Sunday, 19 July 2015

Paint Party Friday, Counterfeit Kit Challenges and Our Beautiful World......

Sometimes, I have left over paint on my waterbrushes and will slosh them over a spare page in the quote book...... so this is how this page grew...
Pretty much both pages looked like the one on the right. Simple almost childish right? How come flowers?  Well,  were two yellow splotches right in the middle of the page soaked through by a previous page's process, and its just what come to mind at the time and consequently forgotten about.   Last night, finally arriving at this page, thought it needed dressing up and started to tear bits of scrap paper and added petals...

Watercolour pencils with waterbrush

 and outliner....
Bit of fun :)
You can find PPF HERE
Paint Party Friday
Use a tool that has not been used much with a technique..
Weeeell, I've got to say - other than the odd drying a page with my heat gun,
I've never really used my embossing powders with stamps (yeah, forget to use those too)
so set about something simple (and yet definitely need more practice!!!) with some little blue sparkly stars and managed another page for Hannah's quote book (boy I'm trying to whiz these out!!!) 

Tried to keep the glue on the actual star part of the stamp, but there was some overspill... but that's okay... its suits the loose style of the work.  I cant even tell you how long I've had that embossing power - years!  Never opened till now! 

Should really do a lot was fun!!
This has been a great reminder!!
used up some alphas that were sparse on its page, the 'r' in 'stars' actually is an upside down 'j'!
Find it HERE
"Art Studio"
Where I spend every Wednesday afternoon....
layers of oil tubes ready to be tossed away... but still look beautiful laying spent.
A wonderfully creative space
Share your 'layers' photographic stories...
Don't forget to join in here......
the criteria is anything to do with books!


Ros Crawford said...

Those empty tubes do look beautiful! And what a gorgeous place to create ... Wishing you a beautiful day!

NatureFootstep said...

I wish I could paint it seems like fun to me. Like your idéa of the book paintings. :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Gosh, this was such fun to how the flowers came into being.....that quote with your embossing is one of my faves.....& embossing ROCKS! Should try it randomly over some wet mediums. Such FUN.....and I really, really like the look of those 'munted' oil tubes!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love your pages!! The quotes are always AMAZING!! And loving your layers photo and studio photo!! Gorgeous!!!!!

Valerie said...

In fact anything I wanted to say is already said by Julie :-D

Giggles said...

I love your pages and how your book is evolving with rich sayings and beautiful colour!! I would also love to get a hold of that amazing table and those chairs and paint them all kinds of whimsical this post and all the fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing...your art table looks like an amazing sanctuary!

Hugs Giggles

Tinna Sjoeberg said...

Hi Mandy :)
Love the way you draw and paint in your quote book.
I can still read some of it, so it’s not gone all the way :)
Maybe I should look for a nice old book too, to do
something like that :))
And I do envy you for that gorgeous studio! I’m not
sure if I could be doing anything in there instead of
just sitting there and looking out into the beautiful
garden, but I would love to have a place like that
on my own :)
Have a beautiful Sun uhmmm Monday :D
Tinna ✐

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

those are wonderful pages! :D great colours

Julene Matthews said...

Fantastic page with the embossed stamped stars Mandy.I too, put off embossing because it is so messy .It always looks good though.
Your other items are very cute too.

Manuela said...

Mandy, a great photo from all the oil tubes and your creative space is gorgeous. A wonderful place to be creative!
Your book pages are fabulous!

Manuela said...

Hallo Susanne, es war bestimmt super. Californien steht auch weit oben auf meiner Reiseliste :-)
Hoffe ihr habt viel gesehen und eine schöne Zeit gehabt, klasse das ihr beiden euch getroffen habt, bestimmt lustig so ein treffen :-)
Deine Karte ist sehr schön, auch die anderen die du wieder gemacht hast. Finde auch immer die Kolibris so schön, die Darnell aus ihrem Garten zeigt.

Susanne said...

Your pages turned out so pretty. Well done.

Audrey Pettit said...

Beautiful pages! Love those flowers and the night sky, too! And such lovely sentiments! So fun to see your crafty space, my friend! Great post!

LCSmithSAVED said...

sigh... I am delighted to have a visual of your space, somewhere to put you in my mind's eye :) The OBW paint tubes were stunning. I saved some pics you posted of the paint leavings on your palette - really gorgeous! You have such a skilled eye for beauty.

Robyn Oliver said...

Mandy your photos bring a smile to my face...spent tubes you just can't throw away...lovely studio