Tuesday, 26 February 2013

'Lets Get Shabby' Challenge #43

Let's Get Shabby

Here's my DT sample!

I was totally inspired by the background and dress!  So painted my background onto white cardstock, and recreated the dress with a vintage doily.... with little print from a vintage romance novel both using the print in the usual torn out fashion and gluing it into the background and peeling it away.

 Here's the inspiration photo to interpret how you like!

Here's what you will win!
One vintage crochet doily about 2ft long
It has one little hole in the middle - but think of the cutting, dying,  misting possibilities!

Make sure you


as we would love to see you there!


Monday, 25 February 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop....


Here's my version of the CKCB Challenge #1

And of course it's my love of little birds... this time I made a tag!

Here is the whole blog hop list....

Mandy http://teacupofscrapisms.blogspot.com/   You are here!!!

 NEXT CLICK Caryn's name below

Have fun!!!


Friday, 22 February 2013

Scrap Therapy - Easter Paper Bag Envelope Pocket

Here's a lovely way to present a pocket of gift cards, tags, or coasters... gift card/s even! I've made one of these envelope pockets before and loved it to bits (and I mean to bits!!!) Time for another - this time for Easter

I've filled it with a couple of doily tags and coasters (just to show you some different uses) or you could imagine gift cards too. 

Here's how its made...
Fold one oblong paper bag

You could cut the top of it with pinking shears - sew around the edges as you please, (if you want to sew across the lower horizontal edge where you can see the seam binding on mine - then do that first (unfolded) before continuing)
After you have done that - add your decorations...
Misted Tim Holtz Seam Binding with Tattered Angels Monster Mash, Lost & Found Oliver Chipboard strip and 'Happy' banner piece, Oliver Buttons(to look like a little nest of eggs)
If you dont want to sew - then glue and draw on some stitches!

The little doilies were made from Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie Quinn paper(an oldie but a goodie for Easter!!!)
And there are so many choices for doily dies and to name a few =
Dizzy Doily
Decorative Doily Duo
French Pastry Doily
Nestabilities Eyelet Circles
Nestabilities Eyelet Ovals- ooh these ones in Scrap Therapy shop look like easter eggs!


Here's the coasters which are doily stickers from Lost & Found Oliver Sticker Elements and backed with Oliver Yellow Honey Paper
(the yellow is on the other side of the cream)



Have a bit of Easter fun with some lovely presentation just from decorating a simple paper bag!


On another note...
We are having a NEW kitchen put in....
Today the plumbers and electricians came and 'unplugged' everything so no water or oven, cooktop etc....
Over the weekend dh will be gutting it completely and the kitchen people turn up first thing Monday morning.... 
Already we received the wrong oven and a new one has been ordered - that will take another 10 days.... sooo annoying!

Roll on the end of next week!!  I would love to skip this part!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Studio Challenges Feb Challenge

No Pattern Papers
Use Washi Tape....
Love this challenge!!

You can find it HERE

Good ole background of Kraft and gesso with some misting and drips...who needs pattern paper (lol)
I've made the hearts from strips of washi - even cut out a hollow heart shape that worked well too!

 Recycling a broken violin string from Paige!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Colour Combo's Galore Challlenges...

It's been a quite a few years since I've played along with
and have to say there new Challenge settings are just fabulous with loads of prompt/criteria choices.

It was featured!

Got really 'painty' on this one!!
Paige and her new little friend....
Little children love her.....


I've scrapped this pic of Hanah before... but boy I couldnt help it - had to scrap it again...
it was perfect for this challenge!
(gosh its hard to photograph the colours as we see them!)



Saturday, 16 February 2013

Egg Easter Card for Scrap Therapy.....

Weeeeell before we know it, Easter will be upon us and its early this year being end of March.
So at Scrap Therapy, we've made a start thinking about getting cards ready
This week I've made a little 'EGG' card... it really was quite easy.

For the face of the card....I've cut out two sizes of egg shapes - but there needs to be three eggs cut out..... one bigger, and two the same size:
I love the products I've used which are mostly MME Lost&Found 3 Oliver
For the one bigger 'egg' I've used the darker side of MME Oliver Blue Quatrefoil Paper and one of the slightly smaller 'egg' is from the reverse side which is lighter blue (both blues are looking quite 'grey' at in the pic though, they are 'blue-r... prettier!) Cut another of the smaller sized egg shapes from MME Oliver Yellow Honey using the reverse side which is the off-white

It's now a matter of placing the off-white egg on top of the darker blue bigger size.... Cut a 'crack' through the ligher blue egg - and sew (either with machine or draw stitches) across the 'cracked edge. THe coolest thing about this 'patterny embossed' paper is that it SANDS really well - so it gave a bit of definition by sanding down one side.
Attach all the 'eggs' together and sew around the oval edge. With the little 'cracked' paper left over - cut it smaller with another 'cracked' edge and pop it up the top (dark side up) so it looks like a 'lid'....
NOW for the decoration....
the gold glitter trim is awesome its MME Oliver 12x12 Chipboard and add a couple of- MME Oliver Buttons
Now to the rub-ons...  They looked cute.... those sweet little chickies and the 'Happy Easter' title... . you can find them HERE

Last thing that needs doing is to back them onto some cardstock so it can be opened and written in...it could be more eggshapes or even put on a square or rectangle card.....ooor you could use it as a tag!
HOpe you have fun making up your easter cards!!!


Just a proud mummy-moment here
Hannah receiving her Yr 12 awards in 'Drama' and 'Religion and Philosophy'
from the Principal  - a quick grab photo!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lace Envelope

Over at  Counterfeit Kits, one of the talking points was about making arrows and bags.... weeell I thought I'll leave the arrows alone and might make a bag from a doily, but ended up going with  an envelope, a process  that got me thinking how I could make one so delicate from a square paper lace doily.
So I had a go and made it up as I went along with no template - and gladly - it worked out!

I cant give exact measurement (I'm never one for measuring anyhows) and all paper doilies are different, mine is a vintage one I believe so I imagined what an envelope template would look like and just took a punt that it would turn out...
First, I did fold the outer-sides towards the middle (thirds) so the edges would meet and I could gain a judgement on where to cut
Bottom end cut out - this will be glued

Top end cut out - this will be the opening.

I slid a bit of cardboard inside while I was gluing the bottum flap up and the vertical middle together so it wouldnt seep through and stick to the opposite side.

Isnt it delicate looking!

Just one simple MME brad finished it off beautifully

It really took all of about 10 minutes to make.


Today Paige played in concert 'Vivaldi's Four Seasons - and her solo part was 'Summer'
 She was just amazing especially backed by a wonderful violinist, violas, cellos and harp
I felt so proud as she played so fast and for so long - it was amazing!
And I managed to get a quick grab photo - not the best.. but at least I have it!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Scrap Therapy - Wine Glasses for Valentine's...

Is anyone setting a special table for a dinner for two on the 14th February?
'Rumour has it' (would make a good movie eh?) that there are many Anniversaries celebrated on this day....

So with that said, for my dt example at SCRAP THERAPY
I started off with these:

and finished up with these:

Yes, yes....I can hear you...' but how do we wash them'?.... weeeeell, they arent my good wine glasses and I actually picked them up for 50c each today! So go to your $2 store etc! These are for fun - to help decorate your table if its worth something special to you. (They might endure one or two rinse-outs if lucky
One could be filled with chocolates to give as a gift for anything from a gift to a girlfriend to an 18th?
Oooooor 'could' actually use this idea to dress up a bride and grooms glass for the wedding table.

Here are the MME Lost & Found 3 'Ruby' products I used (the pinks and greys are perfect)
Ruby Floral Paper (used both sides)
Ruby Sticker Accessory Sheet
Ruby 12x12 Chipboard Stickers
Ruby Enamel Dots

Step 1
We are going to use the pink side of the paper and the pink doily from the sticker sheet. I see this glass as the 'girl' glass

So turn over your pink paper to the patterned side and draw a line around the base of your glass and cut it out

Step 2
Stick the doily to the pink paper

Step 3
Glue around the edge of the base of the glass....

Step 4
Adhere the pink paper and sticker to the base of the glass with the sticker facing up

*****edited in after this whole project has been created, photographed and uploaded:
Paige took one look regarding the photo above and said -
'You could put little diamontes in there to rattle around and those little hangy things off the stem'...
Weeeeeeell why didnt I think of that -so there's more ideas*******

Step 5
Pick out a little sticker (liked the red type to go with the pink) and back it on the pink paper - snip it into a banner-like shape

Step 6
Next we are going to use this sticker:

so.... measure the top of your glass:

as we need a length of pink paper to back the sticker and string up the little tag as well

to stick to the top of the glass (use a peg to hold it in place)

Step 7
Using little enamel dots... decorate the top of the base of the glass:

Thats the end of decorating the 'pink' glass

Now lets do it all again - but a little differently with the 'grey' (boy) glass!

Step 8
Repeat the same process as you did with the pink doily, but instead use the little grey one...

Step 9
This time instead of using stickers and the paper - we are going to use a chipboard sticker strip from Ruby 12x12 chipboard stickers. Oooh this is must easier!!! I wasnt sure if the thick cardboard would wind round the glass okay without tearing or cracking - but it worked a treat! Need to snip a bit of the end off to fit properly around.

Step 10
This time I used the patterned side of the paper to get a grey backing for the little tag - and used one of the sentiments with grey type

Step 11
Its time to adhere the little tag on with string and put a sticker over the top as well to dress it up.

Step 12
Add the enamel dots to the base, and even up near the top of the glass!