Sunday, 7 September 2014

Project Life Week 21, PL Card......... and Happy Fathers Day

Played with my Counterfeit Kit to get another PL page done and am making a concerted effort with small amount of time to get somewhat caught up.
If ONLY I wasn't such a SLOW scrapper!!! (rolling eyes)
Anyway,  here it is, and how appropriate.... Scrappy Camp.  Oooh I LOVE these weekends.
We have 2 or 3 a year and its a 3 nighter each time.....  its the best and all we do is EAT! (and scrap)  All catered with the best group of scrappy friends. 
 Cant wait because I have another next month!!  Maybe I should dedicate it for just doing PL and that will help get my album a little fatter!

These are my two lovely SILs and neiceIL 
PL Card......
and had a little fun with this and cant wait to use it in my album!!!
And lastly, because its soooo important....
My dh is rather shy when it comes to the camera, being scrapped
 and even celebrating days for him....he's a worker.
Here he is showing the girls the workings of under the hood of the car (learning to drive)
Here's how our morning went...
Dh gets up about 8am...
Me:  Where are you going?
dh:  To the farm....
me: Why? Its Father's Day!
dh:  The cows need drenching today, I've organised ddad and db
me: But its Father's Day!!!
dh:  (sighing with a smile) Weeeell, you know its not a big deal, and the cows need bringing in
me: (exasperated) Listen here... today is not about you! (did I just say that!!! )
dh:  (laughed head off and skipped out the door)
Paige: (at 10am) Where's Dad?
me:  Gone to the farm
Paige: It's Fathers Day!
me:  I know
Paige:  I organised for Meaghan to Skype from New Zealand at 11am for him
Me:  well, cant now...
Meaghan (on Skype early)  Ugh....
Hannah (on phone)  Double Ugh....
sigh.... when will he learn Father's Day is not about him!
Consequently if you cant beat them, join them... so off to the farm we went this afternoon complete with computer for skyping sessions. 
We all had a lovely afternoon with dh and his mum and dad, sister and bil, and niece...
And Meaghan and Hannah on Skype!
AND his surprise when he got home....
A 'Cold Rock' ice-cream cake!
Now he wanted it all about him!!!
(very big smile)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING the PL page!! Great colors and loving the butterflies!!! And LOL to the Fathers Day story ... when will they learn that it's not all about them!??!?!? LOL!!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Now THERE"S a plan for catching upp!! The butterflies caught my eye, too..I can NEVER use them very well....well, it takes some work:)
ANd I ADORE a story....DH would DIE if he knew I thought his...oh, sorry YOUR story about HIM, is a bonzer tale.....soooo fun to read, & have a giggle over!!!

Deb said...

Your scrappy camp looks like loads of fun......great PL page. Love your PL card......couldn't wait to get mine done.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful Project Life page + card! :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

Just sat here for the last few minutes grinning back at your PL page! Pea green with envy that you get real-time scrapping AND fancy dessert & tea lol :~D
Lovely pages - studying all your little details & loved the transparent pocket w/goodie.
Dad's day was indeed a "bonzer tale" - glad they were able to connect after all!

Julene Matthews said...

Your post made me laugh. Sounds like DH has a mind of his own.
I like your PL page and the cut out tag is adorable too.

Lizzyc said...

Wow that weekend sounds amazing! Love your PL pages, and love the card for the Pl and had to smile about your HD.. sounds like mine!

Audrey Pettit said...

Ahh, such a fun post, Mandy! I love seeing your fabulous projects, and especially love the story of your husband's Father's Day events. Sounds like it ended up being a very nice day! Love your little PL card. The die cut lettering on the side is super cool. Your spread is really adorable, too. The vellum pocket with the butterflies really caught my attention. Love all the photos, too. I'm going to a scrappy weekend in the mountains in two weeks. Can't wait!

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute layout and a cool looking PL card too. Looks like you all lots of fun at the camp :)

Susanne said...

Oh some much good stuff to see here. I like full PL pages like yours. Well done!