Wednesday, 30 July 2014

White with 1 (Duck Egg) and Off the Rail's July Challenge...

Cutting this fine with deadlines, though left late I've really enjoyed creating with both these challenges and their respective criteria.
WW1's colour is 'Duck Egg'
Just LOVE this colour!
Sewing machine got quite a run with this too!

Managed to photograph it fairly true to colour in this horrible weather we are having.....

ww1 duck egg (2014_02_27 18_51_06 UTC)


Here's something completely different from me....
clean lines!!
(Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell as clean as you'll get from a shabby scrapper!!!)
I've got to say, Off the Rails certainly brought me out of my comfort zone
  with this mood palette:
By this afternoon, the weather had deteriorated so much that the light was totally awful to photograph with,  so did my best.....
Paige practicing for dance comps.....

I love the middle photo of her dress completely billowed (not great line of legs as they were going very fast with spinning trying to conquer the awkward foot positioning of the dance- something she was working on to get right before competing - and she did! Lets say she got very frustrated with herself at times)
She won!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Color Combo's Galore #251

ColourCombos Galore have a very pretty inspirational board to play with
three different pinks, a black and olive green...
and some great criteria....

Inspirational Photo #1- Focus on Elements: Shaped tags or labels: Use dies to make shaped journaling tags. Also included the pink flowers from the photo.
Inspirational Photo #2
Focus on Typography: Typewriter Fonts : Used my little typewriter for journaling. Also a typewriter pic on the background paper.
Inspirational Photo #3 -Focus on Pattern: Polka Dots:
Used polka dot paper and created my own polka dot by using little olive green sequins. Also used some triangles inspired by the triangle pattern on the wall of the photo too.
The 4th Photo is the theme wedding/marriage and since I didn't have anything to match that, left that one out.  Anyways, only one of the four is the minimum... so no problems there!
I'm just struggling with photographing well with our rainy Winter miserable weather.  grrr!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #57

We hope you'll play along with this creative Shabby challenge...
This time you need to create a project 
inspired by


It could be from your childhood, from your children's childhood or perhaps it could be what you've read more recently..
I've picked this wonderful story of 'The Velveteen Rabbit',  a stuffed rabbit and his quest to become real through the love of his owner.
(the reason why is at the end of this post :)
Soooooo. with this challenge in mind, what better way to add to the little German antique book of quotes I've been doing for Hannah...
This is a wise little quote from 'The Velveteen Rabbit' story.
I hope this page will also be a little 'pick-me-up' when Hannah is missing home.... when study gets intense and things get overwhelming....and she questions if she can make it to her goals that she's been aiming for...

Hannah was given 'The Velveteen Rabbit' book by her Aunt who had it 'personalised'  by having her name (and her sisters along with our address) included in the book...
Hannah had a stuffed rabbit from birth and it has lived quite a life with her. Many times that rabbit (called 'Bun') had its body, legs, arms, eyes, ears, bit by bit replaced by Grandma as it wore away from so much love and in Hannah's eye's, as a little girl...'Bun' was real, no matter how tattered it got.....
This is a LO I did many many years ago.....
That bunny is still with her at 19yrs.... and while she's away studying,
'Bun' went with her - a reminder of home.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Studio Tekturek Lift Challenge #2 and Art Piaskownica Kolory

This is the first time I've completed a project for
 I simply loved the 'lift' sample and had to have a go by flipping it sideways and sectioning it off by gathered seam binding at the top and stamping fine branches along it,  and then created a hanging vine of leaves vertically. 
 To be honest, I had no idea how this was going to turn out.  
The fabulous lift LO belongs to Audrey Yeager 
One of my favourite products to use is Izink ( think I've got every colour!) - and the black cavier was used on the large leaf stamp, the tulip underneath Paige's photo and down the vine...

Cut some thick embossed vellum(must be a decade old!!!)  for leaves as well.

And roughly scribbled some circles around the brads, stars and heart and drew an arrow
One thing you probably don't know about me is that I do like to make my own jewellery
Nope, not to sell, just for myself and my girls...
(weeeeell, we end up burrowing each others!)
 has a colour challenge, and this site allows any kind of craft or homemade project, so for once, I'm entering a necklace inspired by the colours in this challenge.....
(I do find it hard to photograph the colour to the true shades in our miserable Winter weather!)
and the reflection off the clear dome isn't helpful either!
Maybe showing the process helps....
Using this Crate Paper 'Story Teller - Generations' paper which represents pencils
and what's usually written on the side of them so cut out little pieces
 of colour and words that would fit in my pendant tray...

Cut them down and stuck together to just the right size....

And in it goes, kinda like the vertical stripe. 
I use Dimensional Magic for both underneath and on top of
the image before the dome is stuck on....

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Creative blog tour..... a bit of a chat....


This is a bit of fun,  and what's great is we get to learn more about creative crafters, processes and maybe get inspired....
So after being in a long line of creative crafters, I'd like to thank lovely Leslie
who I 'know' from the fabulous 'Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog for nominating me...

 At the end of this post I will be introducing you to a few more of my creative friends. Please visit their blogs for an inspirational stop on the tour!
We have been passed on some questions to answer...
What am I working on?
At the moment it’s trying to get up to date two (and a half) Project Life styled albums….
One being for 2014, not nearly as filled as I would like!!

The other is our family’s overseas trip,
 And the half – is a mini-album still somewhat in Project Life form for our Cradle Mountain trip to the snow with fabby scrappy friend Julie.

My other ongoing project is a little German antique book called ‘Das Drama’(1911) repurposed page by page for my daughter Hannah containing inspirational quotes etc. 
 Bit by bit with great challenges being around, I get another page for one of them done.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Hmmn, not sure if I do? But what I can say is that I’m probably diverse and hopefully when you come to my blog, you will see something different each time.  I don’t seem to stick to one type or genre. 

Why do I create what I do?
Scrapping/creating is an outlet, an escape. I actually forget where I am, what’s happening around me and what time it is when the arty side needs to paint, smooch, sketch and spray with the one photo, but interestingly I began to notice that my family aren’t drawn to those pieces of work as much.  However, with the Project Life styled albums, they will paw through them constantly, remark, laugh, screw their faces up and make exclamations – so this is the memory keeping part of my scrapping, it does have a purpose! I did question why/what I was creating before Project Life came along.

How does your creating process work?
I love criteria! (definitely a challenge blog junkie!)  I think I’ve evolved into a scrapper who NEEDS it to create.  I’m not sure if I could come up with something without it, probably would sit with it in front pushing embellishments round and round a 12x12 for ages!  Regardless, I hardly ever start with a photo (not counting PL as it is photo driven)  The criteria, or products get me so inspired that something is created before even considering the photos, however with thousands of photos in computer files – it’s not hard to pick a photo to suit  LOL!  I also have to walk away from my project quite a few times to come back with fresh eyes, so I’m definitely a ‘slow’ scrapper.  I just love the process (but not the sticking down!)tee hee….


I hope you enjoyed this little creative blog tour...
and now I'd love to introduce you to two very creative friends....

My Photo
 whom I've met a couple of times in real life. We live on opposite sides of Australia, and last year Julie and daughter Asher came to holiday with us.  I've known Julie since 2007 and was such an inspiration way back then.  We run 'Let's Get Shabby' Challenge blog together. Julie has a soft romantic shabby style to her scrapping which I adore.

Another very valued and creative Let's Get Shabby Team member is
My Photo
who hails from England and I adore her work!  Jan has been on the 'Let's get Shabby' team for a few years now and is a beautiful crafter, mostly off the page vintage style with amazing findings! For sure, with every visit, there is something completely different to be inspired by.

Thanks Julie and Jan for jumping on board the
Creative blog Tour!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Assorti Colour Challenge, Paper Dvizhnik

Assorti Challenge blog has this very pretty colour palette of pink, white and crimson to play with.
Plus, also has a 'cold' requirement, like ice-cream, snow etc etc...
I had this lovely photo of Hannah being a snow angel with her pretty pink scarf  and her top she is wearing under her parka-jacket is crimson - perfect for this challenge!
I've made up a transparency sleeve page with white shaved ice glitter, little round sequins and pinwheel sequins captured by sewing them inside. 

 I had a bit of fun creating this - and what a great theme - motion....