Monday, 30 November 2015

Our Beautiful World....

Our Beautiful World theme this week is
A beautiful cockatoo at our local wildlife park.
Most of the residents have been brought in injured or orphaned and find a safe haven here.
Just beautiful!
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Friday, 27 November 2015

Frosty Festivities and Sketches in Thyme PL Style

Just humming along getting some little projects done...
First up is this festive jar!
Here's the inspiration:
Wrap twine around a large part of a project
Next is ....
Put washi tape on white card then punch a shape from it
And then:
Stamp an image then outline it with black pen
You can find Jennifer Grace's
Inspirational Jar and explanations
 are some inspiration criteria I've used to get some little pages done for my
2008 December Daily 
Inspiration suggestions:
And this little page....

 I started with 'white' glitter, but by the time I glued it on... its was 'green' looking
against the black.... ho hum.... so stuck the Glitter Snow to it - and it worked well!
November 15-21, Sketch #3
A little Christmas PL card
November 22-28, Sketch #4
There.... all done!
Am now waiting somewhat patiently for the 1st December to click over so I can
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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Frosty Festivities - Christmas Elf.....

Oh what fun!

Isnt this little Christmas Elf just gorgeous!!
Its part of

And Jennifer Grace has this fabulous template and instructions to follow
Christmas Elf Cute Felt Onament Template and Tutorial at Jennifer Grace Creates
Except I wanted it to be more than an ornament, so I tinkered a little and made it a 'stand-alone'!
The reason being - I made this fabulous Santa last year for the same blog event and it seemed fitting to have a mate! Though the Santa will be bigger.  (Would have loved to have photographed them together but 'Santa' is still put away with decorations)
I also enlarged the template of the elf a little too....

I got to this stage when I had a thought to make it more 3D
I also moved the sleeves out a bit, and cut two extra of them for the back part
Cut out a little gusset just by sort of measuring it might fit (and did!)

And broke off a skewer and propped it through the middle to the top of the hat
 (just in case it goes floppy)
And also padded the insides with some scrap felt

Gusset sewn in... truly simple as!

 And a little bag of rice for the bottom
(learned this from the Santa instructions last year!)

 And here she is!
Just love the hand-sewn effect on this... nothing too neat and tidy!
haha... she actually looks like she has a shawl on rather than sleeves!

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Let's December Daily, Our Beautiful World, Frosty Festivities
I've shown how my pages have come together in readiness for December 1st... here's a bit of a peek...
Head on over to see how the pages look with the black denim fabric binding :)
You can find it HERE
Don't forget you can also link up your December Daily progress too!
The theme is
'Vintage November'
We had a wonderful stay at the most rustic old home,
and among its charms was this old wooden shoe fitter...
You can find the photography challenge HERE
Just have this little page (jumping all over the place with my dates in my 2008 Dec Daily)
But couldn't go past this beautiful photo of my Cosmo (passed away now)  and 
 were perfect for here.... 

And this worked here too..
Add tiny beads to a snowflake or a star
You can just make out my little beads on some diecut snowflakes.

You can find the challenges here

Friday, 20 November 2015

Paint Party Friday.. & Frosty Festivities Blog Event

Paint Party Friday...Week 37
Quite haven't finished this little linocut,
 and probably will paint/print some Christmas cards with it once its finished with some more detail.   I absolutely love tactile arty things.

You'll find it HERE
Paint Party Friday


A couple more inspirations projects

The first one is
So bring on the glitter paper!!!
Oh my, I've been wanting to do one of these for ages!
except I only have an 8x8 paper pad cos I used up my 6x6 glitter one, but that's okay
picked out these colours... isn't that blue gorgeous!

And with a glass bauble and an inch punch, punched out a heap of circles

Glue a half the circle....

Start at the bottom and work the way up to the top of the bauble.

And tie with a ribbon!


Next for the inspiration suggestion was....
Weeeell, I've had these little star brads for so long ...
and stars can be ornaments... so each star, held up a picture... Its a simple page :)
Got to love those!
2008 December Daily page..

 Look at this little lodger....
That's my husbands chimney scraper (to get rid of soot) and had placed it up in the eaves of the carport.... low and behold, this little bird thought it would be lovely to have an apartment built in high-rise style!  WAY cute!
 Did you spot the babies!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Frosty Festivities....

I've completed a few more FROSTY FESTIVITES inspired challenges...

And what I love about this is that these are things I would never even think of trying..
or haven't done in a loooooong time.....
so its so great to step out of the norm!
One of the inspirational suggestions is to:
I was looking for some penguin inspiration online (because penguins really weren't something I'd thought about or shown interest in scrapping) and came across a REALLY interesting site...(which is too fabulous not to share!) and as a result..... here's my end result!
He is a very cute little fellow! 
Once made up.... I added some gems.
Its a little box!
And sooooo easy to cut out fold and put together!
I printed it out on white cardstock
  There are other wonderful characters there too...
If you have children, or want to give a little gift - this would be lovely on the Christmas table for them filled with smarties or M&M's or a little play toy.
This is the SITE 
 And check out  over on the right side of the site for the other fabby little boxes!  (look at the bat, Grinch and reindeer among others!)
Now..... I would NEVER have found this had I not gone looking for Penguin inspiration!
Soooo, looking at the inspiration suggestions again.. I went with these:
I loved my last little Christmas tree card (made for the hop) so much... I had another go at another one... but this time, I've tweeked it a little...
Here's my last one
You can find the template here
And here's the one I've played with a bit, not as many branches
(is that what it would be called? Jutty out bits)
And jagged along the bottom .  I've also coloured the 'tree trunk' black.
But this time, I've sewn along the two sides and bottom and it holds closed well.....

And stamped down one side.. the 'enjoy'  turns to 'joy' because...

I've made it a gift card wallet :)

And with a hole punch in the corner.... and a bit of ribbon... the gift card could hang on the tree :)
(yes, just with the bit of stitching across the bottom, it holds really well
and makes it easy to get a gift card out)


Soooo, next, I went with these inspiration suggestions....

Use the phrase ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ on your next project

Use a digital overlay, stamp etc on your next project – either a digital project or a hybrid one
 (where you’ve printed something)

I've used a bit of this printing on transparency technique before - and like many techniques
 just forget about them!
Having a jet printer, it needs the correct printing acetate to go in it.
And a very long time ago, I found it!  In an office shop - no choice but to buy a box of 50 (A4 size) so lets just say I've got HEAPS!  
This inspiration was a great reminder to get it out and do something with it!
I always print out  a draft first on copy paper to make sure I've sized it right...then feed my transparency in...
You can actually just slightly see the textured side of the plastic... this is the side that is printed upon....

With this, I turned into a shaker card by stitching the transparency on the front of the card trapping clear sequins underneath. 

The lighter the paper underneath...the brighter the printed acetate will appear and this has a slight pattern on it... which worked perfectly without it taking over.

You can find the


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Join us as you are planning yours!
(or thinking about starting one :) )