Monday, 25 November 2013

Paperdvizhnik - Hide and Seek... and Our Beautiful World

Just sneaking this in time....
What a fabulous theme!
Hide and seek....  had the perfect photo.... from last year's production rehearsals


Our Beautiful World

The word for this week is


In the art room.....
 Buttering fruit scones in the background....
And in the foreground are the tiniest little buds - (macro shot),
but known as  'grass weed's' ...
 that's a matter of opinion....
because in here ....they are beautiful .....

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Let's December Daily, Counterfeit Kits Card, Project Life, Piasknownica and Our Beautiful World....

I cant believe we are two thirds the way through November!
How did that happen already?
I've got my cover done for
It's been a bit of a process....  and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

If you'd like to see how it was created...
Click  HERE
Come join us!
'to use bits and pieces'
(always a great excuse to use up leftovers!)
Just loving Christmas anything at the moment!
So here this little card fell together...

Project Life Week 42
Again using two different colours for two sections for two different subjects...
One the art room and garden,
the other - a few things that happened in week 42
Art Piasknownica- Photographic Challenge

foroGRA z nagrodą - Makro
Macro -  image of something up close, which is lots (many)
In the art room.... from oil painting, the scraping off and dumped on a palette by spatula.
Many colours, scrapings, one on top of the other - side by side...
(Z pokoju Art .... od malarstwa olejnego, zgarnianie i po cenach dumpingowych na palecie!
Wiele kolorów, odłamków, jeden na drugim - obok siebie .
I remember looking at the discarded paint blobs - it's shape and colours, moving me to pick up the camera and see how it would turn out under macro... it seemed to me to be 'sculpture' in itself... art unto itself...
I've picked the first one for the photo challenge... not sure if another is better.. you decide....
Oil Scrapings #1

Oil scrapings #2

Oil scrapings #3

Oil scrapings #4
All discarded... eventually dried up and thrown out....but captured for a moment.....

Week 21
The subject this week is
Paige did a study on 'Eyes'  for art
She drew, painted, sculptured, mixed media, crafted eyes... all year!
Here's hers... (she took this herself......heaven only knows how!)

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Project Life, One Beautiful World and 'Let's December Daily'....

Project Life Week 41,
I don't know about you (PL-ers?), but I just could not imagine not being able to print my own photos...cos until I sit down to seeing whats going in those plastic sleeves, what orientation and size, I would find it difficult to pre-plan.(I'm sooooo not a pre-planner - wish I could be that organised)  Thank goodness for my printer (even though I struggle with it sometimes too!)
Today's page has two subjects, so I've split it down the middle (literally lol) with each having their own colour to define the two.
Blues are for Paige arriving home from France (journaling by my little old typewriter)
Yellows are Scrappy Camp with my Scrappy Besties.

The word this week is
Towards the end of rehearsals when everyone was feeling more and more dishevelled and tired.... then the sun come out and its light shone through from high-up windows behind.... it made everyone I grabbed the camera and it silhouetted everything out...weeeeell - almost.....

There's a post over there about my journey with my last four December Daily's.. the go:lol: and the woes:roll:...and return again!  LOL....
Hope you can join us over there....:P

 And just lastly... I'm really proud of my 16yr old (Paige) who put in time helping out at the soup kitchen tonight even though she has her pre-tertiary exams this week. 


Friday, 8 November 2013

Project Life Week 40, Glitter Pocket Etsy, and Let's December Daily.....

Still plugging away at my Project Life (yay am finally up to October!)
I'm so determined to catch up!
The one thing I love about the OBW  (Our Beautiful World) site is that is makes me take photos each week, and then when I need them for Project Life... there they are!!  Otherwise, would I have thought to take any??  Not always.
So for Week 40, I've used some prompts from OBW
The wind that blew huge fronds from our Palm Tree out front...
Had the need to grey out the front of my  lovely little house in the middle pic - just felt funny about it being on the net, and the more I looked at it,  didn't feel it needed to be.  Don't mind a bit showing, Anyway's, its recorded in my album.
Daylight savings started (much to my lament -  I'm probably in the minority (rolling eyes)
And Spring just keeps going in the it!
is my Etsy Shop (with Paige)
You will find some of these:
(great for Project Life, December Daily's, Tags etc)

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Art-Piasknownica Lift Challenge, Project Life, Nov Counterfeit Kits, Our Beautiful World and 'Let's December Daily'

Its a lovely long weekend here so a little time for creating and having some blog time!
Art-Piasknownica have a fabulous lift with lots of circles and pies,
was inspired by the circle work.... mine got a bit big LOL!
Little Paige and her friend...

The fabulous lift....

You can find the challenge here:
Catching up on my Project Life
Week 38

Week 39
Counterfeit Kits have the wonderful  Jenni Bowlin October kits to counterfeit...
This isn't the main kit, its just a smaller add-on version, but I particularly loved the colours of the tiny feathers in a cluster down the bottom of the pic, so decided to go with that colour combo for mine.
I always manage to do a biggish kit (cant help it - rolling eyes!)... so their is plenty of choice and still there is always things I forget!   I forgot more alphas for a start ...and more embellies. 
I got so inspired by my made up kit, that the first LO in this post was made entirely from it!
(yeah, now you have to go back and look at it - hee hee~!)
Photo is taken at night - so not the best.
The word this week is...
It's pretty much still 'Spring' here...
four seasons in one day...
And the little 'granny nightcaps' are out (don't know they proper name) but aren't they true to their name!)
I have a busy bumble bee dipping into one!
Here underneath my washing line... just everyday life...

Can you spot the flying insect that just flew into the frame?!!
(I didn't notice either until I uploaded it!)

Oh wow...and this little LO won over at
What a surprise to see it and a $25 voucher at Scrap Friends!
Thanks so much!!!
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'2013 Pre-Planned Pages'
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