Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event....

It's started!   And I've been scrapping a storm!
For the first time in ages, I've felt motivated and love what I'm doing
You can check Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event out
It's been a weekend of scrapping, scrapping and more scrapping
with some very surprising results
Heres why...
Jennifer Grace kicked the event off with:
 (aside from some great motivational prizes here there and everywhere)
a handmade brooch  (check it out here)
so that got my mind cooking with ....
I'd LOVE to make a brooch, though not having the same goodies to scrap with,
I went with what I've got (dug them out of the depths of beyond),  after all - it's about being inspired!
(insert **happy face!***)
                       Sooooo, starting with a pin wheel...         and using a black pen
                                (like this as a 'focal' point)           (turned out to be the surprise!)
                   Used this tray, a little star charm   and some pink string to co-ordinate
                     Pushed in the cut out paper 
                     see the sparkle :)                                 Filled with Dimensional Magic
                                        On with the glass bubble top and left to dry
                             (didn't put the clasp on the back yet as it needed to dry flat)
                                                              So happy with this!
 Now to the surprise bit!
 Oooooh chemistry!!!
(insert **shocked** face this morning when I checked on it)
Look what using the black ink pen did!!!!!
So much for the contrasting pink string!!!!
(sorry, the reflection off the class top is hard to fix, it is clear, not murky in the corners) 
 LOL, nevertheless, I still love it!!!
Clasp on and lovely against white
(might change the pink string to blue?)
Next was inspiration from the blog hop :)
Jennifer Grace suggested:  to use frames, pick a colour to accent subject matter, and make a gallery like wall for a LO which suited my Week 20 of my PL album in a 12x12 form
Even black stitched a frame and using a black watercolour pencil, gave it some shadow and definition to look like a hung picture for the gallery look, its actually lies flat :)
 See my gardening shoes.... in the background..
Back on the Bloghop
encouraged us to scrap 'sport'
SPORT!!!! ???
Right-ho - weeell if anyone knows me, they know I'm completely and utterly
BUT, yes there's a 'but' - putting that all aside, you would think my girly girls are too...
Not-so.... they are gritsy-gutsy girls... and with their dad...
this is what they get up to.....
(thankfully without me - I find it too traumatic to watch!!!!)
Dune buggies and bikes! 
Paige and Hannah have a wonderful time taking part with their dad, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends
Yep, that's my dh...
and you can see where the photo has been extended into the background paper with stitching
Here's some stencilling with white jelly pen work with journaling.
The arrow stamp is actually a lino print I cut
You can find the how-to here
It's been really 'different' doing grungy masculine work and a welcome change!
I've always loved extending the background past the photo and its been great to do some more of that again..... AND doing a LO - I've been project life-ing so much lately, doing LO's have become rare.
now... its back to some more scrapping!!!


Deb said...

Your little "blue" brooch still looks very cute even with the colour change. Love your layouts.....both fabulous creations. Love the stitched photo extension.....very clever.

Lizzyc said...

You have been busy! Love the variety of your creations!

Lizzy Hill said...

My! Good on you getting your errr....scrap? I guess that includes the little pendant...on! LOOOVE how it went blue:):) The sand duning.....I'd leave it alone, too....but love the sewing bit & your frames look fabulous!!! Can't wait to see the rest;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Even though it turned blue... the brooch still looks amazing!! LOVING all your projects!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

Louise said...

I like the blue - i imagine it was quite the surprise.
Your framed layout is lovely too with all those frames inside a frame.

I'm chuffed that you were inspired to create a sporty page :) looks great and extending the photo is a super idea, its very effective. Thanks so much for your comments on jennifer blog hop as well x

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha ha how funny that it turned blue! I would change the string to yellow, personally :-)

It looks cute anyway!

The layouts are both gorgeous too, my favourite is the frames one, I love how you shaded around the stitched frame, and the stitched-on leaves look stunning.

Thanks so much for joining in with the Focus Your Craft & Soul event! x