Sunday, 24 May 2015

Our Beautiful World - Week 98 'Broken'

Here's my very first dt photo for
and the topic is
A recently broken treasure.  
A handpainted cup I brought back from my time in Israel - another lifetime ago
I was so upset....
The culprit, a starling, fell down the chimney
and flew amok around the dining room like a ricocheted bullet!!
What a mess it made!!!
Finally after wearing (and almost knocking) itself out, I managed to catch it in
an old tea towel rag and set it free. 
 I managed to fit the pieces together so I know it will glue up okay
(just got to find the right glue and get the job done properly)
It did well to just 'sit together' okay
The unbroken back of the cup

Isnt it beautiful!
I hope you can join us
Let us see your 'broken' stories!


Lizzy Hill said...

It IS beautiful, I can see why you would have been upset....but at least it's glue-able! And the starling was OK..... !!!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh I'm so glad you could fix it and take time to capture a shot of the starling too! Have a great day!

Jane said...

huge congratulations on your DT spot and huge thanks for introducing me to this blog. I love this idea of sharing photos and the stories that match. I'm hoping to play along and am on the look out for my broken photo opportunity.

Lizzyc said...

Oh I would have been heart broken to have a mug from Israel broken like that, thank goodness it fits back together ok.. So precious!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Oh that makes me sad that he broke it :( Hopefully you can find the right glue to get it back together!!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Welcome to the OBW team Mandy. What a lovely set of 'broken' photos and the story that goes with it, glad you were able to save your lovely mug.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

You are awesome to put the broken pieces back together again! Beautiful shot!
Welcome to the OBW team and thanks for the birthday wishes too! : )

Janis said...

Mandie, this is a wonderful story abt the broken mug. Fabulous photography!!
Be sure to visit my blog soon where I have introduced you as a new follower on my latest post!!
Hugs from your friend in the USA!!! :D
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Louise said...

Oh no! it is beautiful.