Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World

It's school holidays here  (Spring Break)
Its so nice to take a more relaxed lifestyle...
though lol - I've decided to spring clean!
Yes its THAT time!
The garden is in full bloom and the bees on our fruit tree blossoms are a
 hive of activity (pardon the pun) with many flying visitors of sorts
I have taken the time though, this weekend to get stuck into the little
vintage book,  its been lovely not to think about much else :)
It's hard to see the beautiful gossamer/shimmer/sparkle of the Twingling H20's from the photo above, the camera just does not capture its end result beautiful like we see in real life,
 so here are some close-ups  
(using Mystique-blue, Kiwi-green, and Solar Gold - is my absolute favourite)

Happy Sketching on Sundays!!
You can find
Sunday Sketches
The word this week is
in the Art Studio garden
And don't freak out....
but here's a photo of ornaments hanging from our mantle at Christmas last year.....
Yes I KNOW!   (too soon??? - maaaaybe not - read on!)
In less than a week, it will be October... and for those of you who are into
'December Daily's' - you'll know what I mean..... we start looking at supplies,
(especially the new paper and embellishment ranges starting to arrive in scrapbooking shops !!)
blogs, pinterest, inspiration from anywhere and everywhere to conjure thoughts of
what kind of December Daily to create this year.
 I cant wait!!
I LOVE Christmas!
I digress.... sorry.....
How wonderful though to dress up the brick fireplace at such a beautiful time of year!!!
We have two - double the fun!
What about your photography stories for 'bricks'
See how easily photos can tell so much!
We'd love to see them...

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Paint Party Friday #29

I cant believe how quickly these weeks just roll around!
Friday to Friday - just goes in an instant!
Another little painting page done....
Ah..... could do with a holiday!!
Paint Party Friday

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Paint Party Friday and Our Beautiful World......

This is a little  and quick sketch I had in my memory of an old country road...
and loved this quote... and both went together very well
You can find
Paint Party Friday

Our lovely French exchange student left this for us
as a little reminder....
Go see what the rest of the DT have come up with....

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Paint Party Friday Week 27 ......

Seems I get to this mid-week....of the next week lately!
Pretty much, life has been in the fast lane again, and after this Saturday is over...
three weeks holiday - whooo hoo!!
Here's a little pearler for Hannah's book (tee hee)
You can find it
Paint Party Friday

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World.....

A bit of a mixed media page this time....

You can find
Sunday Sketches


Our Beautiful World #114

This time it's


 Couldn't go past my 'messy box' I receive every month...
I LOVE it!!!

one of the contents.....  gorgeous - and lots to get messy with!

Show us your 'MESSY' photography stories




Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Paint Party Friday

Finally getting to this one, well past Friday!
the real deal....  small peacock feather, and a tiny little galah feather

You can find it
Paint Party Friday


Monday, 7 September 2015

Sunday Sketches and Our Beautiful World

Just got over the most massive week and weekend with work, and for the next four days am on a little break.  Its so nice to sit with all my arty things around me with no pressure to do anything or be anywhere.  (*insert very long sigh*)
So  little 'bridge' pages for this little quote book....
Black outliner and watercolour pencils
Join in
Sunday Sketches
The word this week is:
Paige at a local beach, it's wintertime, no swimming so found other ways to amuse
herself and have some fun:
Jumping off a stone wall.....

Looks like a bird with wings out and feet for landing!
Landed with sand flying (the sand is white and powerlike- a bit hard to tell in the dark winter sun)
(you can see the sandcastle in the background too!)
Join in with your 'JUMP' photography stories

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Let's Get Arty #67

Let's Get Arty's
An 'Inspiration' picture!
I took inspiration from the bed and bedding, the colour white, and indicated the greenery by the picture above the bed by a single leaf.  There are also books and slippers under the bed in brown colours.  Created in this vintage book - gives that shabby vintage feel.

Make sure you go see the other design teams amazing projects..
and join in too!
We'd love to see your interpretation of the challenge!
in my garden....
And today we said good-bye to Uncle Ernie...