Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop Last One! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

It's been so lovely going down memory lane,
re-giggling at the antics of a funny old black cat!
So here's one last post for
Blackie being an ex-feral, has never taken to getting up on furniture to nap.
It's one of the reasons we bought him his very comfy bed kept on the floor in the lounge near the fire.
But he suddenly went through a spate of getting up on the furniture...
it was a really random thing to do, and has never done it since...
We wondered what was going on in his head???
Of course we'd let him nap wherever he wanted and was really amused to thinking finally after all these years!
The first two pics I've posted here before, the third I had originally done in blue but was dull for where I wanted to put it in my Project Life album,  I've re-scrapped it in yellow... bright and happy!  It's this one I'll enter into Cat Lovers Hop :)
So, out of the blue, Blackie gets up on dh's foot stool, and it looks none too comfy either!
And tries to nap
(Chirp mentioned here is our little bird who has the  nerve to swoop him - and yes ex-feral  who ducks or runs away!!! 
 Then a few weeks later... progressed to dh's armchair!

Then not long after the armchair incident... went from my scrapping chair to on my desk!
I was stunned and of course took LOTS of photos!!
And there it ended, perhaps he thought it wasn't all it was cracked up to be?
You can find all the Guidelines and  FAQS.....
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 It's been a blast!
Soooo, while we have this post to go.... and....still tripping down memory lane..
here's a little HALLOWEEN booklet I did on Blackie back in 2009....
(lol, you might notice a pic from the 'printer incident'!)


 Got a little party going on tonight!!



Friday, 30 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop Day 5

Trying to be brave again.... a couple of days ago,
but only because I was sitting with him...
And a little Simple Stories Kitty die cut (love that cat range!!)
and I found this....
back in 2009  in my scraproom on top of a cupboard where my printer was kept..
 a warm sunlight place for a cat to sit high up on the second storey so he was at birds-eye
level with the trees looking out of the window. I could not believe he stayed there when the printer was clunking and whirring (remember this was 2009!)  and it didn't frighten him away...instead he got 'curious'!
 And even had an attempt at play - one of his first attempts!
This clip only runs for a minute, and if you get sick of his head going backwards and forwards watching the printer print... go to 45secs... that's the action! LOL
Taken in 2013
His most favourite place in the world.... and still is to this day
The loud snores we've heard under this blanket!
Here's a LO I created about Blackie's average day back in May
3rd October....
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 See you there!!
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Hope you share your photography 'Boo' stories
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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop Day 4

I seem to be a little ahead on my days than everyone else,
we are a bit ahead of time here in Australia, so hoping I'm not looking way too eager! LOL.
It's the end of Day 4 here 
Another journal Project Life cards for the album....
This was the 'happenings' this past week - scrapped!
A fright for Blackie
(and thanks to Deb for my lovely painted birdies!)
Tee hee....this is the first time I've ever seen Blackie do this - The tap was dripping in the bath and there he was sticking his face under it trying to drink (he has a perfectly good cat bowl of water in the kitchen!) Anyway, I spied him through the door crack, ran and got my camera, got back, tried to focus, but feeling like he was guilty of something or feeling 'trapped' in the bath or a bit of both.... scrambled to jump out of the bath.... still.... I caught the drip of the tap and the splashes over his face - it was too funny!

Waiting for me to come home......
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop Day 3 and Frosty Festivities 2015!

Got another section done for my Project Life album
(have been a little behind!)
Blackie, back in week 37, confident in his stroll outside, but the constant incoming stimulation both audibly and visually for this over-alert cat, means exhaustion is imminent
Another Blackie moment...
Blackie is very serious, quite shy and very nervous. He never knew how to 'play'. Though slowly he did learn.  His most favourite place is under his blanket!   (taken back in 2008)
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Another awesome scrapping event happening on
November 1st.....
 for lots of Winter and Christmas crafty inspiration (including scrapbook layouts, cards, diy gifts, home decor, and more), plus giveaways and challenge prompts (giveaways and challenges will stay open until the 6th of December)!
Frosty Festivities 2015 Crafty Blog Event at Jennifer Grace Creates
To kick things off in this announcement is a giveaway!
By sharing news of this event anyone could win this prize:
Frosty Festivities 2015 Announcement Giveaway at Jennifer Grace Creates
This will be the 2nd 'Frosty' event I've played in, and the 3rd or even maybe 4th (cant remember!) event at Jennifer Grace's  - and I've created things I never thought I would!
Don't forget to join in

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop Day 2....

Just a simple 6x12in
for my Project Life album....
Blackie's daily antics....
His little wander in the garden
Basking in a sunlit spot in the lounge room
and then back at the backdoor... wondering about safety!
A little background story....
How 'Blackie' came into our family.
 He was feral, he had obviously been abused maybe by humans??, but most probably dogs?, and even 15 years later there is only one person he trusts...... me. The only time he climbed into my lap was when I was on the computer (where the focus was not on him), he can no longer do this- to big, too arthritic.  He knows when I'm sick and he knows when I need a cuddle. He's lost many of his nine lives. I doubt if he has any left.
It was Christmas morning of 2002 when we were unwrapping presents that a faint 'meow' could be heard. The night before dh had nailed the last plank down of our new back decking......and this tiny skinny terrified little black cat had been shut in and stuck underneath. He was so lucky we heard him as that afternoon we were leaving to go away on holiday and he would have surely perished horribly. We let him out, I fed him, (much to dh disgust!) and when we returned off holidays, he was still there, still skinny - he adopted me. It took him 18months before he would jump up onto my lap and it took 2-3yrs before he trusted me. Up until then, he had sliced through my skin with his teeth and claws a few times with his 'fight or flight' instincts.  It was to be expected - I accepted it and remained calm, spoke quietly, comforting and soon he realised, I didn't fight back.  He would never dream of doing it now, though he always remains on high alert to sudden sounds or the feeling of being cornered without escape and very wary of visitors.   The vet thought he was about 2 years old when he came to our house.   The re-education of a feral cat takes patience and years. We have an extraordinary relationship that I've never had from a domesticated cat..
Scrapped back in 2008 - the photo (2002) is after we'd had him probably 6 months, had lots of vet visits and  was starting to look well!  Those big alert eyes have never relaxed to this day.

 Would I do it again... you bet!
Have you a kitty or two or more to share ?
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Monday, 26 October 2015

Cat Lovers Hop!

Welcome to my blog post as part of the
 all started by Janis at 'Her Peaceful Garden'
Some great challenges coming up!!
Wont it be good to get some cat antics recorded in albums, projects and/or cards done!!
 Did you know that Oct. 29th is National Cat Day???? 
I've been busy trying to get this little vintage quote book completed for my daughter Hannah,
And what a great excuse to add a fun 'CAT' page!!!!
I drew and water-coloured these little black cats ages ago, but they were on watercolour paper...
so cut them out and added them into this little book.....
with some wonderful 'CAT' advice!

Prizes to win during the Hop....
Sponsors have been generous!
 Graphic 45 - Some products from their "Raining Cats & Dogs" line.
Simple Stories - Some products from their "Cat SN@P" line.
Paper Smooches - Their "Feline Friends" set.  
Unity - A surprise prize.  
Waffle Flower - Their "On My Mark" set.  
Newton's Nook - A $20 Gift Voucher for their online store.  
Serendipity - A $20 Gift Voucher for their online store.  
Artistic Impressions - Their "Cat Lady" stamp. 
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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Paint Party Friday, Our Beautiful World.....

Week 33
I've missed the last few weeks through being terribly busy,
and its been so nice today to stop, de-stress, be still, quiet and scribble....
You can find so much inspiration
Paint Party Friday
The theme this week is
Couldn't go past 'Blackie'  - yes, black and perfect for Halloween theme AND.....
literally and physically  BOO is the perfect word as
he is SCARED of outside!
Even when he plucks the courage up to wander out the back door....
and even heading towards the fence-line something always happens!
This time, poor old Blackie (arthritic 17yrs old) wandered to the fence,
and out of nowhere two big dogs jumped around and barked sensing he was there..
Two big dogs that have never lived there before nor are there now (neighbour must have been dog-sitting for a couple of days!)  I was photographing the flowers in the back garden (hence Blackie's courage to wander further) when it happened, and managed to capture Blackie big-eyed and dashing past the wheelbarrow to the back door!
His heart was racing... and now, only goes as far as the backdoor mat to sit upon.
Hope you share your photography 'Boo' stories
Some reminders too!
And speaking of cats........
This one is nearly here...
Some great challenges coming up!!
It will be good to get some cat antics recorded in albums and/or cards done!!

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Our Beautiful World....

This week's theme is
Busy bees ...

Big bumble bee here!
Hope you can join in....
Tell us your 'Gathering' photography stories
and see the DT's wonderful interpretations!
Don't forget to join in

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I've Been Absent! - Our Beautiful World - Cat Lover's Hop!

Yes, I've been absent for a week or so, and thoroughly busy with the school holidays finishing up this past weekend, and have been away at 'scrappy camp from last Thursday to Sunday (got a heap of Project Life pages finished and almost up to date!
On a side note:- I don't tend to show my Project Life pages on my blog anymore... I had an epiphany after a friend visited and looked through my pages, she asked lots of questions, mainly about the photos. Why?  Because I've limited the journaling and even some of the photos (important photos) because of privacy for the  blog.   I had to ask myself who I was doing this for?  And so it was decided. And I've got to admit, its so nice getting through those pages without a filter :)
Anyway, here's
the theme is 'Weather'
 Go visit to see the fabulous dt interpretations too...
I had a lot of costumes to wash and then hang on the line to blow in the wind... I wasn't sure if the rain would hold.   Had to take a few of the costumes off so I could see through to the sky while photographing.
LOL, it was fun laying on the grass looking up  with the camera! Goodness knows what anyone would have thought if they saw me!  It would be like:  'I'm trying to take photos of the weather' LOL!
Yeah.... a bit bizarre!
You can find the photos stories
Hope to see yours too!
AND, I thought this would be fun!!
(especially since cats feature at times in my scrapping!)

October 29th is National Cat Day!! 
 So.... Janis going to host a
 on her blog Oct. 26-30. 

There are some awesome sponsors lined up who are donating cat-themed prizes  So far, Graphic 45, Waffle Flower, Newton's Nook, Paper Smooches, and Art Impressions have prizes for some lucky random cat lovers.  There will be prizes who link up cat-themed cards or projects....and prizes for those who comment too.  

Here's what Janis has to say....... The projects do not have to be Halloween-themed.  In fact, I hope that many of them will not be!  Let's try to have cats as the main theme of the card or project, though, and not just an incidental part.  However, I'm not going to be picky on that point, because I love seeing cats anywhere! Any projects are fine, so be creative and get working on something awesome to link up at the end of the month.  But no back-linking, so don't post it on your blog until my linky tool goes live!!!  :)
Feel free to snag the blog badge, too, to let others know about this fun event!!!

 Yep, definitely will be joining in on this one!!!

Don't forget to join in

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And on a scary note....
Paige's University has been put on high alert today with a big police presence due to threats made online about an impending attack...
I'm sure the validity of the people responsible is being checked, and in the meantime, Paige only needed to be in there for 20 minutes to do a German speaking exam and she was out of there...
Even so, it does make us feel on edge.
I hope they get those responsible!


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World

Up an hour earlier today!
Daylight savings has started.
In the past I've hated it and dreaded it.  Being a night owl, and with my work being primarily afternoons/nights, and children who were always hard to get to bed and to sleep... it was never welcome.
Lately, for the first time ever, I've actually been looking forward to it.
Hmmmn, what's changed?  I'm not sure, perhaps I sleep better than I did, perhaps its the welcome warmer weather.  Perhaps I don't mind getting up earlier now?
Don't know, but for now....I don't mind at all :)
Of all the easy things to draw.... I cant draw clouds!!! They look silly!
I don't think I've really drawn any before.  Oh well... another thing to practice.
You can find Sunday Sketches
Sunday Sketches
The theme is
Colours of October....
And for us here in Tasmania,  the last of the daffodils are showing,
Managed to catch a little sparrow fossicking too.

Hope you will share your 'Colours of October' stories with us