Friday, 10 July 2015

Counterfeit Kit Challenges

Finally put my mind to getting my Counterfeit Kit together!
The kit is from Germany - Scrapabilly March Kit
 Totally love the woodgrain throughout.
And as usual, put it through 'Chip-It' to get some colour swatches

Here's the result:

And some embellishments 
Hmmn, I'm leaving out stamps and paints and alphas etc, because they are all something I'd grab on the whim while scrapping.  And this is enough of a good core kit for starters :)
It's already gone to good use!
Challenge #1: Picture this!  Scrap with no LESS than 4 photos on your project.  You can use more photos, but not less.
YAY - that means Project Life and I always need excuses to get uptodate!!!
First up is my winter garden...
Got to LOVE online photography challenges!  Why? 
Because it makes you take photos each week AND then you can use them in Project Life!
That way you don't get to a photo-less week and say 'oops, forgot to take pics!'

Did another pocket LO using no less than 4 photos!
Not the best dancing photos, they were more like quick grab pics - but at least a memory. The group were in hysterics in one photo, and I wish I could remember what is was!

Don't forget to join in here......
the criteria is anything to do with books!
Our Beautiful World
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Susanne said...

Beautiful pocket pages. Your kit is filled with lots of wonderful paper and pretties. I'll have to remember to use that chip it application.

Audrey Pettit said...

I am loving all the woodgrain prints you chose for your kit, too, and what a ton of great embellishments. Absolutely love the pocket pages you made already. The winter garden theme is so fun and such a great idea. The layered butterflies totally catch my eye, but it's the sequins that really grab my attention. What perfect little raindrops they make for your theme. Really love the solid woodprint you used for your recital page, too. The big camera die cut and strips of washi are pure fun. Love them!

Tina Campbell said...

Wow you did great with you kit (I'm a bit behind too :) Love the embellishments you chose for your kit really looks like it's gonna be fun to use. Some super cute pages you created already :)

Susan said...

Very pretty kit (especially the embellishments and that gorgeous trim!) and I will definitely be checking out Chip It. I did a pocket page too for that same challenge.

LCSmithSAVED said...

What a fab kit - you had me at the gorgeous papers, especially the vintage BG.
I put that Silly Goose in, too - am determined to use it!
Your garden photos are stunning. Agree with Audrey above about the sequins!

Julene Matthews said...

Fabulous kit Mandy and your 2 P/L pages are awesome as well. I will endeavour to do your challenge, being a librarian I feel I should.

cinmfoster said...

Beautiful kit, such nice paper and embellishments.
Cindy F