Saturday, 6 June 2015

Paige's German Altered Vintage Book of Quotes

6th June 2015

And recently I managed to get my hands on another little vintage German book (similar to the one I've been using for Hannah's antique quote book.)
  It was the perfect excuse to get it started!
No quote, but there will be plenty inside - filled with encouragement and comfort for Paige when she feels she needs some clarity :)   Just need to fill in now!
The 'For Paige'  is made with a chisel ended glue pen, and gold leaf.
Write the word and then gently press the gold leaf on the glue
Rub very carefully off with my finger..

Then paint over with a thin covering of Mat Modge Podge
and dress up with a couple of little blue birds which act as arrows 
pointing focus to Paige's name :) 
The little birds are edged with Lumiere metallic acrylic paint 'Brass' which
is very much a 'gold' not brassy at all.  The background is light stamped with
a suggestion of script writing.


1st Page:
YAY, used my handmade embellishments (shown from the previous post)
for Counterfeit Kit Challenge of 'actually' using the handmade embellishments!!
Here's a little antique German/English book I'm getting ready
 (this time for Paige who is studying German at university)
I want it full of quotes suited just for Paige and interestingly enough, the quotes I choose for her have turned out to be so very different to the ones I've chosen for Hannah.
(just a little observation that has dawned on me during this process)

A light grey tinted gesso for the background....

And my favourite - a black watercolour pencil for shading and definition,
plus a fine-liner for framing.

19th June



 12th July 2015

 Paige loves her long baths!!
Hadn't thought to put a 'book' into her hands yet.....
and felt something was missing.  
Twinkling H20's - Hunter Grey, Chestnut, Bamboo Heaven
African Jade, Raspberry Wine and Apple Blossom

There... that's better!
I like it's on the book paper too, it's like she has lost herself in the words of her book...
completely oblivious to the time ticking away...




Lizzy Hill said...

Well now, that didn't take long! They look fabulous, too.....& yup, I can imagine the quotes would be different....2 different kiddos at different stages of their lives...different personalities, etc etc..... anyways, I find it fascinating how one's kids are so different....& yet in some ways, very similar. Right, enough guff.....!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is GORGEOUS! LOVING the embellies and loveeeeeeee that quote!!!! And LOVING how you used your wood guy to point it all out! :)

Susan said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure this book will be a treasure.

Julene Matthews said...

This book is fantastic and I love the quote.The layered flowers are a lovely touch.

LCSmithSAVED said...

I'm so keen to try something like this.
Thanks for discussing how you did the detailing :-)
Gold leaf really isn't difficult to work with but adds so much glam!

Margie said...

This is just beautiful!! Love it soo much!

sassyscrapper said...

How artistically inspired! Wow!