Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July White with 1

It's been such a long time since I've played along with WW1
and as soon as I saw the criteria thought... I can do that!  Love navy and white!!! 
Arrows are a bonus!  Love them too!
Hannah got a very special surprise for her 18th birthday...
Grandma arrived without her knowing..
Her face says it all!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Project Life Travel Album Pages 4 & 5

I've finally had some time to scrap some more of my Travel Album which is being done in the Project Life Style ...
Here is page 4
Plastic insert refill found HERE
Its pretty straight forward - I've put my written diary notecards (the little cards I wrote on while away) both cut out and put into a little PL card section and also concealed behind the first card (saying Shanghai) with the ribbon poking out from behind.
Love the travel brads, they can go in all sorts of places... like a 'pretend' holding the page back (the red part below)  and as the lense in the camera...its a bit of fun
Products for Page 4:
Teresa Collins Far & Away Sticker Accessory Kit - Alpha
Teresa Collins World Traveller Sticker Sheet
Teresa Collins Far & Away Decorative Brads
Page 5
Plastic page insert found HERE
 The bathroom looks 'mouldy' in a really bad sort of way from this pic, but it was a plant, rest assured I'd never step into it otherwise!
Page 5 has some quirky bits to it...
Loved the instagram-look of this particular little card but didn't want the title in it...

Soooo filled it with a photo....
 And rounded off the corners
One of the aspects that took shape on this same card  was that the first hotel we were taken to by our guide and driver at 12.30am (yes we were exhausted!!!) and after dragging our suitcases for ages up a skinny little street that couldn't take the width of a car was the wrong hotel!  A tired little Chinese hotel man appeared bleary-eyed and said 'No reservation'  UGH... drag the bags back down the skinny street and after some confusion found the right hotel!  So with that thought - I got creative with the work 'No!' on the photo of the wrong hotel (took a pic of it a few days later so I had the things we do to make a scrapping page! rolling eyes)

Do you recognise the word 'No!'??
Jillibean Soup - Wise Word Cardstock Stickers 4"X6" - Happy Yellow
 Weeeeell, its the word 'joy' - its had the loop cut off the 'y'  to make the 'n'  then part of the loop of the 'j' has been removed too - that makes the exclamation mark!  Still not sure?  Then turn what's left of the word upside-down... and there you have 'No!'  hee hee....

Again I used my own travel diary cards which when writing them, they were scribbled, drawn on and  at most times with messy-ness!  So I wasn't 100% sure that I'd use them in my album, but at least they were great for logging events as the days/weeks of travel happened to us - some were okay for being shown and they fit with the LO, or they were hidden behind so at least the day was documented somehow. 
 Here's the hotel's business card  that has been slipped into a slit made with a craft knife into this little journaling card that has a picture of notepaper on it - that makes the notepaper look a bit more 3-D  It also had a picture on it that was covered by bits of my diary cards
 All done!

Products for Page 5:

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Let's Get Shabby Challenge #48

Its all about foliage greenery …. leaves and plant-form…. So long as its green!  
Of course you can add anything else in any type of project you like
(as long as its got paper/scrapbooking of sorts in it!)
It’s not about just using the colour green without foliage.
Loved creating this especially in this little vintage book for Hannah.
I'm hoping to fill it bit by bit with little quotes

Hope you can join us...
Here are some links to the other pages in this little book so far...
Page 2 (scroll to bottom)
Hopefully these pages will make her smile when she needs one

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Background Stucture of my Sketch LO.....

I thought it might be an idea to show how I put together my sample Sketch LO for July...
It's  main features are the washi tape, splotches and sewing (other than photos of course- big smile)

Adhere the strips of washi tape.  (I took a vertical orientation) This is Tim Holtz Tissue tape - its a bit porous and will soak up some of the liquid.  Just using an eye dropper - put it into any spray mist you might have...or a watercolour paint mix  that you could easily make up yourself - and then drop from a height randomly.  This will make great big slotches! 



 Dry off  with a heat gun (not too close to the washi tape though)

Once the mist was dry, the sewing machine did the rest by running up and down the edges of the washi tape.   It doesn't necessarily have to be machine stitched - an alternative would be to use a ruler and black pen to give the edges definition too. 


Add a bit of zigzag for interest...

Here's the background structured....

More fun parts... add the photo and embellies......



The tattered edging is scrap paper torn from a spiral notebook, and the border is just drawn with a black pen


Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Buzz Words
Don't forget to join in with  the SKETCH Challenge!!!
There's $50 of Washi Tape to be won!!!
That's cool!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Another Night of Ballet Comps....

And Paige has done well again...
Her group with the National Character - Moldavian won!
Cant show you faces, but here are some without (smile)
Paige is third from right (I haven't got any of her on her own....will try to get one on Thursday night at the Prize Winners Concert

And Paige and her Contemporary Dance partner got 2nd
They did so well!  Here they are a start of a lift.

So she has completed five dances -
4 gold medals and 1 silver.
She still has fellow students competing and they are doing very well also.
Hopefully will get some good photos on Thursday night
Thanks for bearing with me with my little brag

Monday, 15 July 2013

Busy with Ballet Comps here.....

We've just had our first day of Dance Comps here which has been thrilling...
We won :

 - Contemporary Group
(Paige relaxing- cant show the whole group) 88 points

 and Demi-Character Group (Snugglepot and Cuddlepie) 92 points
(again cant show the whole group)
Paige also won her duo with Gemma for National Character- Hungarian - 92points

A great night... with high marks!
Paige has two more dances tomorrow night.
(Of course there are other students of our school entered into various categories as well who have kept us busy too)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fun in the SNow...... Project Life Weeks 13 & 14

At the moment life has been very busy so posts are very few. 
Work is enormously busy which should calm down by the end of next week...
The one lovely thing to happen amongst the mayhem here is having Julie and Asher come stay with us from Western Australia to cold Tasmania for the week.  The highlight has been our time at Cradle Mountain which turned on the biggest dump of snow (and freezing weather- but sunny!!)
Here are some of our photos...




What fun we had!!
Using a plastic page refill with a 12x6 section enables a freedom of using a variety of sizes with photos or embellishments and if especially you have a portrait orientated page and then have a landscape photo/s to be part of a set... this solves that problem.  I'm finding that while it's great to scrap whatever size or orientation of photos on the first side of a plastic page because you can pick an insert to fit, it may not suit the shape of the next set of photos once the page is turned over .  Sooooo, this is where the 6x12 space comes in really handy!


WRMK's Tangerine Cards
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Prima Camille En Francais Flowers
Here is the use of the Easter cards from the Becky Higgins Project Life 'Holiday' Mini Kit
( You can even find a review I've done of the full set of kit HERE )



Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Buzz Words
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Lee-Anne a message and find out if it can be made available soon!