Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event (3)

Back again for another little show and tell for
I'm still partial to what was shown in  the blog hop  ...
and this got the mojo a-hopping....
Sheena created a beautiful quote in gold, framed with a vintage paper background.
And recently I managed to get my hands on another little vintage German book (similar to the one I've been using for 'Hannah's Quote book'.)
  Because it's just being started, I needed to do a front page so being totally inspired by Sheena, I ran with the 'gold' and the vintage pages!  It was the perfect excuse to get it started!
No quote, but there will be plenty inside - filled with encouragement and comfort for Paige when she feels she needs some clarity :)   Just need to fill in now!
The 'For Paige'  is made with a chisel ended glue pen, and gold leaf.
Write the word and then gently press the gold leaf on the glue
Rub very carefully off with my finger..

Then paint over with a thin covering of Mat Modge Podge
and dress up with a couple of little blue birds which act as arrows 
pointing focus to Paige's name :) 
The little birds are edged with Lumiere metallic acrylic paint 'Brass' which
is very much a 'gold' not brassy at all.  The background is light stamped with
a suggestion of script writing.
Now its started... got to gather some lovely quotes!
The blog event is open till the end of next weekend...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous! LOVING the birds!!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

the gold, the gold.... I ADORE the gold.....now all I need is some gold leaf. Oh. And a DAUGHTER. That might help. LOL. Ain't gonna happen!!! GORGEOUS cover:):)

Louise said...

all the gold looks so good.

Jennifer Grace said...

The gold looks stunning and I love how the birds are pointing at her name! Thank you so much for linking up to the challenge! x