Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WW1 and Stuck!?

I've had a lovely time the last few days scrapping my heart out after such a long break... and with holidays fast running out.......I must get some painting (of the kitchen!) done, so I wont get to the end getting ready for going back to work  and having a heap of scrapping done, but no big jobs around the house completed (that I'd promised myself to get done LOL)! 
Anyway, only for a few days!
Here's the latest...
Did my best to get the colour right....  aaah well....
Meaghan spends each of her Christmas' in the European mountains skiing while living away especially since she cant come home, but she hooks up with her girlfriends - mostly ex-pats and away they go. 
I've used a mixture of fibres in loose and close weave to replicate the mountain lines....
The loose weave is really hard to see....

A great sketch to play with two photos....

Quickly drew up the tops of the buildings and stuck them in behind the photo - it seemed cut off, as well as placing some fibre behind Paige's head...just extends the photo a little more.

Weeeell, that's my scrapping for now I think.....
better break out some paint brushes and go wash down some walls!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stuck?! Sketches, Snow Album Pages, and Happy Birthday Meaghan

It's been a long while since I've played along with 'Stuck?! Sketches so high time I did again...
Great sketch to play with....
April 1st Sketch



A little more of my
Snow Album.....

Inside the cover... I've attached a pocket to poke receipts, tickets etc into.
And used some blue and green watercolour pencils

First page has a flap, and pocket... 


The front side of the flap   .......................... and the reverse side

Little diecut gloves and snowmen with wire arms... with little words/sequins, watercolouring, rhinestones  and covered completely with Dimensional Magic....

Happy Birthday to Meaghan (was yesterday for us- she is living in Scotland)
This morning she said that she'd taken a few hours off work(her night) to go home to bake herself this cake... she always loved sprinkles as a little girl!
Cant wait till she moves to New Zealand!!!
Closer to us!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Creative Scrappers #266, Whimsical Musings #132, April Orange Paperie

What a hoot... I've actually managed to stumble across some of my most older papers to use in these three LO's... the first one is 1999! (it says so on the back!)LOL...
The second one, is a very old DaisyD's, (a brand gone a few years now, but was ahead of its time - it would do better in an arty way these days)  and the third one is 2005 (also says on the back!)
Oh boy I had fun with this... lots of Izink colour and canvas butterflies in the negative and positive!
I've really grown to love my brad speared pinwheel sequins (ha...maybe that might become a new trend! hee hee)  and the sketch really afforded the use of them!

First time I've played along, and I really got hooked by the criteria...
To be inspired by a LOGO...
Weeeeell, I had a bit of a 'google'  for 'logos' and this one came up almost immediately....
Easy Peasy!
I knew what my LO would be!
Got the watercolour pencils out for shading...
Yeah, I know..... more pinwheels!
Circles and Flourishes....
This was a fun challenge...  all the stag-jumps Paige playfully did for the camera from around China.  Couldn't believe we forgot to get one on the Great Wall - aaah well. 

It's so nice to be on holidays... just this week left...
Loving it!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

April Artastic, PL + Creative Scrappers #265

APRIL inspiration from Charles Blackman - The Chess Game

I really loved the colours in this painting - the yellows, the checker resonated in my LO in polka dots with a pop of yellow,  and red....for vibrancy. 
Back in September, Paige went back overseas with her school friends and their French teacher (who is amazing)  and the one thing she wanted to do....weeeell there were actually two..... go to Disneyland in Paris (which we didn't get to go to last April) and get some Minnie Mouse ears!!!  She was so excited and sent some photos through her phone to me (so not great quality) with the message "I'M HERE, I'M HERE!!!!!"  
Simple Stories 'Say Cheese' are just sooooo perfect for these kinds of LO's!

Project Life
Week 7

Week 8
Week 9
Sorry about some of the pics have sun 'flare' on them - grr...
Our little Chirp....  boy she grew fast!

This sketch has a Project Life feel to it, so decided to use it for my
Even though I've done the sketch in a 12x12 orientation...its great to give my PL album something different, yet still be in keeping with the PL style.
I really enjoyed this!  
I've tipped it on its side

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Off the Rails Sketch and Colour Challege, Smile and Scrap Sketch #7

I'm trying out a couple of new challenge sites and really liked the criteria!
Sketch and Colour Challenge...
using paints and inks.... not hard- I just love them!
We bought a little polaroid camera for our travels, and must admit..the quality of photos seem to fade as time goes on it seems.  Anyway, the girls had fun with it as did we, so was a cool thing to play with at the time!  Here we are in London....



These are little pinwheel sequins, so much fun when adding a brad....

~Улыбаемся и скрапим!~
This is a little Snow Album I've started to put together about our trip to Cradle Mountain with Julie and Asher when they came to visit.  This is a little Bo-Bunny Misc Me 'Zip-A-Dee-Doodle' album but the covers were very bold, so I covered it with Gesso and Modge Podge to make it look more Wintery.
The Title work is all covered with Dimensional that stuff!
I've started the inside pages...  
Will show them tomorrow

Friday, 25 April 2014

Let's Get Shabby #54, PaperDvizhnik, OBW and PL....

Its all about Maps!
I've got so many travel photos I'd love to this was a great challenge to get me started on it again!
This is Paige & I about a third through our 10 kilometre hike on the 'Jinshanling' section of the Great Wall. It was very taxing and mostly rubble or massive step climbs (using hands as well), even our Chinese guide thought we (along with dh and Hannah) were crazy to tackle it.  I must admit I did question the idea midway! (Maybe the tourist section would have been a better idea!) But we managed and got through it.  This section of the wall is untouched by tourism and photos can be taken without being shoulder to shoulder with other tourists.  In fact, we were almost alone - other than a pair of sprukers!

The cotton fibres like the ones above form part of the prize this month!
You can find the challenge HERE
Using a 'cute' photo
Looking through photos to find 'cute', could not go past this gorgeous pic of a little gosling that walked with us in St James Park in London this time last year...
It seemed so confident strutting along.....I got down low behind it and managed to get a photograph - way way adorable!
I really wanted to replicate the way it walked with us.... so cut out a little duck foot with cardboard and painted it with gesso...
and stamped it on the cardstock
Then, outline the little feet with black, and not to throw away the little cardboard stamp, stuck it on one of the footprints for some texture :) 

Diecut doilies and feathers....

Extended the black branches beyond the transparency on the photo by using a black pen

Weeeeeeeeeeell, this is transport! (though somewhat fun!)
Meaghan and Hannah at Harry Potter Studios on 'Hagrid's' motorbike with the 'Knight Bus' in the background......


Project Life
Week 4
Much travel in this week... Hannah went to Melbourne to visit a school friend, and then we ended up in Hobart as Hannah will be moving there to study.... and while there, visited my gf who had just became a grandmother......  it was so exciting for her!   Hannah had her very first nurse a baby!

Week 5
Meaghan came home on a surprise visit for my birthday from the UK...
What a wonderful family get-together we had this week!

Week 6
The girls had a wonderful week together, but sadly it came to an end...
Oh goodness, that was a big post!!
It feels so good to be scrapping again!