Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A holiday Project Life Page and Our Beatiful World

What a wonderful time I've had at Scrappy camp last weekend!  Yes, I managed to do a heap of pages which were mainly project life style,  but got fairly up to date which is fabulous!
Here's one of them
Gold Coast - Sea World - Teenage Ninja Turtle ride!
I need to take some pics of more yet.  The weather here is atrocious and miserable so photography is dark and struggling!  Nevermind :)
the theme is
Every now and then I get  a lovely bunch of flowers from my dh
Share your 'Bloom' photography stories



Lizzy Hill said...

Thanks for your bloggy support of my changing creativity.... it's weird, isn't it, even with craft, how we dip in and out and up and down. Life never stays the same. It's the one thing I've REALLY struggled with. My 'thing' to get used to, I think, in this Journey...anyways. Bit deep for before 9am, LOL!! GLAD you enjoyed scrap camp.....& I bet you got a heap done. Nothing like others around you to get motivated. LOVE that big sized pocket up top! And the flower....gorgeous. Hope you aren't getting inundated with more rain? NOT good down south from the news reports.... & I'm off with 4 scrap mates to the Blue Mountains in 8 days. First time. Doing our 'own' thing. Hired a house....CAN'T wait.....1st time around but hoping this might be, like yours, an annual thing......we'll see!!!

Lizzyc said...

I haven't been to sea world for years but it is a lot of fun! Great pocket page with fabulous photos. And how lovely to get flowers too! I am at the coast at the moment so not sure what the weather is like at home but some places around are copping lots of rain and wild weather. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad you had a good time and got some crafty time in! LOVING your page and loving that photo! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!