Sunday, 6 October 2013

Project Life Weeks 32 & 33, and Our Beautiful World #15

Week 32
Its all about our French Exchange Student and introducing her to same wonderful Australian animals... she had a fabulous time, one she said she would never forget....

Week 33
Auditioning for Oklahoma! 
Very nervous.. its always interesting to see both the girls approaches to nerves... Paige doesn't sit down, she paces and paces, she warms up her voice... growls about the wait and how it makes her feel.
 Hannah on the other hand, sits, she reads through her music, she warms her voice a little, she goes silent....then when called, gets up and walks through the door to the waiting panel.... a few days later they got the phone call and were both successful!



October is our second month of Spring!
Yesterday was the first time this Spring that I've seen butterflies out and about...
What a shot!!  Just as I'd been busy taking photos of this lovely butterfly, a bee flies into the frame and snap!  Got it!   Not only that....once I'd uploaded the photos to my computer... and picked this photo for OBW, editing.....there amongst the greenery and purple-ry (lol), almost easy to a little ant as well!!  (its a bit of a 'Where's Wally' - but its there!)  Who woulda thought!!  I got three different insects all busy gathering!  There were many butterflies and bees wandering over the vast cineraria bush area in my garden... they seem to all get along with no 'turf' wars LOL!
October is also our 'windy' month too and we have had our fair share of that....
grrrr....  it knocks the blossoms off trees and big fronds off our tall palm tree so it litters the front garden.  Most of the fronds are about 6-8 feet long. And they are spiky!

Then there's the 'four seasons in one day'!  sunny one minute - washing out on line, and pouring with rain the next.... dash out to bring it back in!
October is also  SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - yay!!
That's two weeks off for me - and they have been long-awaited!!
October also signals daylight savings..... turn the clocks forward..
I struggle with it....   So today is the first day.
Oh and where in France has Paige been........???
Having a blast!!!

She sooooo wanted mini-mouse ears!
She has also been to school.... and shocked at the 5pm finish with the school days...
very different to her finishing at 3pm here in Tassie!
Meaghan (big sister who lives in the UK) is catching up with her this weekend in Nice.
They will be so pleased to see each other!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving your pages and love love love love the photos!!!!!

Deb said...

Love your PL pages. I have spent quite a bit of time here trying to find that little ant.....spied him finally lol.....that is a GORGEOUS photo. AND look at Miss P having a wonderful the Minnie ears....tooo cute.

Lizzy Hill said...

Great PL...really loved reading about their personalities re: auditioning:) And the France photos & MOST OF ALL...that stunning closie of the insects on the cineraria.....soooo jealous you can grow them down there. I MISS those sorts of 'cooler weather' plants:):)!!!!!!!!

Bonita Rose said...

beautiful photos... that palm tree photo is my favorite... thks for participating with us this week at oUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD! XO

Julie said...

Love love love the photos and your pl pages. Congrats to both of the girls for getting into Oklahoma.

Jacqueline said...

While you enjoy Spring we are going into Autumn - love both seasons and your photos are beautiful!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Your girls are beautiful and I'm sure will be a hit in the musical!

Ros Crawford said...

What fabulous photos and that shot with the butterfly and bee is just terrific!! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

OMG what amazing photographs! LOVE that photo with the butterfly & bee ... AMAZING depth! Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful inspiration!

libbyquilter said...

it's interesting to see and read about your climate coming into spring while mine is turning cold and very much the autumn season.
the purple flowers are wonderful and capturing all three (butterfly, bee and ant) in one shot is very good~!! yes, I did finally find the ant.


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Beautiful spring time there, those flowers are gorgeous, and happy to read about your project life and what's going on with the paige too! Thanks for joining in the October fun at Our Beautiful World!!!!

Jay said...

Lovely photos!! As you enter spring...we here in the USA are into fall/autumn...I find that very exciting to think of what is going on around the world at the same time!

Milagros C. Rivera said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG I can see all 3 mingling about!!! I just adore the way you captured the sneaky bee.
Thanks for sharing it all with us at Our Beautiful World

dawn said...

HELLO!! How neat to see your spring colors and season next to my cooler and fall pictures. LOVE THIS part of OBW, so glad you are here again.
I saw all three insects too, how awesome and lucky for you to get this photo!
OH love the Disney, that is one place I never get tired of and hope to retire to one year.
The wind has already started here too, darn that wind.
How fun is that clock image, couldn't find my picture to use for this.
Happy October to you!

Shahrul Niza said...

Sooo LOVE to see different friendly insects sharing the bounty of spring, in harmony!. There are so many magical animals and places to visit in Australia, I've yet to get me there :). I too feel nervous quite easily, before any examinations or presentation, just like the girls. Beautiful layouts too.
Thank you Mandy for sharing lovely photos with us at Our Beautiful World!.

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Hi Mandy, what a great shot of those insects gathering in the bush. Amazing how you got them all at once. Love your pages and other photos too! Thank you for joining us at OBW and sharing with us what October is like at your side of the planet :) Hugs, Wendy

The Crafty Laydee said...

Lovely post-Your project life pages are great-fabulous October pictures -and your palm tree is amazing!,Best wishes,Nessa xx