Sunday, 24 May 2015

Jennifer Grace's Blog Event (7)

It's the last day to get in some more projects for
 I'm  spending my Sunday creating....
finishing of some last bits and pieces to get uploaded to Mr Linky before it closes.
Yesterday afternoon and late night scrapping produced these little projects...
that attract attention.
It's all about 'focus' and Jennifer Grace gave some great ideas on how to use arrows, camera icons, framework or directions on tags.
Here are mine,  I have definitely fallen in love with little cute camera icons and couldn't resist saying so with the white tag.   I had a left over arrow diecut negative scrap which is great to use for framework, so cut out some sparkly red glitter paper bits to glue underneath  two of the arrows for the black tag.  It questions where we might travel next?   And the little Kraft pocket shows a clear direction at aloofness cats can exhibit especially when we want them to do something else!
You can almost see that little wooden figure with lifted tense shoulders and clenched fists,
while the cats breathes 'excusez-moi'

(A day in the life of a cat)
LOL, this was a bit of fun, and to be honest, I've never thought about it before!
Following my cat around to capture 'his' day, and truly - I didn't realise he had SUCH a routine!  Like clockwork!  And he does this everyday!  
Jennifer Grace's suggestion was to focus on what’s important… to someone (or animal) 
I haven't got the girls here because they live away studying, so Blackie, the Cat is was!
He is very old and we are not sure how old, but we have had him for the past 13 years, the vet thought he was about 4-5 when we got him- at the end of his feral life. He has been re-educated  and its been quite the journey!  He does not like going outside much - only for a very short time, the back door must remain open so he can run back in at the slightest noise.   He does not want to be reminded of anything from his past life outside and gets very nervous if that door even looks like closing!  Yet, he does love a bit of a nose around each day.

He is a funny his ways,   I'm glad to have captured this.
This took no time at all to do!   I just set out to find all my geometric-like stamps
and tried them out... what fun!  I used a white gel pen to add some interest.
Jennifer Grace was promoting a little stamp etsy called Little Stamp Store  and showed what she could do with her little stamped pot too and the idea was quite a bit motivating, so I thought 'Hey, I have a little chippy box like that!'   So here we are... all done!
Not sure what I'll use it for, but there's always something 'scrappy' that needs a home!
Quick and easy!  Took about 10-15 minutes!
Oh my my, as soon as I saw this, I knew this project, I knew it would be one of the projects I'd get done!
It was surprisingly easy to do - and Jennifer Grace's instructions were simple to follow!
Here's my tea towel - stamped and trimmed and pressed!
This was done quite late last night....
just me, the snoring cat near my feet and the rattle of the sewing machine
 (dh had long gone to bed)
I didnt have a ready-made tea towel, but I did have some linen fabric tucked away!
First, I sewed all the edges of my fabric,
then attached the little bauble trim on each end of the tea towel
That trim I've had for a LONG time, its by 'fancy pants'.
I knew the butterfly stamps were going to be used, and after sourcing some
'ColorBox Crafters' ink pads - in black and silver (its especially for fabric, wood etc)
I had a little practice on my left over fabric. 
I can tell you I 'm loving this - what great gifts these can make!
All inked onto the fabric, and pressed with an iron to 'set' the ink

It's all ready to be hung in the kitchen
(to look pretty)

All it is - is straight stitching and stamping!
Wow, who would have thought!
Little Felt Book
This is the one Jennifer Grace made:
The Pocket Book Scrapbook - Stitched Mini Book at Jennifer Grace Creates
Cute isn't it!
Here's mine :)

I;m thinking I might actually put my threaded sewing needles and some pins inside
and include a felt 'page' rather than paper ones - I'm sick of trying to find needles in a haystack!
It then can live in my scrap bag - how practical will it be!!!

*edited to add in*
I did make it into a little needles and pins keepsafe!! (not keepsake teehee!)

Love this!!! 

very big smile!!


Inked Arrow Card....

Inspiration is HERE
 Using 3 different coloured inks and stencils


And to finish up with.....

LOVE this....

Drawing/writing on cup with a porcelain pen!!!
Find it HERE

I just could get every cup out of the cupboard and keep on drawing!!

This is the 'funnest' thing to do!!!

It just has to dry now for 24 hrs and after that, go in the oven for 35mins @150C
Then it will be all good for washing up and the dishwasher.


Weeell, my week long intensive scrapping has come to an end..
And its been so good after not doing much for so long!
The one thing I love about doing Jennifer Graces Blog Events is
that I do things I've never thought about or even though of tackling!
There are so many different projects and I love stepping outside my box to have a go!
It's been a great week!

Now to clean up my very massive scrapping mess and get some housework done!!!

(very big smile)



Mascha said...

What a lovely cat story! In general: you have a wonderful and creative blog (I came from OBW)
Have a nice sunday

Deb said...

Oh my goodness..........I've been scrolling up and down, looking and looking at all of your gorgeous little projects. They are all fabulous. Loved reading about Blackie's day and the tea towel is devine. Love the little felt book too.....great idea to use it for your needles. You have been sooooooooooo busy.

Lizzy Hill said...

MAAAAN! I got nothing done. I read all the posts and was absolutely fascinated...but that was it [did have the Grand Boy's 3rd birthday party this weekend, tho!!!].....sooo many of your projects deserve such a huge accolade. I really like the felt storage for needles idea...& the day in the life in for your pussy cat!! LOVELY:):)

scrappyjacky said...

Some great projects....I really love the mug.

Karenladd said...

These are all amazing projects!! You outdid me by about 20 times with the variety and number of great art works! LOVE love love Blackie's layout with the tongue in cheek remarks and fascinating look into a cat's life. I may have to try this for my own kitty...Teddy, who is 16 years old. Your needle book is a clever and practical take on Jennifer's felt book...another idea I may have to steal from you!

Jennifer Grace said...

Well I always love coming to your blog when you link up to the challenges because you really do try out a lot of different projects! It's so fun to see you trying new things and creating so much lovely stuff!

My favourites here are the page about Blackie (I was really hoping someone would focus on a pet), and the stamped tea towel - I'm impressed with how straight it is and the big butterfly is amazing.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and enthusiasm it's made me smile lots! Jennifer x

Louise said...

what a great page about your cat.

Love your mug drawing x