say?
Hope the same could be said for scrapbooking and will be off on a two night camp this weekend to help kickstart myself... maybe....maybe..... the mojo will rise from its lengthy coma!
Starting to feel more like myself - just got a bit of a cough now and hopefully that will be gone soon!
Yay for Spring!!
the theme is
A family wedding..... all set to cant see the beach, but its beyond the hedge..
just beautiful!
Share your 'Romantic' photography stories


Giggles said...

Your painting is so delicate and the romantic photo...with the beautiful turquoise have been a gorgeous wedding!

Hugs Giggles

Lizzyc said...

Oh yes the best way to begin is to...start! Love your dreamy water colouring... And it does look like a pretty place for a wedding! And I hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.. And as for the mojo... It is a mysterious thing.. I hope you find a fresh inspiration really soon.. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving that painting! Beautiful! And loving the wedding photo!!! Pure romance!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

You have actually had a really, REALLY hard time of it through this winter until now..... it's not been an easy time, me thinketh. So I REALLY hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, mojo filled time away on your scrappy weekend:):) And I love your little watercolour. Such a pretty tiled effect.....& I reckon. YUP! To start is the begin of the finish..... AND that looks like a lovely wedding setting. We don't get to many these days. Nice when it happens!!!