Friday, 22 May 2015

Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event (5)

Been working on a few more little projects for
It does end on Sunday so the motivation is there to scrap away till then.
I'd been in such a mojo-less rut for the most part of this year and this
has become welcome relief (big smile)
It kind of reminds me of the old fashioned 'cybercrops' that
would be held over a weekend with multiple challenges, creating
all kinds of crazy and beautiful things..... 
What fun they used to be!
Anyway, here's the latest!
Again, still being inspired by  the blog hop  ...
Daphne made me think about my cameras..
they have a story, and I actually use three cameras!
Yep, they all do something different or better than the other,
I know is seems silly, but it works for me and the way my mind thinks
(which is not always practical) I can grab which camera is needed for the job.
None of them are special or fancy, but they are mine and it works.
The quote is fabulous isn't it!  I've handwritten it.
Annie showed us her first ever video creating her LO for the 'focus' blog event,
and it was fabulous,  though, what I really loved at the end of her blog post was
bringing into focus the left over scraps on the desk.  And the way I've been scrapping since the weekend,  there were a LOT of them!   So she suggested gathering them together
and cut them up into cards for project life or any pocket idea.  Annie's were beautifully
finished and arranged in pockets...  I had to get my head into gear on this one!
Weeeell, why have I not thought to do this?? 
 My scraps get gathered up and put in the 'Scrap Box' only to be sorted through
if I need a scrap and lol - usually for pockets!
   Sooooo all gathered:

I took out the specialty paper, and the large blue one (as it had fish to cut out on the other side)
So the remainder now look like this:

I didn't finish them off with embellishment or arrange them in pockets,
(If I pre-arrange anything, I end up rearranging them!!  I know ....hopeless!)
Yep, all put away for better use than forgotten in a scrap box!
Will definitely be doing this more often!!
Sandie created an art journal page with printing her image on tracing paper,
It looked really cool.  
So out came Hannah's little vintage quote book - great to get another page done!
I printed the little owl out on vellum and found an owl appropriate quote for
my little night owl- Hannah.  It was always hard to get her to sleep, even as a small child.
Daylight saving was the bane of our lives!
There were never any tv's/computers etc in my childrens rooms.... only books... 
and my little night owl hasnt changed .... now 20 - she still reads well into the night.
Jennifer Grace showed encouraged us to make a 'die-cut' for a card.
for this - out came my bigshot to make the frame and arrows.
 Added some splatter and a pop of colour.  I wanted to make a more
masculine card for my dad who's birthday is next week :)
The lettering is a bit hard to see especially the white on yellow
'It's your day!'
Jennifer Grace showed how she captured a lovely photo of her children, and how the 'little' things matter.  She also added quotes to the photo.    It looked very cute.
While looking for a photo to suit this inspiration, there was one that stood out.
There are days I really miss Meaghan, my eldest who now lives in New Zealand.  We are used
to her living away for the past decade, she has lived on the other side of the world and has travelled the world with her career.  I've added an overlay... and it sits in this little easel perfectly! The photo was when she made a surprise visit home from England for my birthday last year... I'll never forget how I felt when I saw her standing in front of me that day!  This now stands on my mantelpiece....

You can check Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event out


Deb said...

My oh my........more beautiful and clever creations. Love the camera layout and look at your ready to go PL cards from the left overs......I would never have thought of something so practical lol - must try this myself for sure. AND your little owl.......gorgeous. Love it all. My day of creating hasn't gone as planned but oh well there's always tomorrow.

Louise said...

more beautiful creations...your camera page is cool and you have made me think that i should do something similar with mine.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* remember the games/crops we used to play/do on SIS?????? LOVED those!!!!!! LOVING your projects!! That owl is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous, eclectic mix of creative's always fun to come on by and see what you've been up to! Looove that photo of you with your girl....& the quote for the little P book.... lovely, happy blue!!! Hope you get more scrappy time this weekend. We've got the Grand Boy's THIRD [!!} birthday on Sunday. how time flies.....

Annie Claxton said...

What an interesting post - so interesting to see where all the inspiration took you! I'm really glad you like the idea of using scraps for PL and I LOVE how your owl looks printed onto vellum in your journal page, just beautiful :o)xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

You have been so busy, I am glad this is kick-starting your mojo! I love the info about all your cameras, I really should record mine. And the night owl book pages are just delightful, the perfect colours and sentiment. I am a night owl too. Thank you so much for joining in the challenge! x