Monday, 18 May 2015

Jennifer Graces Blog Event - (2)

Here are a few more scrappy projects inspired by
 Jennifer Grace's 'Focus' Blog Event
Check it out HERE
Along the way on the blog hop were some great ideas
and great new links to consider and try out!
Leslie created a wonderful LO with an anchor point of a girl holding a few strings, each which reached out to a life event coming her way.  
I loved this idea, and began art journaling,
with sketching and inking and dripping with use of arrows, stamps and small titles
Everything at the fingertips.....
Next was an idea that got me a bit more organised
'K' brought this to my bedraggled attention with a spreadsheet of 'to do's!
I lost control of where I was with my 2014 Project Life album about October last year,
then picked it up in December...
Luckily I had printed out this sheet of weekly numbers and dates which was massively useful last year...
The page on the left is for 2014 and the one on the right is 2015
Yep... had this gap and forgot to keep getting to it to get my album finished!
And for 2015 - I even forgot to print out a list at all!!! (had been good keeping up with it
but started to fall in a hole when trying to find the dates corresponding to the week number).
Finally printied one out at the end of March - only to constantly lose both sets of paper. Folded and scrunched, they looked much like any other piece of paper.   Isn't this a lot of extra bother!!
So today, I made a little  'Sigh' booklet with arrows pointing up and down much like the dates to cover in both albums!
It was simple and full of cut-to-size scrap paper (great to use up)
a little page for each week with a plan, the date and ideas of photos...
(so loved doing this)   The 'sigh' card is a 4x3in so yep, this little booklet is small :)
A big change to the scribble all over and on the backs of my printed sheets with rough drawn out plans of pockets - and being so many, it was overwhelming to look at!
The little 'Sigh' booklet is nothing much really but a collection of information in order, tied together with a bit of string, and once pages are used and not needed, more pages can easily be added or discarded when finished

I've planned all my missing PL pages for 2014 now,
and even got this week and next week of 2015 done too!
And what's great is that I feel organised and finishing albums feels do-able!
Plus because the 'sigh' booklet is brightly coloured - I wont lose it so easily anymore!
It also slides into the front sleeve of either album 
A win-win situation all around!
No more scribble!
Oooh and this idea - I super love....
Visiting Jo's blog I found she worked with a few list ideas and gave links..
this is the one I love the most : The Reset Girl where you can find a list for May of prompts to set into your diary (or list book etc) for creative writing or embellishment...
This year I made my own diary by altering a vintage little blue book
and with lovely pages to write the days activities on, I thought I might add a prompt here and there and have a little 15 minutes of creative fun.... :Favourite Snacks:

How lovely is this!!!  I'm going to continue with it...
got to get onto todays - only need 15-20 mins :)
Jo also suggest having a little box to work from full of bits to use handy so its easy and quick to use.
I like this idea,  I've got one full of things I like to use, but the 'bits' (lol) part... needs to happen yet!


K said...

Yay! Another organised crafter :D
So, so happy I inspired you, a huge compliment xx

Louise said...

wow Mandy you really have been busy. It's great how you've been inspired. i've loved reading your post :)

Deb said...

Totally fabulous creations! Your journal page is just WOW! Love it to bits and your little 'sigh" super clever. Love your little diary too. Well I just LOVE everything you do.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Absolutely gorgeous! LOVING those colors!!!!!

JO SOWERBY said...

Awww I'm chuffed that I gave you a little bit of inspiration and your journal is looking gorgeous. Thanx so much for the bloglove
Jo xxxx

LCSmithSAVED said...

So fun to see where our inspiration led you! I was attracted to the 15 minutes a day creating, too, and now your altered book/diary seems the ticket for me.
Your SIGH booklet? Genius. PL has never been manageable for me before, but I think your idea may reassure me that I COULD do it plus enjoy it!
Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your art :-)

Jennifer Grace said...

These all look great, love the drippy fingers and the list of your favourite snacks, but my fave is the 'sigh' book, it's fab inside and out! Thank you for joining in with 'Focus Your Craft & Soul'! x