Friday, 31 May 2013

PL Pages...

Here are my last few weekly pages for Scrap Therapy
This time I decided to go with an all black cardstock base, and cut a 12x12 to match the inserts of the page.  I've also rounded the corners of each piece too.   Corner Cutter or (Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper)
Its a great idea to try tie a couple of photos in different inserts together by extending a piece of paper (in this case, the ones I've used have a border around them) under the first photo - to the next photo which you can see below with Hannah's award night going vertically, and Paige's camp photos going across horizontally. This can help separate two different subjects on one page.
The alpha is a diecut - and I love these as it can be any colour, any amount, any time!
( I've actually photographed the pieces on top of the insert to avoid the reflection of the plastic and it does look a little more evenly placed together once in the inserts)
Plastic Page Inserts
Black Cardstock
Prima Printery Page Four Pattern Paper
Tim Holtz Chip Block Alpha Die
Stazon Jet Black Ink
Black Gel Pen
Red Twine

This one consists of two 6x6 inserts and three 6x4 portrait inserts.
Again, I've used a sheet of 12x12 paper, though patterned this time, and rounded the corners. The photos have been numbered to show continuity and the progress of the demolition of my old kitchen when we moved into the new house. It was a fun page to do and a record now of how my kitchen used to look with a 'tag' like effect to highlight the photos.

Plastic Page Inserts
MME Collectable Remarkable 'Day' Daily Journaling Paper
Prima Pixie Glen Dartmoor Paper (under the photos)
Prima Londonerry Tiny Alpha
Simple Stories 100 Days Expression Stickers (numbers)
Stazon Jet Black Ink
Black Gel Pen
Black String

Week 9
I really loved the pattern on the other side of the paper used as a base in the above page, but by the time I printed out my photos (of my new kitchen going in!) - it looked like too much pattern, yet I still wanted to use it..... SO out came the paint! A lick of paint is always great to tone down a pattern, yet still see it!

Can you see that I had some brads used on the reverse sides and the remnants are showing? Keep an eye on that ..... and paint over them anyway! :wink:

And with a bit of washi tape... it covers those brad ends!

Plastic Page Inserts
Simple Stories 100 Days of Summer Hello Sunshine Pattern Paper
Plastic Page Inserts
Darice Tape Measure Washi Tape
Ranger Paint Dabber Willow
Teresa Collins Far Away Alpha
MME So Sophie Red Alpha

Week 10
Scrappy Camp - there's so much fun that goes on at our camps... and it was great to illustrate that with lined office paper - with a typography effect :P

One of the things I really LOVE is this Prima Press Letter Stamp Set - its totally fun to use and sooooo easy! (Weeeeeell, I just love any kind of alpha that is reusable be it dies or stamps!!! Too easy!)
Teresa Collins Travel Ledger Circles Paper
Teresa Collins Ribbon and String
Teresa Collins Christmas Cottage Paper (punched hearts)
transparent sequins

Some different styles of stamp fonts:
Prima Press Alpha #1
Prima Press Alpha #3
The Prima Press Holder is out of stock right now.

If you find any of the products have sold out due to being popular, send Lee-Anne a message and find out if it can be made available soon!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bit of a Magazine Star Happening...

Paige is in the latest Dance Australia Magazine,
The photo of her was chosen from dance schools Australia wide, so we were pretty chuffed!
LOL no this isn't Paige...its the cover!      This is Paige- in blue at the top here


 Here's the original photo I took:

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Italy - Florence....

Next stop.... Florence (my favourite place) and the closer we got, the hotter it got!
Whoohoo.... 28C!
And after finding our accommodation (wonderful with mezzanine floors and Jacuzzi!) and having a wonderful meal of pasta which dh cooked, we all slept like logs! 
Next morning, up we got and off to the 'Hop-on, Hop-off' bus!
We LOVE these!

So off we set  hopping off and hopping back on!

And looking down side streets,

Statue of David

 Looking out over Florence

Off to the Palace....

My family....
We walked our feet off... water was a must!

 The gardens were glorious, and for a moment we thought the bird below was a statue...

 until it moved!!
Youngest sister with oldest sister....
If you ever wanted to buy the most amazing jewellery, then this is where you need to be!

Just jutting out from the side of the bridge  the pride of someone...who loves a garden

Can you imagine just how high this tower is... and zooming in, Hannah felt faint at the thought of actually climbing those stairs.... lucky all we did was 'look' at it! 
We walked until our feet hurt, and we didn't help ourselves really - but there was just too much to see, we decided not to catch the last bus and walked all the way back, dh and Hannah looked in bookshops, and Paige and Meaghan looked in fashion shops, and I looked out for both pairs that they didn't get lost from each other!  Finally we reached our apartment and changed shoes and found a wonderful restaurant a few doors down with the most wonderful pasta!  The owner was sing-songy, funny and very animated - calling Paige 'Paiginie Francesca'  (Paige's middle name is Frances)  and Hannah 'Anna Rosa'  (her middle name is Rose)  It was really hilarious with lots of giggles!
Then late to bed.... but we sure did welcome sleep! (So did our feet!) 

We got to the end of the 'jumps' in Pisa,(I think we got tired and forgot!)
but I have a couple of blurry ones 'up my sleeve'... (sooooo just for Julie and LizzyH!! hee hee)
here's one at the Paris Opera House...

Next.... to Rome!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Let's Get Shabby #46

A colour challenge for you!
You must use all colours

I've made a little card, and I've tried to match the colours straight from the screen to the project.
I did try to print out the colour swatch, but it came out a bit differently - so I tossed that aside!

Its a lovely palette to work with....
so we hope you can play along.
Check out the other DT members work too....

Monday, 20 May 2013

Pisa - Italy

Here's our first view of the 'Leaning Tower of Pisa'
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, you can imagine what the girls said...
'Its soooo small!, I thought it was bigger than that!!!'
And its not very big at all, one wonders if it were any taller, it would have well and truly fallen over by now!
Hannah, me, and dh - along the right side is littered with souvenir stalls.
I took this photo below in the photo above (hee hee, does that make sense?)
LOL, I should have edited this... we have the leaning tower leaning back the other way!!!

Of course the 'stag jump' hee hee!
We are all 'squinty' - it was one of those not bright days...but really 'glare-y' days

Horse and carriage ride anyone?   Wish we could have, our time was so limited here. 
Oh and the ice-cream...delicious!  I had to hold mine out too  -MANGO!

 Anyway... what we learned about the Leaning Tower is quite interesting:
Engineering failure: Constructed in 1173 and no-one really knows who actually masterminded it and  took centuries to complete!
Epic Fail - problems began to appear when the 3rd floor was being added in 1178 - the original foundations were only 3 metres deep (10 ft) in weak unstable soil and the building began to 'lean' to one side!
Can you imagine the Italians deliberating over its problems!!!
Construction was immediately halted for fear it might fall.
In the next century, Italy had wars and difficulties so the Tower was ignored. It gave the soil time to settle and in 1272 a new engineer built new floors making the side with the lean towards the ground taller and the opposite side shorter... and you can see from my photo with Meaghan in it - where I didn't edit.... there is actually a 'curve' in the tower.  This was the intention!
The construction was halted again in 1284, and almost another century after (1372) the bell tower was added.  By 1655 the last of seven bells were hung, one for each musical note.
Today:  the 'tilt' is 5.5degrees (or 14 feet from its centre).  Its anchored by steel cables and lead weights.  It does lean a tiny bit more each year... however... estimations have been put forward that it will fall in 175yrs time.